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Nadya the Big Girl

If there’s anything I should really stop doing as a mom, it’s to never underestimate my kids, Nadya especially cos Raees is too young now, it’s hard to say. Lol.

At two yrs old, I was scared of letting go of her pacifier. She was really attached to it from young and she is the kind yang kalau her pacifier takde, she will call out for it. “chootchoot… Where are you.” hahahaha

So I was really nervous. First time I tried, it went badly cos I gave in cos tak sampai hati. Then one day I just tried again. I didn’t plan on anything. I just told myself, talk to her nicely.

The 1st night was hard cos I did a cold turkey on her. She went to sleep sucking on an imaginary pacifier, woke up twice to look for it again but fell asleep right after. The next morning, she went looking for it but I asked her if it’s okay she doesn’t use the pacifier anymore cos she’s a big girl and she was surprisingly calm. I was really surprised cos I was honestly expecting a meltdown. The 2nd night, she went to sleep without the pacifier with no fuss at all. And that was it. It went surprisingly easy. Each time she sees any kids with a pacifier on, she will look at me and say “Nadya big girl, cannot.”

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The Travel Tales

Harris Barelang

Few weeks ago, we did a short trip to Batam cos it has been ages. This time we stayed at Harris Barelang since reviews were better now. There were quite a few bad reviews in their early days which is totally understandable cos that place is huge.

We took the morning ferry ride via Majestic Ferry. Because we took our own sweet time, we were one of the last few to board and no surprise there were no seats available cos it was a Saturday morning. Also cos there were some inconsiderate human beings who think their bags deserve a seat as well.

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Oh hello!

It’s March and it’s my 1st entry for 2019. I’ve not blogged for more than 6mths now. tsk tsk.

I wonder if people still read blogs. I still do. I just find it easier to update on Instagram and the Instagram Stories function is making it even easier to “tell my everyday story”.

But I want to blog more. So much has happened and IG Stories, they aren’t forever. I’m losing my archives bit by bit and sometimes I hate that I write lengthy captions on my IG / FB posts. But I’m so long-winded, I can’t help it.

More posts soon, i hope.



Random Thoughts

It’s 11.30pm on a Wednesday night and everyone is asleep. Both Nadya & Rusly sprawled on the floor. Raees is sleeping so soundly next to me on the sofa while I complete some artwork.

The house is almost quiet. I have Ghostbusters playing in the background. Rusly was supposed to watch it but he fell asleep halfway. What’s new right?

I stare at all of them. All of these Allah’s being that He has planned for me to be with till the end of time Insha Allah.

Allah has it all planned that Rusly is my jodoh and Nadya & Raees are my amanah. I still find it surreal, to be honest. To have a pair of kids (really cute, I must add) sleeping in my living room.

We’ve certainly come a long way since the diagnosis 5yrs ago. Alhamdulillah.


Next trip out!

Believe it or not, I spent weeks thinking about where to go for our 1st 2018 trip because we didn’t manage to travel anywhere in 2017 cos of the IVF & the pregnancy. For someone who’s usually very go-jer when it comes to almost anything, I just don’t travel when I’m pregnant. So the moment Raees turned 1mth old, I quickly applied for his passport. Lol

With that out of the way, where to go to is another problem. I wanted Japan. Cherry blossoms would be nice but the weather might pose a problem for Raees cos he’s still quite young & the last time we went Tokyo, Nadya got the sniffles even with a flu jab. So I don’t think cold weather would be ideal for young babies.

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Raees Nadym: The Birth Story

My dear Raees Nadym is 1 month old today & we shall celebrate it by publishing my Birth story which took exactly a month to pen down because so many things to say. So yeah, read it only when you’re free cos it’s super lengthy.

6 January 2018 (Saturday):

I was busy preparing for Nadya’s 3rd Birthday Party (will blog about this soon!). Cleaned up the whole house, did up the deco & all. We started from 10am and ended by 9pm. Ordered McD for dinner and was supposed to go to sleep early but I couldn’t sleep at all. I only managed about 1hr of sleep. I didn’t feel any pain etc but i just couldn’t sleep.

7 January 2018 (Sunday):
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New Kid in the House

And so this happened right after Nadya’s 3rd Birthday Party. I celebrated my first born’s birthday in advance just in case the 2nd born decides to show up early & that mum’s gut feeling is so on point!

Say hello to Raees Nadym.

Birth story will come later because it is so full of action.

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Nadya’s 3rd

Nadya is turning 3 in January and this crazy over-achiever mummy decided to throw her a birthday party & i have only 2 weeks to plan for it. Need i also remind myself that i’m currently 36 weeks pregnant? I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant during the party so yes just hoping Adik can stay in there until after the party. U nak keluar the malam after the party pun i tak kisah k adik. U kasi your kakak chance feeling dulu k.

We’re keeping the guestlist really small though, unlike her 1st Birthday where i invited most of my relatives since i didn’t do any cukur rambut for her & all. So this one will be small & cozy. Just our immediate family & close friends.

I showed Nadya all the cartoon characters she loves although deep inside I know which one she’ll choose tapi i nak try my luck jugak and as expected, she chose Frozen! urgggh. I’m so done with Queen Elsa to be honest but the girl loves her Frozen and it’s her birthday so Frozen it is then! I actually hate cartoon characters themed birthday parties but when u have a toddler, it’s inevitable and this is the last “single” birthday party she’ll have. She’ll have to share the limelight with Adik the next time muahahaha.

I actually don’t have much to plan lah since it’ll be a small one. We are reusing some of her decoration stuff from her 1st birthday and then i found some cheap party stuff at Carousell so that should be it. Also arranged for food to be catered & favors for kids to be pre-packed. So there will be really minimal susahkan diri sendiri. Lol

2017 will be over soon & i honestly can’t wait for 2018 to happen.



Another Exhausted Mom.

Some people just don’t realize how tiring it is to stay at home & take care of your kids on your own full time. You see your kids 24/7. The moment u wake up & sleep, your entire day revolves around them.

I have no idea why people think SAHM shake leg at home because i think that’s one thing we can’t afford to do. You’re always needed somewhere to do something for your kid.

I’m not complaining though cos this is what i chose and though tiring, i find satisfaction in it. Just like how some people find satisfaction in acquiring a new contract at work etc.

My point is, we are all struggling as mothers. SAHMs are not perfect mummies just because we stay home & be with our kids 24/7 and it u’re a FTWM, don’t look down on SAHM macam we’re good for nothing and if you’re a SAHM, don’t judge a mom for wanting to work for her own money. You & me, we’re both struggling as mothers. Only difference is we have different sets of struggles. But they are struggles too.

I’m just exhausted today. From being a mom & being pregnant. Had to wake up earlier today to send & pick Nadya up from school & them clever me took the train instead of just Grab-bing home. I had to clean up the kitchen upon reaching home & then do the laundry after that. Settle Nadya’s lunch & then get her to clean up the mess she made with her toys. Getting her to clean up is more exhausting than cleaning it up myself but girl gotta learn to clean up after herself.

So yeah that’s why i’m ranting in this post and also because i chanced upon a FB post by a mummy saying she feels like people look down on her cos she’s a SAHM & surprisingly so many others can relate to her & it feels so sad. Why are people judging others on their life choices?

Why can’t people just mind their own business? So yeah that’s the whole gist of this post. K bye.