Our Shoebox, The Husband & Wife


and finally we did our kitchen.

we love, love love the new kitchen and i’m so happy we waited for it. Considering that there might be some drastic changes in 2013, i’m glad we don’t have a reno loan to pay off!

We took quite a few quotations, some were reasonable, some were outright outrageous. As much as i would love to support our malay renovation companies, they either give me shitty quotations or shitty service.

I had actually shortlisted one of the renovation companies and then i got to know my colleague’s husband does renovation works. His quote is about 1k higher than the one i shortlisted but i know it will give me a peace of mind knowing that i’m getting a person i can trust to do up my kitchen. So i went ahead with it.

Choosing the colours wasn’t easy at all. Initially way before we even moved in, i was attracted to having grey kitchens. ok bearing in mind that HDB gave me light blue tiles for the kitchen, i need to get cool colour tones for the kitchen. So it’s either grey, white, black or blue tones. No warm colours like Red although i really don’t think i would go ahead with a bright red kitchen.

Baby Pink Kitchen would be awesome but confirm laki aku mata berdarah.

We didn’t wanna take black cos our kitchen is not even huge to begin with and also the kitchen is currently really bright with all the sunshine and i don’t want to spoil that.

So we are left with white.

I was really really tempted to have an all-white kitchen. But i figured it would be too boring for me cos though white is really nice, i get bored of it easily.

so we came up with this:

White top Cabinets and a Grey-Brown Bottom Cabinets with White Solid Surface Top.

That white solid surface top pun satu masalah. I knew i wanted white, but i also knew how difficult it would be to clean it later. I was very very close to taking black but the husband stopped me. He knew i wanted white so much and told me to go ahead with it cos he will help me clean. Itu yang aku nak dengar. hahahah

Because of space contraints, i had to make do with a single bowl. But i made sure i took a super deep bowl. Step aku ni makcik2 kuali besar, hari2 masak untuk 6-8 orang je. But this deep sink is such a godsent. Punya lah dalam.
Aku cuci mangkuk tak pernah air terpecik2.

annnnd… my favourite part of the kitchen has to be this:

My illuminating cabinets!

It made it look like the cabinet is floating!
I like, sampai the first day the lights were up, i told the husband i will sleep in the kitchen. lol

So far, the workmanship has been great. i just hope it will hold up for years to come and this motivates me to cook even more!

8 thoughts on “cook.bake.wash”

      1. Hwahaha apa kes nak tido dalam dapur ni? Hehehe. Kalau tak kisah share, how much did you pay for your renovation? My place will take some time to be ready but I’d like to have an idea how much cash I need when the time comes. Email ok?

  1. Hi Dyan, I’m on the hunt for good kitchen carpentry services. would you recommend the co that did yours? 🙂

    1. Hello Aisyah,

      i did mine with my colleague’s husband.
      he’s a ID with another company, which will prob charge a bit higher.
      but if you go straight to him, u prolly will get it cheaper.

      u try lah tanya dia okie
      u can contact him at 9489 3603 (suresh)

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