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Nadya the Big Girl

If there’s anything I should really stop doing as a mom, it’s to never underestimate my kids, Nadya especially cos Raees is too young now, it’s hard to say. Lol.

At two yrs old, I was scared of letting go of her pacifier. She was really attached to it from young and she is the kind yang kalau her pacifier takde, she will call out for it. “chootchoot… Where are you.” hahahaha

So I was really nervous. First time I tried, it went badly cos I gave in cos tak sampai hati. Then one day I just tried again. I didn’t plan on anything. I just told myself, talk to her nicely.

The 1st night was hard cos I did a cold turkey on her. She went to sleep sucking on an imaginary pacifier, woke up twice to look for it again but fell asleep right after. The next morning, she went looking for it but I asked her if it’s okay she doesn’t use the pacifier anymore cos she’s a big girl and she was surprisingly calm. I was really surprised cos I was honestly expecting a meltdown. The 2nd night, she went to sleep without the pacifier with no fuss at all. And that was it. It went surprisingly easy. Each time she sees any kids with a pacifier on, she will look at me and say “Nadya big girl, cannot.”

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Nadya’s 3rd

Nadya is turning 3 in January and this crazy over-achiever mummy decided to throw her a birthday party & i have only 2 weeks to plan for it. Need i also remind myself that i’m currently 36 weeks pregnant? I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant during the party so yes just hoping Adik can stay in there until after the party. U nak keluar the malam after the party pun i tak kisah k adik. U kasi your kakak chance feeling dulu k.

We’re keeping the guestlist really small though, unlike her 1st Birthday where i invited most of my relatives since i didn’t do any cukur rambut for her & all. So this one will be small & cozy. Just our immediate family & close friends.

I showed Nadya all the cartoon characters she loves although deep inside I know which one she’ll choose tapi i nak try my luck jugak and as expected, she chose Frozen! urgggh. I’m so done with Queen Elsa to be honest but the girl loves her Frozen and it’s her birthday so Frozen it is then! I actually hate cartoon characters themed birthday parties but when u have a toddler, it’s inevitable and this is the last “single” birthday party she’ll have. She’ll have to share the limelight with Adik the next time muahahaha.

I actually don’t have much to plan lah since it’ll be a small one. We are reusing some of her decoration stuff from her 1st birthday and then i found some cheap party stuff at Carousell so that should be it. Also arranged for food to be catered & favors for kids to be pre-packed. So there will be really minimal susahkan diri sendiri. Lol

2017 will be over soon & i honestly can’t wait for 2018 to happen.


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I’ve been thinking of homeschooling Nadya many times but I wasn’t sure if I can actually execute it on my own and I spoke to a friend recently about it & she told me that executing it is possible if I can manage my expectations and keep to a timetable.

I can manage my expectations (when u have a kid, you’ll more or less master this) but keeping to a timetable is slightly harder but with another child coming, I think we can somehow keep to a “loose” half-day timetable maybe? For a start. I’m not one to be tied to a schedule cos I love doing things at my own pace.

But I also firmly believe social interaction is essential for kids so I might put her up on weekly classes but not sure where & what kind of classes.

And no, I’m not that ambitious to homeschool Nadya all the way. It’ll only be till she starts formal education (Kindergarten) cos I’m keen on sending her to the MOE Kindergarten near our place, which I really really hope she can get into cos we’re only 500m away & will be given priority but… Nadya is a SG50 baby and we all know there’s A LOT of SG50 babies (hahahaha) so yeah, keeping our fingers crossed.

For now, the plan is to start off with 2-3 times a week, for 2-3 hours a day at a fixed timing. I’m still reading up on Homeschool Curriculum & Lesson plans we can follow. But if you know of any local mummies who homeschool their Pre-kindergarten kids & blog extensively on it, let me know?

I’m honestly still on the fence about it and might need more convincing on my part (and Rusly’s) cos he feels like I might have too much on our plate when the baby is out.

Just a disclaimer, I’m not anti-preschool or anything. Lol. I just cannot find a school I like within our area. The ones I’m considering (10-15mins away) only offer full-day programmes, which I’m not keen on. There is one I like which offers half-day programmes but it’s at least 30mins on public transport and they don’t offer transport services, which is a bummer and I really don’t want to send Nadya to preschool somewhere convenient just because she has to conform to society’s standard cos to me, formal education starts from kindergarten onwards. Before that age, play-based learning is still the best for them. But that’s just my opinion as a mom and I’m not an educator so don’t take my word for it. Hahaha.


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Weekend Play


2017-10-14 12.30.57

We finally did something productive for Nadya last Saturday. Productive cos i’ve been really tired so she has limited outdoor play unless her Papa is around.

First stop was the Baby Fair. We came at 1.00pm and left by 2.00pm. Not kidding seh. I knew exactly what i wanted so i zoomed in straight to the booths & chop2 purchased everything. To be honest, we didn’t get much. I got the Babysafe newborn essential set for $55 which is such a steal! Consists of the newborn pillow, bambeanie & mattress protector.

We also did bottle trade-ins for Comotomo. Nadya is still using Comotomo bottles so adik will also use them later cos I just love the bottles. They’re easy to wash cos of the wide opening & Nadya never got any colic etc from it when she was younger. So i’ll just stick with that brand.

I also borong the Pureen bottle cleanser cos that’s the only formula i like. (I hate the Pigeon one!) Also got boxes of the clothes detergent for babies. Nadya sekarang pakai normal detergent je. But of course for babies, i’m more careful cos they have delicate skin & all. Collected some preorders & left the place promptly to get my nutella-filled doughnuts!

2017-10-14 21.45.15

Got these from YazKitchen & they were so good! Anything with nutella is good lah to me.

Since we were at the East area, i thought it’ll be nice to finally drop by The Artground! Wanted Nadya to explore the Down the Rabbit Hole art installation before they change it to another exhibition and they also had this Slime Attack workshop which i know Nadya would love cos she loves Crafty stuff like this! Anything that involves hands-on activities, she suka!

2017-10-14 20.09.572017-10-14 20.10.362017-10-14 20.12.392017-10-14 20.14.112017-10-14 20.14.44

The place itself is not that huge but i like it cos there’s enough space for Nadya to run around without bumping into another kid. Everything is open-ended. It is up to the kids how they want to play & explore.

2017-10-14 20.48.232017-10-14 20.48.572017-10-14 20.49.242017-10-14 20.51.232017-10-14 20.52.20

We went in for the workshop at 3.30pm and Nadya had fun, as expected. I didn’t expect her to actually sit down for the entire 30minutes though cos girl got short attention span. It has to be really really fun for her to sit through anything. She was also the youngest there. Lol

She had fun mixing the slime ingredients & watching it turn from liquid to this stretchy & squishy little thing. It was so worth it!

Admission to The Artground is free but the workshops are at $10/- for a parent-child pair and they have different workshops every weekend for different age groups. You can check out more details here.

We then head over to East Coast Park since it’s nearby.

2017-10-15 11.15.232017-10-14 18.26.01

She’s currently very into her skate-scooter and been scootering the whole house. Lol.
We need to bring her swimming very soon though. She kept asking to go swimming but i don’t know if i can still fit into my swimsuit. Hahahaa.

I slept through the entire journey home cos it was so tiring but i know Nadya had fun so it’s all worth it. Well, i had fun too actually but it would be even better if the weather was kinder. Lol

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Separation Anxiety

Never thought i’ll say this but Nadya is finally having separation anxiety! lol.
I wanna shout Yay cos i finally feel like she needs me but it’s also so painful for both of us.

I think she finally understands that School = No Mummy.
She was so so good during the 1st three sessions and then she refused to go to school and would cry & scream during drop offs.

The last 2 session, she cried for a full 15mins. I was hesitant to leave so i lingered (out of her sight) at the lobby area. But hearing her cries & screams was so hard for me, i left. I felt so bad leaving her because i don’t want her to think i don’t care about her but if i don’t, she’ll end up being like some of the kids in there. Refusing to let go of their mum / maid and they sit in the class from start to finish and that kinda defeats the purpose of me wanting to put her in an independent class?


The last session was slightly better though. She cried at drop off but her favourite teacher swooped in and calmed her down. Her teacher gave me updates & pictures to show me she’s ok already and i felt so much better after that and at least she didn’t cry when i picked her up.

2017-07-14 20.45.182017-07-14 20.45.092017-07-14 20.44.582017-07-14 20.44.17

I think it’s just a phase she’s going through and i’m hoping it’ll get better soon! Apart from that, i think she really enjoys the activities in school and it’s all fun packed cos she’ll go home singing a new song and all. It’s so adorable!


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Nadya goes to school!

We’ve enrolled Nadya in a playgroup. At last!
I procrastinated a lot on this. I want her to have an allocated time in a week to play & mingle with peers around her age. I initially explored Childcare but feel like it’s redundant cos i’m home most of the time and honestly don’t feel like the childcare around our area fits our requirements.

I sent her to the The Garden House for few parent accompanied sessions and i really like the place, the teachers and their values aligned with mine. Lots of play (especially outdoor play), they emphasize a lot in letting kids explore anything they want with their senses and minimal interventions from adults. It would have been perfect but the program is parent accompanied and i prefer an independent class so that it’ll be easier to transition to Nursery etc.

The Garden House also offer half day playgroup which i was really keen in but they start from 8am – 12 noon and it’s a 30 – 40 mins bus ride from our place (It’s at Bt Timah area) and because i don’t drive, it’ll be a hassle. It’s too out of the way for Rusly to drive her to school also cos he starts work at 8.30, at Tuas. Logistically, it’s merepek lah. I wouldn’t mind if the class starts later (maybe 10am onwards) cos we’ll get to avoid the morning peak period also. They do offer transport service but it’ll be too costly on top of the $850 school fees for a twice weekly 4hrs session so we let go of the idea but would totally be open to continue sending her for the Sproutling sessions again soon!

Then we enquired the Startots Playgroup under our block. Logistically, it is the best option (and the cheapest at $175 for 5 days, 2hrs a week!) but i don’t really like the environment. They close all windows, no natural light and do mostly sitting down activities, which i know Nadya will hate, except for Art & Crafts. Nadya likes the teacher though but then again, she likes almost everyone. So yeah.

I also considered Julia Gabriel and i know Nadya would enjoy it cos there’s lots of singing & dancing. It’s 2 times weekly, 2 hours per session and it’s $600+ for 2 terms (10 weeks) which is within our budget but again, it’s parent-accompanied and they are only left with the 9.00am slots which is understandable cos the 11.00am & 2.00pm slot is the more popular timing. 11.00am would be perfect cos by the time class is over, it’ll be her naptime. So although it’s only a bus away from our house to Orchard, we’ll definitely be stucked during the morning peak period.


We then decided on My Gym again because timing was perfect. Twice weekly, from 10.45am – 12.45noon. By the time class ends, she’ll take her nap cos too tired from all the jumping around. Nadya used to attend the gym classes when she was younger and enjoyed it so going back to My Gym was not a tough decision to make especially cos it’s an independent class and the fees are the same as Julia Gabriel so it’s within our budget.

She loves the teachers & love love love the huge space and all the climbing structure in school. So although My Gym does not offer outdoor play, i’m really happy she gets to explore & climb on her own. It will definitely help with her confidence in the long run because i would hate it if she’s not allowed to climb & explore because it’s deemed “too dangerous”.
My Gym playgroup incorporates Free play & structured play. She obviously hates structured play but we’re slowly heading there because i also want her to be able to listen to instructions & participate in group play. Currently, her favourite is the free play & Arts & Craft and that is not surprising. Her teacher also noticed that she’ll participate in group play only if there’s singing involved. So ok lah. slowly she’ll learn to listen to instructions and sit down when told to. Right now she is all over the place. hahaha.

She’ll always carik chance to escape group play and run off on her own. It’s funny because for a little girl, she’s really fast so the teachers are always running after her. Lol. Tapi kesian pun ada. lol

For her 1st two lessons, i was allowed to sit in the class just in case she looks for me. But budak tu tak kisah pun! I feel so offended. Lol. During the 2nd session, i left the class after 30mins. It was hard for me to leave her with strangers to be honest. But i had to do it and i keep telling myself “It’s only for 2 hours!”

Nadya didn’t cry at all and i was so proud of her cos i totally underestimated her. She asked for me once but the teacher told her i’ll be back later and she said Ok! Lol

I couldn’t wait to pick her up that day and i was so scared she’ll cry. But alas.. she was so happy, she was laughing when she saw me waiting behind the curtain. It was too cute! ❤


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Nadya Turns 2 (Day 1)

Yes melampau, siap ada (Day 1) because we went out for 3 consecutive days with her. No big party for her this year cos honestly too lazy to plan for one this year.



Twinning with my baby girl! our little black dresses & our Puma Basket Heart in White!


With her favourite boy! It’s so cute how she always demand attention from Rusly when he’s around. Nak pimpin, nak dukung, only with Papa. So endearing but also menyampah cos tetiba the mummy mcm invisible pulak. And yes, we were all dressed in black for her birthday. So HAPPY birthday eh? Lol


Nadya is 2! Can u believe it? Sometimes i also tak percaya. Especially when i re-read my IVF entries (nak revise homework! lol), macam still in disbelief it has been 3 years since i was actively TTC-ing! This girl dah 2 years pun. Alhamdulillah, really thankful that Allah blessed her with great health for 2 years because really that’s all i want for her.

So for Day 1, we kept it really simple, we brought her out to have Waffles & Ice Cream. Our favouriteee! Tried Two Plus One at Woodlands since we’re heading there to collect her Birthday Cake from my friend. Nice waffles & ice cream but quite pricey for a neighbourhood cafe.



Charcoal Waffles with Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream & Bubblegum Ice cream. No idea why that day i mcm terlebih adventurous. I’m usually very safe with my desserts. Most of the time it’s Chocolate / Caramel / Gula Melaka. That kind of safe.


This is Rusly’s safe Choc Chip Waffles with Hazelnut & Creme Brulee Ice Cream. I LOVE the Creme Brulee one seh. So sedap and i think the Choc Chip Waffles lagi sedap than the Charcoal one. Can u hear me silently cursing myself for being adventurous sangat?!


Ice Cream treat! i’m pretty relaxed about the food she takes, now that she’s 2. Last time, everything also cannot. Now, gasak kau lah nak. janji kau diam. hahaha. But u still need to tell me before u feed her anything please.

We head off to my mom’s place after collecting her birthday cake. Mom cooked Nasi Rawon for us. So sedap lah!



A rainbow cake for the girl who brought in tons of colours in our lives ❤


As expected, the cake cutting session was kecoh cos she couldn’t figure out how to blow the candles. Should have practised with her beforehand lah eh? So funny how she’ll auto sing Birthday song when she sees cakes though!


Gifts from her Uncles, Aunties & Grandparents! Gift unwrapping session pun so kecoh lah and she loves everything they got for her. It’s hilarious. Nadya is really blessed to have so many people who love her as much as we do!

Happy birthday my sayang! ❤



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Nadya’s Pink House

So we spent our New Year’s Eve at home building a cardboard playhouse from scratch for Nadya! Initially i wanted to use several medium sized boxes from Fedex and stack them up etc but Rusly found a huge box from our last fridge purchase in our storeroom and it was perfect!

2016-12-31-14-56-002016-12-31-16-31-04My only regret, tak sempat nak document the entire process of making this.

But we created the roof successfuly, taped it up and tutup with mahjong paper before creating the door & windows.


I then did a quick run to BPP to buy spray paints. Got 2 cans in Pink and 1 can in Blue. It was just enough!

Also chose Spray paints over painting cos it’s much easier and we don’t have to wait too long for it to dry completely.


I then made a Mail box, decorated the door & windows by pasting white paper on it. Also made picket fences because too cute!!!


So this is how her new play area looks like. She really love the house. It’s where she keep all her soft toys and yesterday i caught her sleeping inside the house with all her toy friends. So adorable!

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Cool De Sac Playdate

So overdue but i still want to finish up all my overdue entries!

It’s Nadya’s 2nd time at Cool De Sac. Didn’t mind it at all cos she had fun the last time she was there and also i don’t know of any other Indoor Playgrounds at Town / Central area which is more convenient for all us.

Had lunch at Pappa Rich, ordered this Nasi Lemak Combo which is so huge! Obviously tak dapat habiskan ah. Habis lepas tu nak gi main indoor playground lagi. Dah macam ular seh.


As always, Nadya’s favourite. Mesti nak masuk ball pit 1st. But i had to pull her out of it after that cos there was a boy, about 5yrs old who kept diving in the ball pit repeatedly. The mom pun mcm no brain. You know there were few toddlers in the ball pit, tell your toddler not to dive in ah. You don’t just sit in the ball pit and laugh with him. Some parents, really one kind.

We played at the main area for a while but it was a little rowdy, partly cos it’s the school holidays so there were many older kids.The main area is not padded so when the older kids knock her down, she’ll fall on the concrete floor and after that incident where she fell flat on her face because an older boy knocked her down during waterplay, i get really paranoid! But i also don’t want to be a helicopter mummy and hover around her all the time. Then i remembered there was a hidden toddler area right at the back.


Just perfect cos everything is toddler-sized and the area was padded so i let Nadya run free without worrying a bigger kid will knock her down and even if she jatuh ke apa, it’ll hurt lesser? lol

img_0634Ni ibarat rumah studio flat tapi ada 10 orang pindah masuk. hahahhaa.
This small playhouse is such a hit!

Hahahaha i cannot tahan this picture. Nadya posing tak leh angkat!
Oh and it’s so difficult to get the the 3 of them to take a group picture.


Probably the best out of the 1754 pictures i took. -____-

img_0795One with the mummies! The babies knocked out after the whole thing. Thank goodness!




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Homemade Play Dough Recipe!


So i made some play dough for Nadya last week and got a lot of request for the recipe.
To be honest, this is the best recipe i’ve tried so far! It’s really easy & quick and most of the ingredients are things you can already find in your kitchen.


The texture of the Play dough is also the best. It’s soft & pliable but does not stick to your fingers. The first recipe i tried, i had to knead it like crazy, i was sweating like a mamak prata. But this one was done in less than 10mins!


Obviously i also had my hands on it too. That’s a bowl of Mee Soto, Epok2, Pizza and fishballs. HAHAHAHAHA.

Recipe & also how to do it is in the video below!