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Going Indo!

For my birthday dinner, i requested the hubby to go to IndoChilli for an Indonesian fare.
All those pictures of their food had me salivating.

Thing about the hubs and me, we kind of have different tastebuds but we try to fit in together.
He always call me Kampong cos i love Indon and Malay Food. I cannot live without Sambal Belacan.
I love petai and all the ulam-ulam.

On the other hand, he loves Western Food. Especially cream-based stuff.
He loves his steak, pasta & burgers and while i do like them, i cannot eat them everyday.

IndoChilli is at ZIon Road. Just opposite Great World City. Like directly opposite.
If you drive, i must warn you parking is a bitch. There’s limited space and because that area is filled with makan places, finding a parking spot can be a chore but we were lucky to snag a parking space right in front of the restaurant itself.

We made a reservation a day before as advised as it can be full house especially on weekend nights.
True enough, when we came, the restaurant was about 90% full, mostly with groups.

Ambience was really nice, it reminded me of a restaurant we went to in Bali. Service was swift. Our food came in less than 10mins.

Here’s what we tried the other day.



Sate Madura – $7.80

We started off our meal with this because there were rave reviews on this and honestly, I LOVE THESE to bits!
I’m not a fan of chicken satay actually so to me the chicken meat itself, while really tender, does not really appeal to me but that Satay Sauce & Soy sauce combo is the bomb! It’s thick & flavourful, completely overwhelming the chicken meat. This is a must order!


Sup Asem 
Not a fan of the broth but the ingredients that they put inside makes up for it. A bowl is chockful of yummy bits of ingredients.


Cah Kangkung – $8.80 
Easily the start of the show! Yes, you might wonder how this common vegetable dish is the star of the show?!
This is, hands down the best kangkung dish i’ve tried, ever!
It’s not your plain ‘ol boleh-masak-kat-rumah Kangkung. The base ingredient is really yummy. Im pretty sure they put something else in there apart from the usual chilli, dried prawns, garlic & onions!


Combo Bakaran – $42.80
Because we wanted to sample everything, we chose this instead.
It’s a delightful combination of grilled black pomfret, squids, prawns, satay and chicken.
Everything was nice, except the chicken. It tasted like one that was cooked three hours ago, and then re-grilled again.
The squids were juicy though! The black pomfret wins hands down in this platter.


Es Teler – $6.80 
We finished off our meal with the Es Teler. Very kencing-manis but really really nice!
We had Es Teler in Bali & Bandung but this is the best we’ve tried so far. The fruits were all chunky and the thickly sliced avocado was a treat!

I give IndoChilli a rating of 7/10
We’ll back again next time! Planning to bring the in-laws over because like me, they love Indonesian Foods!

4 thoughts on “Going Indo!”

  1. im not a big fan of indo food, but there’s this indo restaurant (Pagi Sore) at Telok Ayer street that is totallyyyy awesome! Seeing ur entry now makes me wanna go thereee! A bit on the pricey side but omg so sedapsss!

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