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Never underestimate your husbands. I know we always complain them guys are always clueless about everything. But sometimes they really do surprise you. Little things that you thought they won’t notice, they actually do.

I’ve never openly declared love for anything Hazelnut-flavoured although it’s quite obvious i would always choose Hazelnut over Cocoa flavoured.

Sometimes, when i tell Rusly to buy home some chocolates and i don’t specify anything in particular, he’ll come home with Kinder Bueno / Kit Kat Chunky in Hazelnut. It’s not exactly my favourite but i think Rusly realized i always reach out for them.

and then sometimes, without me asking, i’ll find a random Kinder Bueno in the fridge. No sweet notes or whatever. Just plain ol’ Kinder Bueno staring back at me and that to me is super sweet. No pun intended.

I’m sure all husbands do this. Antara kita sedar ke tak je.
And then when u enter into motherhood, sometimes it’s really easy to overlook the small things your husband do and just dismiss them as ‘not helpful‘ cos we feel like we do much more than them. Which is true to a certain extent but how do u measure all these and do we seriously gotta be calculative in everything we do in marriage?

Yesterday, i needed a nap badly cos it was so hot and i’ve been sleeping at 3.00 am and waking up by 7+am cos the budak kecik suka2 bangun siang these days. I woke up from a 2hr nap with the laundry all done and my husband feeding Nadya her dinner.

I’m just thankful for this guy. No qualms about doing housework. It’s not a woman’s thing. It’s just plain housework. Does not matter who do it. It just had to be done.

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Tokyo Day 5 (Harajuku)

Ok we are finally at Day 5! LOL.
this would be the last daily entry on Tokyo. The next one would probably be a cost breakdown and tips for those bringing kids as i had some email requests on this. So sorry i’m taking so long to draft it out.


It’s our last day in Tokyo and because our flight is at 8.50pm and we’ll have to be at the airport around 5.00pm, we took the chance to go to Harajuku! I deliberately chose to explore Harajuku on Monday because i’ve heard it can be quite ribut macam Bazaar Ramadhan on sundays and i honestly tak kuasa nak rempuh the crowd. Then again, i’m not into cosplay etc so if you are, then go on Sunday!

We took a cab down to Harajuku cos we didn’t wanna waste time and we requested for the cab driver to stop us nearby Pablo! It is actually really near to one of the subway exit, i just don’t know which exit. So sorry!


Look out for this sign cos it’s in  one of the small lane!


This is to die-for korang! You must try this if you’re in Tokyo! They have few outlets all over Tokyo but the one i went to is a Cafe so you can sit down and eat it there. We ate these mini cheesecake pies for breakfast! We chose the mini ones to eat cos the big one is bigger than my palm so we brought it back to Singapore instead!


It survived a 6 hr plane ride guys! I wanted to choose the raw texture where the cheese will ooze out and all but scared it will not survive the plane ride. Haha.

Pablo also have a few souvenir snacks for you to buy home. We bought lots of them! Not cheap to be honest but so worth it cos it’s really really nice!! I snapchat it last time but forgot to download the video and i don’t have pictures so i’m an awful blogger cos i’m making you google for the picture yourself . It’s called Sabrel Cheese and it’s actually butter biscuits with cheese. So lemak and sedap. They have a few others, i bought each of everything and semua sedap!

Right after Pablo, we head on to Takeshita Street which is just 3-5 minutes away by foot.
Can i also mention it was freezing that morning that Rusly almost wanted to buy a glove cos he left his at the apartment, thinking he can steady kacang rempuh the weather. Of course i told him not to buy the gloves cos we’re going home that very night and he should just sumbat his hands in his pocket. That’s why you should listen to your wife guys. Learn from this.


We bought most of our souvenir and small knick-knacks from here. Fridge magnets & keychains for most of our friends and then we head off to Calbee+ for snacks!


These are delish! I particularly love the potato sticks! They really goreng these panas2 before serving it to you! We took the Royce Chocolate & Cheese one and i personally like the cheese one. They also sell lotsa calbee snacks in small packs which makes really great souvenir. our family loves it and i keep eating them. -___-


Next stop is CREPES!!! We went to the Marion one as recommended by Farna! So sedap!
I took a safe option though. Choco-Banana. Safe nak mampos. I need to be more adventurous with my food choices!


Our next stop is Kiddy Land! Trust me, aku yang lagi excited seeing all the toys there. So many cute stuff!!! I bought lotsa toys for my nieces & nephews. and also Nadya of course and me. Hahahahha. I know i do not look like someone who’ll get excited over toys. But really, i do. The toys are quite pricey but they are of good quality and some are released in Japan only. I think i spent close to S$300 on toys alone. wtf.

2016-02-08 13.23.462016-02-08 18.56.41 - CopyWe finished up our shopping by 3.00pm, took a cab back to the apartment to pack stuff and then checked out by 4.00pm. Took the NEX back to Narita, checked in all our luggages before getting our last dinner in Tokyo,

I love this one a lot! It’s in the airport itself and certified halal so makan lah tanpa was-was! lol It’s pretty much self service so u get to dispense as much broth as u want. The broth is simple tapi flavorful and that telur goyang, stop it seh.

2016-02-08 17.37.11IMG_82382016-02-08 18.02.072016-02-08 18.28.32
Spamming pictures of Nadya cos her pipi so red from the weather and all and it’s so cute!!!
The redness subsides the next day so dah tak leh feeling anak jepun lagik. Oh wells, we’ll make do with blusher k baby!

IMG_8345IMG_8347IMG_8351Flight home went well. Nadya slept most of the time so i ate her infant meal as well. Hahaha. Our luggage didn’t beranak that much but if you’re travelling for about a week with a baby, expect that amount of luggage and backpack lah, carryon luggage lah, mak dia peh handbag lah. I no longer travel light seh.

So that wraps up our Japan adventure! I’ll try and finish up the cost breakdown and tips for the trip very soon ok!

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So we went to KL over the weekend to get my Tony Romas fix. It was a really short trip.
We flew over to KL on saturday on the 8.45am flight and then back to SG on Sunday on the 5.00pm flight.
Thank you Airasia for the many many SIN-KL flights.

This time round, we brought my in-laws together with us. Although it was a wrong timing cos my MIL sprained her back weeks earlier and had difficulty walking and we had to do many pitstops so she can rest and sit down and take a breather. I almost felt guilty for dragging her to KL just so i can have my cravings fixed. But she said she enjoyed the trip. So i don’t feel that guilty anymore! And to think initially she was worried i would be too tired out from all the walking! But i walked like nobody’s business.

On a sidenote, Rusly’s hair is of the same length as mine now. I think even longer and i’ve been pestering him to get it cut but he refused to listen! Macam nak bakar je rambut dia tau time dia tido.

Our 1st stop right after we landed in KL was to head over to Publika Shopping Gallery.
Initially i wanted to go to Journal by Plan B but we were so hungry by then, it was close to 12.00 noon already, and i was scared if we eat at Journal, then we wouldn’t have space for Gyu-Kaku so we went ahead to Gyu-Kaku instead.

We were the 1st group to come in for lunch so one of the staff Mike offered to help us with grilling the meat etc and i was glad he did that cos that boy is good with his meat! I think if it was up to us to cook the meat ourselves, we’ll probably over-cook it and also cos four of us really macam tak kuasa nak masak mood.

IMG_5204We ordered one of the set and in a second, we were overwhelmed with the amount of meat we have! For a while, i doubt we could finish them all up but yes we did!

Sampai senget-senget.. Jalan pun dah macam lembu.

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and so we’re 3!

3rd Anniversary

and we’re three today! Although i kept thinking it’s only been 2 years.
How did 3 years pass by so fast?

We did not plan anything for this year although we pretty much go for short trips on each Anniversary, this year is an exception because my husband is a pregnancy nazi. He is not ok with me taking flights during the pregnancy although i’m having a pretty normal pregnancy and i see pregnant women travelling for work & holidays all the time! I had to beg him to let me take a flight to KL this November because it’s less than an hour and it’s so close to home.

Yesterday, we were watching some Cooking/Travel Show and they were showing Tom Yam Goong at Krabi and i asked him if it’s okie if we go to Krabi for a short while on my birthday weekend (which is next week hahahahha) because i wanna eat that Tom Yam Goong at Ao Nang.

He gave me a death stare so i assumed that’s a no. I told him i was craving for Tom Yam Goong and he told me to cook it myself. Pffft.

They say pregnant women get everything they want. So not true!

and then i thought maybe we should go to Carousel and pig out but selfish me think it’s not worth it because i cannot eat Sashimi and Oysters and who the hell go to Carousel and not force-feed themselves with Sashimi & Oysters? Definitely not me! I think i’ll either be so sad i can’t eat sashimi & oysters when i’m there or i’ll just try my luck and eat them, and then get salmonella. Hahahahaha

So, it’ll be a stay home anniversary for us with him catching up on Suits on the ipad and me playing Frozen game on my iphone. How interesting. Lol

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So we finally made our way to Rouse at Dunlop Street on Saturday after all the errands. Been wanting to go there since their launch but i figured it would be best to go once the novelty has worn off, else we’ll be waiting for seats since seats in a hipster cafe are usually pretty limited.

We reached the cafe at about 8.30pm and it was 3/4 full. We managed to get the seat by the door, facing the huge mirror.
Hence the couple-fie.


I’ve heard many good things about Rouse menu. They have limited selection in the menu so if you’re the kind who loves flipping menu, you’ll be sorely dissapointed but i was actually spoilt for choice cos i didn’t know what to choose for mains and we didn’t wanna over-order and be too stuffed and curse at our “perangai tamak tak ingat dunia” on the drive way home. So we told ourself, one main each and an appetiser.

Was so looking forward to try their Shroom Shroom but it was sold out for the day. So dissapointed but that means i have a reason to come back again! So we made do without an appetiser cos the other appetiser they have in the menu is this orange-glazed chicken and while it does sound yummy, i’m in no mood to eat chicken.


I ordered the Beef Wrapped Asparagus for myself since this is probably one of their bestseller and i can totally see why it is. The meat was tender and very well-marinated. I could smell & taste rosemary on it. One of my favourite herb! It also comes with this pumpkin mash on the sides which i kept raving about to Rusly. I love love love the pumpkin mash!
It’s sweet but does not have that “jelak’ taste. Not sure if i was lucky cos the pumpkin they used on that memang sweet ke apa, but it is really so sedap, i’m tempted to make it myself. Padahal it’s just mashed pumpkin tau. Over tau aku.

On the other side, they have this small piece of toast with poached egg on it. Me love poached eggs! Althought i didn’t really eat much of it because you’re not supposed to eat half-cooked eggs when you’re pregnant. Lol
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Last Kopek

Last kopek of the Raya visiting last weekend! I’m so tired of drinking Air F&N already. Technically not exactly last kopek because we still have a raya show to perform at this Sunday but at least no more visiting lah. Not that i don’t like visiting people it is just so tiring, especially when done back to back.

Last weekend was fun though but also quite tiring. Thank god we didn’t go to that many houses. Just covered all our houses and lepak and makan.

Saturday was with my Secondary school mates. Always a riot with these girls and their partners.


Missing Nini & Hasnirah though!


Over at Sar & Hussin’s new crib.


At Caca & Wan’s place. Our first time there since they moved in last year. Their place is soooo huge! They bought over a 5E Flat at Pasir Ris but i’m so glad i don’t have to clean up that much space. Lol

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The Raya Announcement

Eid Mubarak!

On this special day, the husband and i’ve decided (at the very last minute) to just go ahead and announce our pregnancy on social media.

To be honest, we only decided to announce because we have friends and family who have been leaving baby-related comments on our social media posts and it’s pretty obvious already. LOL
and also because i’ll need to announce to The Card Maison future clients soon because i’ll have to close orders for April & May weddings soon as i’ll be on Maternity leave in from late December to February.

photo 2
So yes, we are finally pregnant! Yaaaaaayyyy!

With that, i have also un-privatised my posts on the The IVF Journey and The Pregnancy.

I first announced my pregnancy a few days after our positive blood test here. So you can now read how excited i was upon finding out.

I’ll be 4 months pregnant tomorrow . Almost halfway through the pregnancy. So fast!

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Less than a week to Raya! Been so busy i barely did any DIY projects this year.
If you remember, last year i was so hands on with the DIY projects.
Semangat gila. Maklum lah orang baru je jadi stay-at-home-wife. Terus jadi domestic.

And then this year, the workload for Card Maison got so much heavier (which is a good thing lah) that i don’t have time to do anything else. But my cookie jars are still in good shape so will be reusing them. Bought my cushion covers from Taobao instead of sewing my own. Simple ones that would look nice all year round.

Oh speaking of Taobao, i also ordered a dainty teacup set and a cake stand because they were cheaper than in SG.
Ok lah the teacup set not so cheap after the shipping and all. Afterall i chose express shipping instead of sea shipping. Hahahaha but it’s cheaper than SG price, really. I know i promised to do up an entry on how to buy from Taobao, Maybe soon lah k. When i’m not so lazy.


Nyehhhh… pretty pretty tea cup set. Now i just need scones.

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Gold Coast Day 2

Just realized i’ve not continued on my Gold Coast posts and because i’m fairly free, i shall start on the Gold Coast series now!

Right from the start, i knew Day 2 would turn out to be really awesome because it’s Movie World Day!
I don’t go to Theme Parks all the time but when i do, i forget that i’m 30. I think Theme Parks does that to you, eh?

Started the day quite early and was greeted with this view. I miss this still.

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Take Me To: Bandung Day 1

Back from Bandung!
Man.. it was so tiring. I’m never doing a 3D2N shopping trip again. At least a 4D3N trip if i need to eat & shop. Or at least when i travel to Indonesia. The traffic is horrendous!! Macet here and there. We spent half a day in the car. Exciting habis.


Le husband. Who turned 31st today!
This is Part 3 of his birthday gift. An all-expenses-paid trip to Bandung. Hahahaha.


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