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sweet treats

a week after the surgery, after lying down 75% of the time at home, drowsy from all medications, i said to the husband, “Sod it. We are going out for a date tonight. I don’t want to drink any more soup / Jeli gamat / Chicken Essence. I want Cakes! I want Pavlova. I want Big fat juicy burgers”

That brought us to Butterscotch Cafe! A newly opened muslim-owned Cafe at Bt Merah Central.

Location-wise, Bukit merah is a place i go to once every 3 years? Or 5 years. Not kidding cos i don’t know anyone who stays that area. But now Butterscotch is there, maybe i can do a twice a year trip to Bukit Merah.
If you’re going there after 7.00pm, good luck on trying to find a parking spot. Srap that, actually you can find a parking spot. plenty of it but after 7.30pm, the ENTIRE carpark is reserved for seasoned parking and that my friend, is how we got a $50.00 parking ticket (which i honestly can’t be bothered to appeal for).

Now if you are expecting this to be a huge cafe that u can easily find seats for a group of 12, then maybe you’ll be dissapointed cos it’s a cosy cafe with probably about 18 – 20 pax indoor seating. Most of it being couple seats, which i think can be easily transformed to a group seat.

We ordered two mains, which is a mistake i made time and again because i can never finish my mains. Should have just shared it with the husband.



Ramly meets Wendy. A westernised version of the Ramly burger. Quite yummy but portion too big for me. I finished 3/4 of it though.


The husband ordered the Chicken Chop but finds it mediocre.


Churros for our starters but it came after our mains! Hahaha
But we finished up the Churros because it was so good! It has the cinnamon filling inside and it’s so crunchy outside.
Why can’t i ever do crunchy churros like this. Why?



Also tried their Buffalo Wing but this is mediocre as well. Husband said it tasted like Nasi Lemak Chicken Wings.
Which is not a bad thing, just not what i expected.


Pavlova! Mad love for this.
We wanted to try the Butterscotch Souffle but they ran out of it so maybe next time we’ll get it! That and the Alaska Bomb.

Price point for the mains and desserts is between $9.00 – $14.00 if i’m not wrong.
Drinks are between $3.50 – $6.00 if i can remember correctly.

Is Butterscotch worth the trip back? Yes!
But maybe for desserts only and that is enough to fill us up.

8 thoughts on “sweet treats”

    1. No problem! Yes u can now make that trip to Bt Merah! Lol
      The desserts looks and taste good so if we do go back there again, we’ll probably order desserts only.

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