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keeping it tidy.

just two years of being married and living in the house, my wardrobe is falling apart.
i bought the bedroom set. You know the generic one where it comes with 1 bed, 1 wardrobe and 1 dressing table tu?

The wardrobe is falling apart already. and i really don’t think it’s because i have too many clothes. Oklah maybe part of it lah. But then again, back at my parents place, i have tons of clothes as well but that wardrobe was able to withstand my entire load for 12 years! It’s a built-in wardrobe though so maybe the quality is so much better.

and the one i bought could be untreated wood or chemically-treated wood cos moulds are always growing and i had to keep wiping them every single week lah seh.

So, i’m on a lookout for good wardrobe company. I wanted Besglas initially but my friend who had theirs installed by Besglas said the quality is so-so.


I want the wardrobe to be somehow like this. With many partitions, rails and shelves  but i have measured the area and we can afford to do a 8ft one although i would really prefer a 10ft one. heehee

Oh but i need it to be covered with a sliding door cos the wardrobe is really close to the window and it gets very dusty. Dah jadi satu masalah lagi.

I’ve trawled the net and most of them recommended Closet Design and their 8ft Package at $2400 do seem quite attractive but some of them of Renotalk did say they manage to get it cheaper when they are at the Expo.

If you guys have experience with Closet Design or you guys are also sourcing for wardrobes for your new place, share with me the quotes can?


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