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Star Lights, Star Bright

I love weekends especially cos Rusly work office hours so once it’s friday, kita hooray2!

Our friday ritual is to go my mom’s place and i always dress Nadya up even though my mom’s place is only 10mins  drive away. lol

Too cute, i cannot! She’s at the stage where she can’t keep still so taking ootd is reaaallly hard work! But check out that side profile. lol

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So we went to KL over the weekend to get my Tony Romas fix. It was a really short trip.
We flew over to KL on saturday on the 8.45am flight and then back to SG on Sunday on the 5.00pm flight.
Thank you Airasia for the many many SIN-KL flights.

This time round, we brought my in-laws together with us. Although it was a wrong timing cos my MIL sprained her back weeks earlier and had difficulty walking and we had to do many pitstops so she can rest and sit down and take a breather. I almost felt guilty for dragging her to KL just so i can have my cravings fixed. But she said she enjoyed the trip. So i don’t feel that guilty anymore! And to think initially she was worried i would be too tired out from all the walking! But i walked like nobody’s business.

On a sidenote, Rusly’s hair is of the same length as mine now. I think even longer and i’ve been pestering him to get it cut but he refused to listen! Macam nak bakar je rambut dia tau time dia tido.

Our 1st stop right after we landed in KL was to head over to Publika Shopping Gallery.
Initially i wanted to go to Journal by Plan B but we were so hungry by then, it was close to 12.00 noon already, and i was scared if we eat at Journal, then we wouldn’t have space for Gyu-Kaku so we went ahead to Gyu-Kaku instead.

We were the 1st group to come in for lunch so one of the staff Mike offered to help us with grilling the meat etc and i was glad he did that cos that boy is good with his meat! I think if it was up to us to cook the meat ourselves, we’ll probably over-cook it and also cos four of us really macam tak kuasa nak masak mood.

IMG_5204We ordered one of the set and in a second, we were overwhelmed with the amount of meat we have! For a while, i doubt we could finish them all up but yes we did!

Sampai senget-senget.. Jalan pun dah macam lembu.

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Dine at J

After the gynae appointment on Thursday, i head off to Bugis to meet Joy & Kim, two of my oldest girlfriends, to celebrate Kim’s birthday.
Thank god the gynae appointment didn’t take long so i had time to shop for Kim’s birthday present!

The thing about being pregnant, everybody tend to ask me what to eat. It’s always “what does your baby feel like eating?” Errrr… nothing? Hahaha
I feel pressured each time people ask me to suggest eating places because not everybody have the same taste as me. What might be interesting to me might not even appeal to them. I honestly didn’t know what to suggest and then i remembered i wanted to try J’s at Purvis Street but never got round to it. So we made a reservation for 6.30pm through their website the day before the dinner date.

I don’t meet these two often. The last time we met up was in April, for Joy’s birthday. But like all my other girlfriends, we’ll always have awesome conversations and catch up from where we left. I think that’s the best thing with girlfriends, eh?

We were the 1st one to arrive at the restaurant for dinner. By 6.45pm, the place was full with dinner crowds, all with reservations. So if you intend to visit J’s, be sure to make a reservation because it is a small cosy dining place.

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So we finally made our way to Rouse at Dunlop Street on Saturday after all the errands. Been wanting to go there since their launch but i figured it would be best to go once the novelty has worn off, else we’ll be waiting for seats since seats in a hipster cafe are usually pretty limited.

We reached the cafe at about 8.30pm and it was 3/4 full. We managed to get the seat by the door, facing the huge mirror.
Hence the couple-fie.


I’ve heard many good things about Rouse menu. They have limited selection in the menu so if you’re the kind who loves flipping menu, you’ll be sorely dissapointed but i was actually spoilt for choice cos i didn’t know what to choose for mains and we didn’t wanna over-order and be too stuffed and curse at our “perangai tamak tak ingat dunia” on the drive way home. So we told ourself, one main each and an appetiser.

Was so looking forward to try their Shroom Shroom but it was sold out for the day. So dissapointed but that means i have a reason to come back again! So we made do without an appetiser cos the other appetiser they have in the menu is this orange-glazed chicken and while it does sound yummy, i’m in no mood to eat chicken.


I ordered the Beef Wrapped Asparagus for myself since this is probably one of their bestseller and i can totally see why it is. The meat was tender and very well-marinated. I could smell & taste rosemary on it. One of my favourite herb! It also comes with this pumpkin mash on the sides which i kept raving about to Rusly. I love love love the pumpkin mash!
It’s sweet but does not have that “jelak’ taste. Not sure if i was lucky cos the pumpkin they used on that memang sweet ke apa, but it is really so sedap, i’m tempted to make it myself. Padahal it’s just mashed pumpkin tau. Over tau aku.

On the other side, they have this small piece of toast with poached egg on it. Me love poached eggs! Althought i didn’t really eat much of it because you’re not supposed to eat half-cooked eggs when you’re pregnant. Lol
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So we had an advanced Birthday cum belated Mother’s Day treat for the MIL at 21 on Rajah. Been wanting to go there since i read so many reviews from other bloggers.

But i was sorely dissapointed.
The price was reasonable though. So if you are not very choosy about the buffet spread and you just need a place to eat and be merry, then i think 21 on Rajah is perfect. We only spent $197.00 for 5 adults and 1 child lunch buffet. That is close to what we spend for two pax at Carousel.

The good thing was, even though lunch buffet ends at 2.00pm, they allowed us to stay there and chit chat till about 3.00pm. Nobody bat an eyelid. Nobody told us to leave. So that’s a good point!

We told the in-laws of the good news yesterday and everyone was so happy and that made me happy too!
Such a little thing, yet u made so many people happy already!

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lunch & dinner

I had a few lunch & dinner dates last few weeks!
All with different people from different phase of my life.

First up is my Carousel lunch date with Ain & Baby Zafran!
Rina was supposed to come with us but FDR just had to be a spoilsport. Hahahahaha

No 3Yummy food at Carousel as usual. My first time having lunch there. I’m usually having dinner there and the food spread for lunch is not bad! In fact, save for a few dishes here and there, it’s close to the dinner spread.

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Makan Chronicles

sweet saturday

So we finally had a free saturday last week and made an impromptu trip to Bugis to watch Robocop (do u know this is the 1st time i’ve watched Robocop!). Since we were at that area, i proposed La Marelle for dinner.

Now, one of my 2014 must-do is visit as many halal / muslim-owned cafes and we have already started 2014 with I Am Cafe. Which i have yet to tell you guys about. But yeah, we went to I Am on New Year’s Day. Maybe next time i’ll tell you about it.


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sweet treats

a week after the surgery, after lying down 75% of the time at home, drowsy from all medications, i said to the husband, “Sod it. We are going out for a date tonight. I don’t want to drink any more soup / Jeli gamat / Chicken Essence. I want Cakes! I want Pavlova. I want Big fat juicy burgers”

That brought us to Butterscotch Cafe! A newly opened muslim-owned Cafe at Bt Merah Central.

Location-wise, Bukit merah is a place i go to once every 3 years? Or 5 years. Not kidding cos i don’t know anyone who stays that area. But now Butterscotch is there, maybe i can do a twice a year trip to Bukit Merah.
If you’re going there after 7.00pm, good luck on trying to find a parking spot. Srap that, actually you can find a parking spot. plenty of it but after 7.30pm, the ENTIRE carpark is reserved for seasoned parking and that my friend, is how we got a $50.00 parking ticket (which i honestly can’t be bothered to appeal for).

Now if you are expecting this to be a huge cafe that u can easily find seats for a group of 12, then maybe you’ll be dissapointed cos it’s a cosy cafe with probably about 18 – 20 pax indoor seating. Most of it being couple seats, which i think can be easily transformed to a group seat.

We ordered two mains, which is a mistake i made time and again because i can never finish my mains. Should have just shared it with the husband.



Ramly meets Wendy. A westernised version of the Ramly burger. Quite yummy but portion too big for me. I finished 3/4 of it though.

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Makan Chronicles

Going Indo!

For my birthday dinner, i requested the hubby to go to IndoChilli for an Indonesian fare.
All those pictures of their food had me salivating.

Thing about the hubs and me, we kind of have different tastebuds but we try to fit in together.
He always call me Kampong cos i love Indon and Malay Food. I cannot live without Sambal Belacan.
I love petai and all the ulam-ulam.

On the other hand, he loves Western Food. Especially cream-based stuff.
He loves his steak, pasta & burgers and while i do like them, i cannot eat them everyday.

IndoChilli is at ZIon Road. Just opposite Great World City. Like directly opposite.
If you drive, i must warn you parking is a bitch. There’s limited space and because that area is filled with makan places, finding a parking spot can be a chore but we were lucky to snag a parking space right in front of the restaurant itself.

We made a reservation a day before as advised as it can be full house especially on weekend nights.
True enough, when we came, the restaurant was about 90% full, mostly with groups.

Ambience was really nice, it reminded me of a restaurant we went to in Bali. Service was swift. Our food came in less than 10mins.

Here’s what we tried the other day.


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feeding the carnivores

if you don’t know, there is a new Halal Steakhouse in town!

It’s Le Steak by Chef Amri, located at Jalan Kayu. Super far from Bt Panjang but we are known to be willing to travel for food. hee hee
After having Tony Roma’s Rib Eye Steak at KL, i find Halal steaks in Singapore booooring. Lagik2 si swensen nya steak.
Save for Badoque’s! But that one is super massive, i can never finish it.

So i was really glad when i got to know of the new steakhouse.
They offer Sirloin, Rib Eye and other premium cuts. I took Ribeye and at a reasonable $16.90 price tag, i think i’ve found my go-to-steakhouse.

photo 1

It is a very cosy restaurant with most of the seats outside. Because it’s fairly new and people are still curious about it, do expect huge crowds and long queue lines during the weekend. Luckily we only had to wait about 20mins to get a seat. Those behind me had to wait at least between 30-45mins.

But it was worth the wait.

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