Our Shoebox

The Vanity Room

It is finally ready, guys! Spent last sunday at home so i can officially move in all my stuff in that room instead and then stare and marvel at everything. So here’s the new vanity room. We converted the nursery to the Vanity Room cos Nadya is still sleeping in the same room as us and i think she’ll continue to sleep with us for maybe another 3-4 more years, i don’t know. I don’t want her to sleep alone yet. lol

Also cos she seems to like playing in the living room and it’s more convenient cos i can do work and keep and eye on her.

And when she’s finally ready to sleep alone, she can still use that wardrobe for personal use and i’ll buy an even bigger wardrobe for myself  or we’ll move this wardrobe to our room.We’re still using the current wardrobe to store Rusly going-out clothes, our home clothes and baju kurungs. It looks pretty sad actually. All empty and lonely. Hahahaha.
I swear it looks happier when all my clothes were in there. Rusly own 16384 black T Shirts. U get what i mean. That wardrobe is looking all gloomy. Poor you.

Here’s the wardrobe! When it’s still empty, lonely & sad. 2015-10-22 19.37.53
And here’s the filled up wardrobe. 2015-11-08 19.23.18The top part is still empty cos i’m still undecided if i should store the boxes of the bags in there or fill them up with more bags. Just kidding. Or maybe not. I threw away some of the boxes cos they’re too bulky and i don’t have space and also cos i don’t intend to sell some of the bags i own. I don’t know yet. But hopefully not. But i have a few bags on wishlist but unfortunately i don’t have a bottomless pocket. 😦
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Year End Clean

There’s something i do each year-end.

Spring cleaning. De-cluttering. To welcome the brand new year.
I started with the Bag section this week. Most of the bags i no longer use, i either throw or re-home them, depending on their value.
Then i realised i had some leftover scrapbook papers and decided to wallpaper the entire bookcase.
i’m still wallpapering them and i hope to finish it by next week!


Next would be my makeup section! I need to throw out lipsticks that has been around for more than 8 months and then rearrange everything else because i just realised the makeup section is overflowing.

After that would be the nails section and then the accessories section.
Very ambitious i know.

Happy Holidays people!
My holiday is spent watching Gossip Girl re-runs (i’m now back on Season 2!) while clearing all Card Maison artworks!
Off for a double movie date tonight to watch 47 Ronin and i’m hoping tomorrow we can go eat at East Coast. I miss the Honey Chicken Wings there.

Speaking about movies, ever since i discovered Cathay West Mall have these Elite Club Seats, i never go to any other movie theatre! The seats are uber-comfortable cos u can recline the back rest and the leg rest. Not to mention, the leg room is so spacious.
Tickets are from $11.50 – $15.00. Not that much difference from the normal ticket price for the additional comfort. Not sure if it’s available at any other Cathay Theatres though but worth checking it out!

Our Shoebox

keeping it tidy.

just two years of being married and living in the house, my wardrobe is falling apart.
i bought the bedroom set. You know the generic one where it comes with 1 bed, 1 wardrobe and 1 dressing table tu?

The wardrobe is falling apart already. and i really don’t think it’s because i have too many clothes. Oklah maybe part of it lah. But then again, back at my parents place, i have tons of clothes as well but that wardrobe was able to withstand my entire load for 12 years! It’s a built-in wardrobe though so maybe the quality is so much better.

and the one i bought could be untreated wood or chemically-treated wood cos moulds are always growing and i had to keep wiping them every single week lah seh.

So, i’m on a lookout for good wardrobe company. I wanted Besglas initially but my friend who had theirs installed by Besglas said the quality is so-so.

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why staying on your own is awesome.

i know of lots of couple who wish they stay on their own and can’t wait for their flats to be ready and i also know of some couple who actually do love staying with their parents after marriage. To each their own honestly and because we stayed on our own right after our wedding, here’s why i think it’s awesome staying on our own.

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Her, Our Shoebox

pending & pening

been wanting to do these for the longest time but malas.

  • Clear my makeup area. I have way too much cosmetics and i only use half of them. Time to throw throw throw!
  • Clean up my office and do some re-arranging. It currently does not look like an office but a storeroom.
  • throw old clothes and spring clean the wardrobe before it falls apart.
    Tak sampai 2 tahun kahwin, tu wardrobe macam dah nak give way.

Let’s see if i can even get one of these done this week!

Our Shoebox, The Husband & Wife


It was our first Raya as husband & wife. Lotsa unexpected, happy things happened on the 1st day of Syawal. Alhamdulillah, all our prayers were answered. It was also chaotic cos we had to time our raya visiting properly, now that we have two sides to go to.

We’ve never practiced Raya Visiting with each other families when we were still engaged / gf-bf stage cos we found it a lil unnecessary, so it was quite nice to be able to meet his cousins etc.

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Our Shoebox, The Husband & Wife


and finally we did our kitchen.

we love, love love the new kitchen and i’m so happy we waited for it. Considering that there might be some drastic changes in 2013, i’m glad we don’t have a reno loan to pay off!

We took quite a few quotations, some were reasonable, some were outright outrageous. As much as i would love to support our malay renovation companies, they either give me shitty quotations or shitty service.

I had actually shortlisted one of the renovation companies and then i got to know my colleague’s husband does renovation works. His quote is about 1k higher than the one i shortlisted but i know it will give me a peace of mind knowing that i’m getting a person i can trust to do up my kitchen. So i went ahead with it.

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Our Shoebox

The Home.

You know how i’m always lamenting about how i have been wnating to turn the house into a home?

Now i think the ‘home’ is really taking into shape and i’m happy with how it’s turning out. 🙂

The living room area looks more cosy now that we bought the carpet from IKEA and oh, the candles and the flowers.

Our make-shift dinner table.

For a couple who have not stayed in the house permanently, we sure have a lot of food stock. lol

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Sneak Preview: The Invites

I printed a prototype of the cards this morning and while i love love what i have done so far, the perfectionist in me wants more. So i’m gonna tweak a few more, change some backgrounds etc before i finalise the design.

The cards are gonna be square. Not as huge as the prototypes of cos. It is the first square card i’ve ever done! I’ve been wanting to do Square cards for the longest time cos they just look nice lah, but the pe-dengki in me wants it first. So i’m gonna have square cards first and then introduce it to my clients. lol

I’ll also be DIY-ing my Pochette envelopes. All 300pcs of them, i think. (God bless my fingers and the rest of my hands and also arms).

I’m not done with the front part of the card yet. (soon!)
Once that’s covered, i’ll design the stickers with our monograms etc.
Decided not to use that template monogram i posted earlier cos i wanted the whole card to be fully designed by me. Aku sangat ambitious kekadang.

I am just lucky i managed to get the PC up and running already. I have so many back-logs. The laptop crashed on me, so did the Photoshop of course and luckily i had everything backed up on my external hard disk. Kalau tak, menangis lah aku tiga hari, tiga malam.

Oh.. 1 week to go before Ramadhan! I’m excited but ada feeling, 1st day confirm kena ponteng. Macam ada chance tu Aunty Flo nak datang. I can feel it cominggggg. lol

But anyway, i’m excited and sad at the thought of Ramadhan and Raya this year. It’s gonna be the last time i break my fast every single day at home with my family,  kemas rumah, cuci bilik air macam bangla under-paid time Malam Raya, tengok those Salam Lembaran show with my sisters (sambil mengutuk mana yg perlu.)

I definitely will miss that. I will miss part sahur, where mak aku nanti terpekik2 cos aku masih golek2 kat katil padahal dah nak dekat Imsak.

Next year, aku yang kena kejutkan laki aku bangun sahur and knowing him, confirm aku terpekik2 suruh dia bangun. Itu pun kalau aku pun boleh bangun. haha

Oh, have i mentioned how we are spending more time at the new home as compared to our current home? lol

It feels like we have already stayed there already. We held Movie Marathons with some close friends, sampai 3-4 pagi, pas tu semua tertido sampai besok pagi.
I tell you, the couch i have at home now is so evil. Asalkan duduk je mesti ngantuk.

Ok, what was supposed to be a sneak preview to the invites dah jadi panjang berjela plak. :p

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Almost a Home!

Last week was busy for us. We finally managed to paint the house, meet the flooring guy and choose our colours and also managed to get it installed asap!

I was amazed at how fast they took to get the floorings done!

They started work on Friday 9.30am and by 12.00pm, just before they went for lunch, 2 of the rooms and half of the living room was done.They actually told me everything would be done by day afternoon, but looking at how fast they managed to install everything, i knew it would be ready by the end of the day.

True enough, it was done by 5.00pm!

I was so excited lah tapi bila part nak kemas2, sapu habuk tu, punyalah malas…. 😦

I totally love the floorings. It made such a huge difference to our place already!

Here’s the living room area.


The process:

We painted one side of the wall with Dulux Pentalite “Stone Cave”.

Half of the laminate floorings done.


The TV Area of the Living Room.

The dining area.

The almost completed look. We have yet to get our TV Console and our curtains though.
For the floorings, we used the colour “Snow Teak” as we wanted a more modern and clean look.

The Master Bedroom:

We painted the Master Bedroom with Jotun Strax “Lys Jord”

*sorry for the crappy quality. Picture was taken using my iphone at night.

We used a darker flooring colour for all the rooms as we wanted a more cosy warm ambience for all the rooms 🙂

The Entertainment Room:

Hands down, my Favourite room! hehe
This room will be used for:

  • Storing musical stuffs for Jentayu
  • Store all my cards and posters for The Card Maison
  • Relax and watch Internet movies. lol

I’m so happy the house is starting to really look like a home now. The only thing pending is the small little stuffs and also the kitchen.

3 months to go before our wedding. Scary.