Our Shoebox, The Husband & Wife


It was our first Raya as husband & wife. Lotsa unexpected, happy things happened on the 1st day of Syawal. Alhamdulillah, all our prayers were answered. It was also chaotic cos we had to time our raya visiting properly, now that we have two sides to go to.

We’ve never practiced Raya Visiting with each other families when we were still engaged / gf-bf stage cos we found it a lil unnecessary, so it was quite nice to be able to meet his cousins etc.

The Home:
We managed to put together the home with the help of my part-time maid. lol
i have jumped into the part-time maid bandwagon. I am really too tired to do housework after work and weekends. Business have been really good for The Card Maison and i just can’t cope with having to clean up the house and the ironing etc.
So now, the part-time maid will come in once a week to clean the house and do ironing. Fair enough lah, since i cook almost everyday. So far, the maid is quite good. I just hope she stay that way.

We also bought new stuffs for the house. The ceiling fan, a chandelier  (hee hee) and some other funitures. Everything was set-up just in time for Raya and i love how cosy our home is now!

My favourite spot of the house.
Our dining area. The chandelier made a whole lot of difference to the area. *love love*
The Living area where we always laze around after work.
Again, that cheap IKEA lighting created the mood we wanted.

Raya Outfits:
I tailored our Raya outfits two weeks before Raya with my usual Tailor. Our main colour this year is Tiffany Blue but the camera can’t seem to capture the true colour. It either turns out too blue or too green. The other one is in silver grey because my husband cannot run away from dark colour. dia mesti nak kena pakai dark colours. Tak paham betol aku.

used back my wedding shoes for the 1st day Raya amd regretted my choice cos it’s so hard to put on after im done with visiting. lol
The only picture we took. Rasa macam malas sangat nak amik gambar. lol
With my two skinny sisters.

I did not attempt to cook any Raya dishes. Because i have my super-parents who can do that for me. Play cheat mau lebih.
Next year, maybe i’ll try my own!

and oh, i DIY-ed my Cookie Jars for the fun of it.

So how was your Raya Celebration?

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