Trying To Conceive

of being a mom

one minute i was looking at makeup tutorials and then people unboxing their new handbags and then i saw a full movie and i figured why not?

i thought it’ll be boring since i didn’t even recognize any of the actor & actresses.
But at the end of it, i cried. Like full-on crying without the hingus meleleh part of cos. I’ll reserve that for some other things.

Mom at Sixteen tugged at my heartstrings.
It’s about Jacey, a sixteen year old who got pregnant and struggling and a school teacher, Jenna, happily married and struggling to get pregnant,

I’m not sure if it’s my PMS acting up but i feel for Jenna. I understand that struggles and frustration. I’m glad things worked out for her and Insya Allah, things will work out for me and hubs too.

If you might be interested to shed some tears, here’s the movie!

6 thoughts on “of being a mom”

  1. Hey love! Thanks for sharing the sedih nak mampus movie. Insya Allah everything will work out for you,me and others. Jangan lupa la light up lots of candles too k! Have a great weekend! =)

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