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eh dah kahwin!

As we all know, Farhana of Kahwin Khronicles got married last weekend.
When she whatsapp-ed me to ask if i can make it for the wedding, i realised i actually have that Wedding Showcase from 12 – 8pm. uest were expected to arrive at  7.30pm and the bride & groom were expected to march in at 8.00pm. Even though Farhana mentioned it’s a casual affair and i can come in later, i thought it would be nice to sit through the entire thing from the start. So i cabut from the wedding showcase earlier.

We managed to arrive by 7.45pm, gi washroom, amik photobooth picture and all before the Bride & Groom come marching in.

and can i also mention that by 7.45pm, most my makeup was gone, rambut dah macam tiga hari tak cuci.
Having a wedding showcase at a Multi-Purpose Hall is NOT a good idea, i tell you. I was sweating buckets most of the time.


The newly-weds giving a speech before the mic was handed over to their entourage.

We were seated right next to the buffet table but we chill one corner makan Mee Soto & Roti Kirai dulu cos the queue was quite long.  I didn’t manage to snap a picture of the food but omg it is still as nice as ever. Puteri Wedding never fail to dissapoint!
The sambal goreng is to die-for and the Black Pepper Chicken was pedas gila, just to my liking!
Oh, the Mee Soto was the best i had at weddings. Usually Mee Soto at weddings ada sikit mehhhh…

After the makan2 and all, we couldn’t stay that long so we looked for the couple to take pictures with them and say our goodbyes.
It was then i heard someone calling my name and then i saw Ili & Nunu.
Nunu ke hulur ke hilir ngan pinggan dessert dia. hahahah
and then i saw Shahera and Shahirrah and suddenly it became like a mini reunion.

Oh and earlier before that, i bumped into two of my clients Shazila & Amalina who are friends of the bride as well.

We managed to snap pictures of the bride & groom. Although the groom must have felt a little left out because we girls Farhana left him on the sidelines while we kecoh2 amik gambar. It was seriously kecoh, sampai i peluh2 semua.



Obviously without the groom.



Now with the groom and the action-angry-only bride.

After that, just before i make a move, we hogged the Photobooth again. Really fun! I love that silver backdrop and that camera is the bomb. Without it, i’ll probably look half-dead cos i was so tired from being out and about in the morning.






and with the husband.

We rushed off to Woodlands after that to watch Thor. Slept halway through not because it was boring but cos i was dead tired.

Love that i can finally put a face to these BTB Bloggers and i really hope some of us can meet up again. Maybe we wait till Farhana comes back from her honeymoon!

7 thoughts on “eh dah kahwin!”

  1. Nice seeing and finally meeting you in person miss deardyan! And verrrry nice to meet both your bling too HAHAHAHAHA. Ingatkan satu skali ada dua! You kasi i idea untuk nak mintak apa lepas kahwing heh heh heh. I’m sorry if we stalled you from heading home by my shrieking your name and waving frantically to you like a fangirl hahahahahah. Your husband mesti like…alamak, tak jadi balik ah ni..this could take a while! Lol

    1. hahahahah both my blings said hello back! lol

      Takpe, i was also excited to meet you gals, my husband one corner shake head. He also tau i been looking around for you girls. last2 dia give up tgk ni pompuan semua blom habis2 amik gambar, dia gi luar hisap rokok. Lol

  2. Hello Dyan, u link my webbie salah 😛 spoooot aje eh!
    Nice meeting you too, i ni actually innocent bystander aje, shy ma. hehehe! Ili yg ckp “eh dyan nak balik, jom amik gmbr ngn dia dulu!” kesian desserts2 kene tolak tepi. i still cannot stop ingat balik Nunu and her desserts hahahah!!

    ermm.. i steal the pictures eh? thank u! 😛

    1. Go ahead and steal! LOL

      Yes lah Nunu and her dessert plate. haha kesian org tu ke hulur hilir ngan pinggan.

      Nanti i tukar weblink! Draft blog malam2 lepas tu kero.

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