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yummy weekend

Most of my saturday was spent idling away and then late night, we kidnapped the mom-in-law for supper at Evans Rd and then Durians at Geylang!


I’ve realized i can no longer gorge myself with durians like i used to.
I usually can finish up 2-3 whole durians by myself. I have immense love for that fruit.
Now, i’m done with half a durian before it gets too heaty.

We started off our Sunday with Zafran’s Baby Shower at Choa Chu Kang.


Pretty obvious what’s my favourite jemputan food. Haha
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chew what?!

I posted this on Facebook this morning so if you are friends with me on FB, you’ve probably seen this but it’s too hilarious to not post it up here


Was watching an early morning cookshow with the husband while eating McD breakfast. Saw the chef toasting some bread.

Sidetrack: it’s actually the show “Giada at Home”. The husband said she looks too pornstar-ish to be hosting a cookshow. Hahaha. Could be the makeup she’s putting on.

He: “Eh… Chewbacca!!”
He: “eh salah, chewbacca Star Wars”
Me: “Hahahaha CIABATTA lah!!!!”

Chewbacca bakar. Wow. Just wow.


The husband spouts nonsense most of the time, really. I’m always laughing at the things he say. He’s so funneh me thinks. But i’m just being biased i know.

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in a week.

Done with the hectic week from the last expo!
It was so tiring! Mainly because i had to wake up early on weekends and my booth was very near to the stage and it was so loud, i got very irritated most of the time.

But i got to meet a lot of people. Some recognised me as the girl with that blog on the budget wedding! Hahahaha
That was hilarious!

Last Tuesday, husband took leave and we went to NUH for our appointment with Prof PC Wong.
It was a short meeting, we asked what we wanted to ask about IVF and honestly, i don’t know what else to ask because i read so much about IVF already! I did ask him about the possibility of OHSS and he mentioned my drug protocol will be lower cos of my AMH Level and he don’t want me to suffer from OHSS. All is good and now we are waiting for my Feb cycle to start before i go take my 1st medication and start with the IVF Cycle in March. Prof PC Wong told us there would be an in-house IVF seminar 1st week of March but we would be out of town and had to miss that seminar. Pretty bummed about it because it would definitely give us a good insight on the entire procedure. We will have another session end feb with a Psychologist to help us prepare mentally for IVF. I picked up some brochures on Gonal -F injection pens.. The one that we’ll be using for the IVF and i’m done psyching myself that it would be ok! Saw the short needles and i figured it would be ok! Nurse told me the drugs are in pure form (hence the hefty price tag) so when injected, you feel less pain or no pain at all. I keep telling myself “I can do this. If others can do this, so can i. If i can’t do this, then i’m not prepared for childbirth because that would be even more painful!” I swear i’m the worst motivator ever.

On another note, we finally decided where to go for the CNY Weekend. Bandung again, this time with friends.
While they can’t wait to shop, i can’t wait to eat good food!
I kind of have lost the novelty of shopping in Singapore / overseas, unless it’s online shopping at specific plus size sites.
In fact, i have 4 shipments of clothes coming in from different sites. So the thought of shopping at Bandung doesn’t really excite me that much actually. Actually come to think of it, i really should just do up another entry on Plus Size clothes before this entry gets too long!


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morning surprise


Gave the husband an early morning birthday surprise. Caught him off guard cos his birthday is not till February! New rims & tyres for the man! He got the shock of his life when he went to the carpark, found his car missing initially, only to find it across where he 1st park yesterday and fitted with the new rims & tyres!

Thanks to his brother for being the little elf! All that sneaking around was worth it!
The husband didn’t know his car was out for a spin while he was watching youtube videos at home! Lol

I had to sneak around, steal his keys from his work pants and quietly go to the kitchen window and throw the keys out while the brother was downstairs. Off he go to Lavender workshop (which is open till midnight, that place is a god-send!) and get it done by 12 midnight. The brother then tip-toed back to my flat and placed the car keys under the front door mat.

All the time, i had trouble getting the husband to go and sleep! He’s usually asleep by 11pm max.
At 12 midnight, i told him to go close the corridor windows cos he was seating by the window and i didn’t want him to see his brother creeping around! Lol

This morning, he was rushing off to work, went to the 2nd floor to retrieve the car, panicked when he couldn’t find it at the same spot. Went up to the 3rd and 4th floor, saw the same car models but not his plate no. Got really confused, went back down to 2nd floor. Saw his plate no but a car with different rims! Hahahaha I can so imagine his reaction. Confirm member berpeluh2!

But all is well. I’m good with keeping surprises under wraps. Totally caught him off guard since it’s not his birthday yet!

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two thousand thirteen

this is 2013 in retrospect. Awesome stuff happens in 2013 without me realising it.
I don’t really keep track of everything i’ve done in 2013 but these are the things that stood out to me.

The Card Maison made it’s first debut at the Wedding Expo in 2013.
It was an awesome experience. Tired but very rewarding.


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going viral

Yesterday i got a notification from WordPress saying my site stats are higher than usual and i was wondering why.

Then yesterday morning, my sister sent me a screenshot of one of my post shared on FB and apparently it is somehow going viral without me realising because i don’t see it on my own FB Newsfeed!
Nampak sangat most of the people in my friendlist dah tua, dah kahwin, and dah tak kisah pasal wedding. Hahaha

The post responsible is: How I Managed The Wedding Budget 

Hello new readers!
Just a point to note, my wedding was in 2011 and that post was written in 2012. So prices may have increased.
So please don’t quote my price when u ask the vendors ok? Cos it would be unfair to them. Heh.

But above all, i hope you take that post with a pinch of salt. What may work for me may not work for you.
I’m never against anyone who throw a big fat wedding in fact i love weddings and i feel if you can afford it, go spend your hard-earned moolah on your Big Day. But i’m against taking loans (bank / personal) for weddings. I feel that it’s irresponsible and that’s what i feel and you don’t have to agree with me. 🙂

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who run the world?


I think the husband is gonna kill me when he sees this tomorrow.

When u’re married, you’ll learn new things about your partner and one of those things i’ve learned, my husband rarely get sick, when he does fall sick, u feel like the world is tearing apart. Like everything else does not matter except that he’s running a flu and it’s almost like an epidemic. He’ll sleep for hours and hours, get all cranky and show you that sick face and make you wonder if Flu is really that bad.

On the other hand, i fall sick so bloody often, a flu is chicken mcnugget. I hate to take Panadol or any medications so i’ll just let it go away by itself. You would think for someone who refuse to self-medicate, i would have a better immune system eh?

So yes, i’m just waiting for this flu, cold and blocked nose to go away by itself while i go drink Ribena at the living room. After all, Ribena is chockful of Vitamin C and Vitamin C is good for the immune system, yes?

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sweet treats

a week after the surgery, after lying down 75% of the time at home, drowsy from all medications, i said to the husband, “Sod it. We are going out for a date tonight. I don’t want to drink any more soup / Jeli gamat / Chicken Essence. I want Cakes! I want Pavlova. I want Big fat juicy burgers”

That brought us to Butterscotch Cafe! A newly opened muslim-owned Cafe at Bt Merah Central.

Location-wise, Bukit merah is a place i go to once every 3 years? Or 5 years. Not kidding cos i don’t know anyone who stays that area. But now Butterscotch is there, maybe i can do a twice a year trip to Bukit Merah.
If you’re going there after 7.00pm, good luck on trying to find a parking spot. Srap that, actually you can find a parking spot. plenty of it but after 7.30pm, the ENTIRE carpark is reserved for seasoned parking and that my friend, is how we got a $50.00 parking ticket (which i honestly can’t be bothered to appeal for).

Now if you are expecting this to be a huge cafe that u can easily find seats for a group of 12, then maybe you’ll be dissapointed cos it’s a cosy cafe with probably about 18 – 20 pax indoor seating. Most of it being couple seats, which i think can be easily transformed to a group seat.

We ordered two mains, which is a mistake i made time and again because i can never finish my mains. Should have just shared it with the husband.



Ramly meets Wendy. A westernised version of the Ramly burger. Quite yummy but portion too big for me. I finished 3/4 of it though.

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fueling up

2 weeks ago, i brought the hubby to Carousel.
I’ve not been there in years! I use to go there once every two months and then i got sick of it and stopped going and tried different buffet places but Carousel is still the best to me.

The hubby, on the other hand have never tried Carousel. Can you believe it!
He’ve tried others, but not Carousel!

Because Carousel is always full house on weekends, we made our reservations at least 2 weeks in advance.

Carousel did not dissapoint me again. Love the food selection still.

20130921_185445 20130921_18545020130921_185501 20130921_185504

juicy, fat oysters, i love you so.



The chicken rice was dissapointing though but then again who the hell eats Chicken Rice at Buffets! lol
But i LOVE the risotto. So much that i wanna try making my own soon! Jamie Oliver is gonna help me do one! hee

20130921_184640 20130921_184718
We don’t always take picture of each other, honestly and here’s us, expanding horizontally always. lol

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No 10.

Finally can take a deeeep breath and relax a bit cos most of the December wedding artworks are ready & printed!
Oh my punyalah ramai orang kahwin bulan 12!

And oh… it’s October!!!!!
I love October for many many reasons.

5th October – Our Engagement Anniversary 
15th October – Our Wedding Anniversary 
25th October – My Birthday! 

Apart from that, it’s also the bestie’s birthday as well and because we love buying cosmetics together, we’ve been receiving sms-es from retailers on discounts etc. Chanel & YSL is offering Free Makeover & gifts. Tangs is giving us 10% off beauty products so i’m expecting some girly girly time with her again!

So no prizes for guessing why i heart October that much.

That also means i’m getting nearer to getting my Flap!

I’ve decided on the Caviar Leather, Gold Hardware and that’s final.
I’ve been deliberating far too long and what made me finally decided on Caviar Leather was because my lambskin WOC is having scratches now. Not very very visible but oh sangat heart pain seh. Especially when people langgar my bag and leave a scratch, sama rasa sakit hati bila my hubby find a scratch on the car! hahaha

So i figured, since i’m getting a Jumbo because of the size and practicality, then Caviar leather it is!

And looking at how obsessed i am with the Flaps, i am already saving for a Red Reissue with gold Hardware. sigh.
I can’t believe i am slaving myself for bags.

Oh and the husband managed to get off-in-lieu for this month so we’re off to Turi Beach for our Anniversary again! Weeeee.
I initially thought since we’ve got a long weekend, we could probably fly to Gold Coast or something. Alas, the flight timings and dates were not in our favour. Wanted to get tickets to Bali / Krabi instead but because it’s super last minute, it was really expensive and so not worth it for a short flight and because it was a long weekend, some of the seats were already snapped up.

but it was a blessing in disguise cos my FIL reminded us about this event we need to attend on 13th october! hahaha
Selamat tak book ticket. So no long weekends! We’ll go on monday and come back on Hari Raya Haji instead!
But that’s ok cos i plan to just laze around, read a book, swim & eat while i’m there.