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Since i am out and about in the car doing deliveries, by that i mean my husband driving all over singapore while i stare aimlessly and try not to irritte him too much because tgh puasa, cranky mengalah org mengandung!

I did these eyelash extension last 2 weeks just to try them out before Raya. Cos i’ve heard it could be a lil uncomfortable for 1st timers so i didn’t wanna risk snapping on my relatives on 1st Day Raya because of my eyelash vouge ni kan.

Xiaxue had this promo advert on her blog and so i decided on Caragheen which was conveniently located at Liang Seah St.

I paid $59.00 for these instead of $99.00 but they are having another promo now, so it’s only $79.00.

The place itself is easy to locate, deco was very very nice, nautical theme and makes u feel at ease cos it does not have dodgy Far East plaza nya feeling.



Chop chop! The lady who did mine, knows what she’s doing. Doesn’t talk a lot and doesn’t have bad breath. Good enough for me.

I dislike service staff who chats too much when they do all these procedures and maybe it’s just me, i have space issues. I don’t like it when people get too near me. So if they have bad breath, i’ll be so turned off lah. Ok, sumpah aku mengada.

Pain Factor:
During the procedure, they’ll tape up all the skin near your eyes kasi ketat. That also minimise the pain ah. During the whole thing, mata rasa gatal lak tiba.. Mentel. But u will really feel slight itchiness lah. It’s normal.

After dia habis meng-extend lashes, nak bukak mata balik, rasa macam orang buta baru buat transplant mata.
Your eyes would be very watery and u will feel the ends of the eyelash extension poking u slightly. Tak sakit lah just irritating.


It is so worth it. Cos now i wake up to beautiful lashes. Tak makeup pun dah lawa. *flips hair*

Here’s the before and after pics!


Different kan! I have almost non-existent lashes actually. It is sparse and short. The length is just nice. I love wearing false eyelashes and the effect it does but takkan tiap pagi gi kerja bak pakai falsies kan.

Now, i don’t have to wear much eye makeup. Great for raya. Gonna go for touch-ups next week!

4 thoughts on “extended.”

  1. Very pretty! My FMIL used to sponsor me every year buat this eyelash extension thingy. But maklumlah she and her pantang org tua dah nak kahwin tkleh melawa lawakan diri. Kena jln raya dengan muka hodoh so when kahwin next yr guests will think some fairy godmother appeared and transformed my looks. Pffttt. Haha! But nxt yr i will try this place. I also hate it when the beautician yaks a lot. Cuz this procedure is the perfect time to catch up on the snoozes ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hahaha i so feel u lah sister.
      My wedding last year was few months after Raya so my aunties kept telling me takmo bergaya sangat, nanti time kahwin, org tgk takde seri. so Hari Raya tahun lepas miserable. I cume tailor a Black Dress which looks more like a jubah plus light makeup.
      Dah lah tak boleh makan banyak pasal jaga badan, abih baju boring, makeup boring. I am so gonna make up for it this Raya! hahahaha

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