Nadya Raessa

Nadya goes to school!

We’ve enrolled Nadya in a playgroup. At last!
I procrastinated a lot on this. I want her to have an allocated time in a week to play & mingle with peers around her age. I initially explored Childcare but feel like it’s redundant cos i’m home most of the time and honestly don’t feel like the childcare around our area fits our requirements.

I sent her to the The Garden House for few parent accompanied sessions and i really like the place, the teachers and their values aligned with mine. Lots of play (especially outdoor play), they emphasize a lot in letting kids explore anything they want with their senses and minimal interventions from adults. It would have been perfect but the program is parent accompanied and i prefer an independent class so that it’ll be easier to transition to Nursery etc.

The Garden House also offer half day playgroup which i was really keen in but they start from 8am – 12 noon and it’s a 30 – 40 mins bus ride from our place (It’s at Bt Timah area) and because i don’t drive, it’ll be a hassle. It’s too out of the way for Rusly to drive her to school also cos he starts work at 8.30, at Tuas. Logistically, it’s merepek lah. I wouldn’t mind if the class starts later (maybe 10am onwards) cos we’ll get to avoid the morning peak period also. They do offer transport service but it’ll be too costly on top of the $850 school fees for a twice weekly 4hrs session so we let go of the idea but would totally be open to continue sending her for the Sproutling sessions again soon!

Then we enquired the Startots Playgroup under our block. Logistically, it is the best option (and the cheapest at $175 for 5 days, 2hrs a week!) but i don’t really like the environment. They close all windows, no natural light and do mostly sitting down activities, which i know Nadya will hate, except for Art & Crafts. Nadya likes the teacher though but then again, she likes almost everyone. So yeah.

I also considered Julia Gabriel and i know Nadya would enjoy it cos there’s lots of singing & dancing. It’s 2 times weekly, 2 hours per session and it’s $600+ for 2 terms (10 weeks) which is within our budget but again, it’s parent-accompanied and they are only left with the 9.00am slots which is understandable cos the 11.00am & 2.00pm slot is the more popular timing. 11.00am would be perfect cos by the time class is over, it’ll be her naptime. So although it’s only a bus away from our house to Orchard, we’ll definitely be stucked during the morning peak period.


We then decided on My Gym again because timing was perfect. Twice weekly, from 10.45am – 12.45noon. By the time class ends, she’ll take her nap cos too tired from all the jumping around. Nadya used to attend the gym classes when she was younger and enjoyed it so going back to My Gym was not a tough decision to make especially cos it’s an independent class and the fees are the same as Julia Gabriel so it’s within our budget.

She loves the teachers & love love love the huge space and all the climbing structure in school. So although My Gym does not offer outdoor play, i’m really happy she gets to explore & climb on her own. It will definitely help with her confidence in the long run because i would hate it if she’s not allowed to climb & explore because it’s deemed “too dangerous”.
My Gym playgroup incorporates Free play & structured play. She obviously hates structured play but we’re slowly heading there because i also want her to be able to listen to instructions & participate in group play. Currently, her favourite is the free play & Arts & Craft and that is not surprising. Her teacher also noticed that she’ll participate in group play only if there’s singing involved. So ok lah. slowly she’ll learn to listen to instructions and sit down when told to. Right now she is all over the place. hahaha.

She’ll always carik chance to escape group play and run off on her own. It’s funny because for a little girl, she’s really fast so the teachers are always running after her. Lol. Tapi kesian pun ada. lol

For her 1st two lessons, i was allowed to sit in the class just in case she looks for me. But budak tu tak kisah pun! I feel so offended. Lol. During the 2nd session, i left the class after 30mins. It was hard for me to leave her with strangers to be honest. But i had to do it and i keep telling myself “It’s only for 2 hours!”

Nadya didn’t cry at all and i was so proud of her cos i totally underestimated her. She asked for me once but the teacher told her i’ll be back later and she said Ok! Lol

I couldn’t wait to pick her up that day and i was so scared she’ll cry. But alas.. she was so happy, she was laughing when she saw me waiting behind the curtain. It was too cute! ❤


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