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Nadya’s 3rd

Nadya is turning 3 in January and this crazy over-achiever mummy decided to throw her a birthday party & i have only 2 weeks to plan for it. Need i also remind myself that i’m currently 36 weeks pregnant? I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant during the party so yes just hoping Adik can stay in there until after the party. U nak keluar the malam after the party pun i tak kisah k adik. U kasi your kakak chance feeling dulu k.

We’re keeping the guestlist really small though, unlike her 1st Birthday where i invited most of my relatives since i didn’t do any cukur rambut for her & all. So this one will be small & cozy. Just our immediate family & close friends.

I showed Nadya all the cartoon characters she loves although deep inside I know which one she’ll choose tapi i nak try my luck jugak and as expected, she chose Frozen! urgggh. I’m so done with Queen Elsa to be honest but the girl loves her Frozen and it’s her birthday so Frozen it is then! I actually hate cartoon characters themed birthday parties but when u have a toddler, it’s inevitable and this is the last “single” birthday party she’ll have. She’ll have to share the limelight with Adik the next time muahahaha.

I actually don’t have much to plan lah since it’ll be a small one. We are reusing some of her decoration stuff from her 1st birthday and then i found some cheap party stuff at Carousell so that should be it. Also arranged for food to be catered & favors for kids to be pre-packed. So there will be really minimal susahkan diri sendiri. Lol

2017 will be over soon & i honestly can’t wait for 2018 to happen.


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Eid Mubarak 2016

Selamat Hari Raya!

Wanted to draft this much much earlier but i was caught up with work & also trying to chillax a bit and catch up drama serials.

This Raya is our 2nd Raya with Nadya! Her 1st Raya, she was only 6mths old and it was easy peasy cos she was still in that sleepy stage. This year Raya is a circus! Hahaha

Now that Nadya can walk & move around on her own, we’ve decided not to hias the house so much. We left the cookie jar on the dining table and kept away the coffee table away.


Even then, she’ll panjat the chairs and try and reach for the cookies. Her favourites are the choc chip ones and honey cornflakes. Sometimes we’ll both sit on the couch, watch TV and eat the cookies from the cookie jar. hee


We wore Black for the 1st day and i love the baju kurung that Nadya wore! We got it from a Malaysian designer cos i forgot to make one for her in Black. Wthhhh.

Raya this year was quite disorientated for me cos of the Sampul Raya & Dear Raessa Raya collection which went well despite some hiccups! But yes, everything also last minute. I bought kuih from some random makcik stall 2 days before Raya because i forgot to order from the usual kakak. I miss her Cornflakes cookies seh!

Even Nadya’s baju raya was mostly the samples i made for Dear Raessa.
Then i see whichever yang fit her and also check Rusly’s baju raya inventory and then buy something that i can match. Jadilah kan.

I love how comfortable this Maroon Kurung is! So easy to move and by the 2nd Shawal, pretty obvious i tak kuasa to wear heels and wore my Fit Flops. I swear that thing is used to death.

It is not funny ok to try and run after your toddler with heels.
But at least this year we made do without a Diaper Bag besar nak mampos macam nak balik kampung. Last year we had to bring her milk formulas and lotsa diapers. Extra clothes lah, rattles lah. Eh macam khazanah lah.

Now that she’s on Fresh Milk Feed and she don’t ask for milk that much, we just buy Meiji Fresh Milk outside and serve it to her with a straw. So the only thing we bring are her diapers, wetwipes & waterbottle. Usually can fit in my own bag ah. Else i’ll get Rusly to bring the Jujube Quick. Lol.


2016 Family Picture with a new addition!
We’ll have another new family member next year cos my youngest sister is getting married next week! Actually ahhh… I think i haven’t even blogged about my 2nd sister wedding pun.

So many things to blog & document but no time!
But Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Would also like to take this opportunity to seek forgiveness for any unhappiness i’ve caused unintentionally. ❤

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Nadya’s First

We celebrated Nadya’s 1st Birthday on 16th January and i’ve been meaning to write about it but i’ve been busy clearing up artworks & admin stuff before we leave for our trip next week. So i’m squeezing in whatever i can!

Most of the stuff done for the birthday was DIY-ed by me. Because i’m the over-zealous mum. Think you figured that out already. Lol.

Will probably share in detail in another post what i DIY-ed and how. It’s cost-saving and fulfilling. But tiring!

We started setting up the place the night before, with help from my sisters and Wan.
We packed the favor bags etc, shifted the furnitures around, waited for the tables & chairs to arrive etc.

2016-01-17 12.28.38

DIY-ed by me. So nice to hear when people tell me they love the table set-up! I spent hours on the tutu skirting alone.. It’s at least 2.5 metres long. Phewwww.
Most of the deco & the glassware were bought through Taobao!

2016-01-17 12.33.00

The complete dessert table!

2016-01-16 16.14.09

Pretty pretty cake done by Tini from Ola Lola! This is so pretty, too pretty to cut eh. I gave Tini the freedom to do whatever she wants as long as it’s a Paddlepop Theme cos that’s the Birthday theme!

Ordered Cake Pops from Si Kidal Bakes. Meringue & Cookies from my SIL!
Everything was yummy and potong kaki. I think the kids had the most fun at the dessert table. So guilty for contributing to their sugar-rush. Lol

2016-01-17 13.33.57

Birthday girl making her appearance. I designed a print to go with the Paddlepop Theme and sent it for printing with Label of Love Studio. Tutu skirt from Taobao. So soft gila. I like it and Converse sneakers, so cute i cannot resist buying!

2016-01-17 12.15.37
Somehow, amidst all the mingling with guests and all, we kinda forgot to take a family picture! This is honestly the most decent picture we have together!

We also didn’t manage to take pictures with ALL our guests!! We even forgot to give some of them goodie bags. Hahaha. So tak senonoh seh.

2016-01-17 12.37.38

This playpen gotta be the most fun place ever for the kids. Even though it’s so small, they somehow managed to squeeze themselves in there. It’s so funnty cos most of the time, Nadya refuse to be locked in there and prefer roaming around the house instead but that day, she played with the other kakaks & abangs. Macam real only.

One with the birthday girl! Love her so so much! I know some peole say don’t bother with 1st Birthdays cos they don’t appreciate it but nadya was so happy that day! She was so smiley. No meltdowns and she played with the other kids. I think she felt a lil lonely after everyone left though. She kinda like the company. So kesian my baby, everyday tgk muka mak dia je. Sekali sekala ada friends datang rumah, macam so fun!

2016-01-16 22.04.40

She received lotsa presents! Be it toys, vouchers & cash. She was overwhelmed by all the gifts but we have no intention to open everything at once. Maybe 1 toy a month. So she gets to play everything and funny thing is, we received a lot of musical instrument toys for her. Hahahahaa. I must have told everybody i know, i want her to play music. Lolololol

It was tiring planning a party on your own, especially a DIY one but i figure this is a good time to celebrate her birthday and me surviving motherhood. So why not! We had fun and that’s all that matters!

But would we do another party for the next birthday? I don’t know mannnn..
Maybe we’ll wait till she start requesting for one.




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Star Lights, Star Bright

I love weekends especially cos Rusly work office hours so once it’s friday, kita hooray2!

Our friday ritual is to go my mom’s place and i always dress Nadya up even though my mom’s place is only 10mins  drive away. lol

Too cute, i cannot! She’s at the stage where she can’t keep still so taking ootd is reaaallly hard work! But check out that side profile. lol

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Kuala Lumpur, again!

So over the birthday weekend, we went to KL for the third time this year!
Definitely the best KL trip we did so far cos it was just us three so we get to control our pace and also Rusly gave me full reign on the places we go, eat & spend on cos my birthday mah.

We took a flight out with Airasia, but didn’t take the 1st flight out. With a baby, taking the 1st flight out when you’re staying at the other end of Changi, is menempah maut cakap orang-orang tua. Lol

We had breakfast at Coffee Bean and picked up our wireless router from Changi Recommends cos i wanted to stay connected all the time but don’t want to switch SIM Cards. One of the reason why i wanted to stay connected all the time was because we’re waiting for the Yamaha Asian Beats results to be out. Rusly’s band got 2nd place, Alhamdulillah. We were hoping for the 1st Place. Or rather I was hoping for 1st place cos the winner get to perform for the Regional Finals in Japan this December (so i can tag along as well, so we get to go Japan twice. Hahahahaha) but 2nd place is really a big deal for the band considering they only confirmed the final lineup this year and only composed the song few months before the competition. Maybe next time? Maybe GBOB, where the Finals will be held in Germany? LOL. Laki aku takde pape, aku tau yang sibuk.

So i digress.

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Being Happy

And i guess nothing makes me & rusly happier than seeing Nadya happy. And she really had fun last weekend cos we went to the S.E.A Aquarium on saturday.

 We initially wanted to bring her to Gardens by the Bay but the haze was back and I don’t think she would appreciate flowers at this age cos they don’t move? Although the colours would definitely catch her attention. So maybe we’ll wait for the next Tulipmania next year.

I was keen on bringing her to S.E.A Aquarium cos i personally love the marine life. I find it interesting and i know bright colour fishes moving at high speed would definitely catch her attention.

We bought the tickets online (Mastercard 15% off Promo) the night before. Printed the E-Tickets & exchanged for an actual ticket at Guest Services, skipping the Ticket Box, thank god!

We brought along the pram cos we thought it’ll be easier for her to sit and view the fishes but only for a while cos we end up carrying her in our arms so she could take a closer look and try & ‘touch’ the fishes! So yes, don’t bother bringing a pram cos i think they’ll have limited visibility if they sit on the pram.

19Her face when we put her in the pram cos she couldn’t bounce up & down. Lol

Nadya’s favourite aquarium was the one with lotsa neon fishes! So bright & colourful she kept shrieking each time one of them comes near. It was too cute!

One of my personal favourite is the seahorses aquarium. They were so…. elegant. I can only come up with that. The way they were bobbing up & down. So understated.


It was a short excursion out. She slept even before we could exit the place!
We did however managed to get a family photo taken and because it was disgustingly expensive, i told Rusly i’ll get it only if Nadya’s looking at the camera.
And there you go, my big round-eyed girl smiling at the camera, as usual. Of course i have to get it lah!


These were candid shots taken by Rusly and these pictures make me happy. It’s almost like seeing us from his point of view.

and here’s a short video of Nadya talking to her fish-friends!

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Fish language. #NadyaRaessa

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Once the haze is gone, we’ll go and visit the zoo soon!

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Yogyakarta 2015

Day 1: 
Arrived Jogja in the afternoon and it was scorching hot. No haze though!
In fact the air was relatively clean. Cleaner than Bandung actually. Maybe cos traffic wasn’t as crazy as Bandung / Jakarta.

We didn’t arrange for any transport so we took an Airport Taxi (RP$70,000) to our hotel in Malioboro. We stayed in a Budget Hotel cos my family are the sort who won’t splurge on hotel stays and rather have the hotel super near to main town. So opposite me but kasi chance lah cos once a year anyway. Although i was cursing after the 1st night cos the hotel bed was so damn hard, my back hurts and they don’t have a cot so we had to squeeze Nadya in between. Ahhhhhh…

We didn’t do much during the 1st day. Ate lunch at Duta Minang (not nice), shopped at Malioboro (bought a lot of baju butterfly hahahaha) and then we took Nadya on her 1st Trishaw Ride and Horse Carriage Ride!

She was awake during the trishaw ride and seems curious at the passing traffic but she was asleep during the Horse Carriage ride. Continue reading “Yogyakarta 2015”

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My little human is 5 months now. Oh so much joy in this 5 months period.

2015-06-14 19.40.29

Nadya is so so playful now. It’s almost entertaining. She doesn’t sleep much nowadays, the time has come! While she’s still sleeping through the night, her naps are undeniably shorter now and she’s a light sleeper in the day! But a heavy sleeper at night. Heran aku. Naps are usually about an hour if i’m lucky and 15mins if ada abang motor bodoh kat bawah blok aku decide to perah motor dia yang tak seberapa tu. I tell you, you get very very cranky when u have a baby trying to take her nap, only to be woken up by really stupid noises. Especially when you’re making an effort to tiptoe around the  house making minimal noise.

Flipping from her back to her tummy is really easy for her. But she has not started to flip from tummy to her back yet. I don’t know when they are supposed to start doing that, but i honestly don’t care lah. Dia dapat flip one way dah kira bagus. She’s also lifting up her butt now but i think her upper body muscles are not strong yet to lift her body off the ground yet. So i’ll let her be..

Sitting assisted is fine for her for now. I think we still have a long way to go before she start sitting up unassisted.

2015-06-17 09.45.15

She’s quite good at entertaining herself these days. Playing with her pacifier, sampai terhantuk kat kepala and all. And she love playing with her dangling toys. Tak sia2 aku beli benda2 tu. Lol. And they all have their own name. I think i’ve mentioned this before. We’ve given them English names at first. Pas tu mak dia sedar diri dia melayu, takkan anak dia nya kawan2 semua nama mat salleh kan. So we have malay names for her toy as well. Her favourite is Khadijah & Mariam. Nama english dorang Katie & Mary. HAHAHAHAHA.

So far, Nadya reaaaaaaalllly like people. She’ll smile when they smile at them and while it’s cute, this paranoid mummy takut nanti dia dah besar, dia ikut orang yang dia tak kenal so maybe i should teach her to be more jual mahal sikit. Don’t follow strangers, baby!

I’ve kind of started giving her food to taste and today, we’ll be starting her on solid. We’ll start with Potato Puree 1st. I figure since she’ll be turning 6mths really soon and she’s a  full term baby at 40 weeks, no harm in giving her now. Cos she has been really curious when she see watch us eating, it’s adorable seeing her stare at us while we eat.

2015-06-23 21.31.37We also celebrated Father’s Day for Rusly last 2 weeks. We kept it small and simple. I made reservation for dinner at 1Market on the day itself. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah, for allowing Rusly to be a dad. He has been good at it.
Sometimes i wish he makes an effort to do more. Then i see postings of other mummies in some parent groups in FB, complaining about their husband, i really bersyukur that Rusly help out as much as he can. I think it’s not fair for me to expect too much also. So far, he’s comfortable with bathing her, changing diapers, making her sleep at night and all. But he’ll say no to changing poop-filled diapers. LOL

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Babies Weekend!

So i was overwhelmed with babies and baby-related stuff the last weekend! Sent Nadya to my mom’s place on Friday, took a cab to Expo for the 1st Day of Baby Fair. Took the chance to drop by Robinson’s Travel Bazaar yang tak lah travel bazaar sangat actually cos they were selling some other stuff as well.

I was on a lookout for bigger luggage which we can use for our future trips. It has to be big, lightweight & of a striking colour so that it’s easier to spot!


Same colour as my Gucci Disco! Got this huge luggage from American Tourister for $119 which was a good deal! Grabbed it and brought it over to the baby fair so i can dump all my purchases in it. I even got myself some WMF pots! No idea where that came from! Lol

1st day of baby fair was quite civil actually. I stocked up on Mustela, bought the 1st Parklon Playmat in Size S but then decided to pre-order another Large size one for Nadya cos it was cheaper than the website and we love the playmat. WIll use the smaller sized one for her play area with fence & balls when she’s slightly bigger. I also pre-ordered the Organic Story Wet Wipes to collect it on Sunday! Bought her swimsuit and took the chance to ask questions on the Moo Moo Kow Cloth Diapers. I was contemplating on switching to cloth diapers cos it’s more environmentally and wallet friendly! So i took the chance to ask lotsa questions.

Then saturday came and we’re off to Farna’s place for our playdate and since we are going to the East side, we took the chance to drop by Eunos to send our fabrics to the tailor for our Baju Raya.


I love the fabrics i bought for this year raya! Soft colours and most importantly, i get to dress Nadya up as well!

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Open House 2015

After much consideration, we finally did an Open House yesterday. I’m not exactly fond of doing Open Houses cos of the amount of work & effort! The cleaning up too! But since we did not exactly do Majlis Cukur Rambut for Nadya cos we find it unnecessary since we’ve done it at the Masjid already. Takkan nak cukur lagi rambut budak tu for show kan?

Most of Rusly’s relatives have met Nadya because she’s around for the Tahlil but most of my relatives have not and i figured instead of bringing her to them one by one, its best to just do an Open House and invite them over. Also invited some of my friends who have yet to meet Nadya cos i just can’t afford time to do individual lunch dates. We should have named the event Meet The Baby Session seh. Cos really, everybody is just there to see this girl.

2015-03-22 11.56.29-1

Unrelated but i managed to sew her headband the day before the Open House cos i couldn’t find any existing one that might match the tutu dress she’s wearing, It was a nice Peach Fabric with gold shimmers on it.

2015-03-22 13.47.39

Ordered brownies from Divinefavorz Mall. Was adamant on giving out food items for berkat because i personally like food items. Transactions were fuss-free and i think i ordered these less than 2 weeks before the event! We really did a last minute arrangement which is so unlike me.

2015-03-22 13.47.50

Did the kids goodie bags myself the day before the event. Bought some snacks fro Valu$ and the packaging from SKP and did it in between Nadya’s nap time!

2015-03-22 13.48.27

Managed to order food from this kakak i know off FB few days before the event because i was unhappy with 2 caterers whom i shall not name. But it turned out to be a blessing in diguise because this kakak charged cheaper and her food is so nice! My father cooked the Tulang Merah though. So sedap! Although i only ate after the event because tak senonoh tuan rumah makan tulang. Yums!

2015-03-22 13.48.53

Most of the kueh melayu were given to us by my aunties, ordered from the kakak caterer etc but the brownies & the puffs which are not shown here were bought from J&C Bakery at some Woodlands Industrial area and it’s really the bomb! If you have parties and you need desserts, consider them because it’s really nice! I love love love their brownies and cheesecake. Does not taste factory-made!

2015-03-22 15.58.32

The ONLY group picture i took. Can u believe it!
2015-03-22 13.50.09

One more picture of Nadya, just because it’s her party after all!
Would i do another Open House, for Raya perhaps?

Maaaaaybe. But damn it was so tiring, my legs gave way after the whole thing!