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Open House 2015

After much consideration, we finally did an Open House yesterday. I’m not exactly fond of doing Open Houses cos of the amount of work & effort! The cleaning up too! But since we did not exactly do Majlis Cukur Rambut for Nadya cos we find it unnecessary since we’ve done it at the Masjid already. Takkan nak cukur lagi rambut budak tu for show kan?

Most of Rusly’s relatives have met Nadya because she’s around for the Tahlil but most of my relatives have not and i figured instead of bringing her to them one by one, its best to just do an Open House and invite them over. Also invited some of my friends who have yet to meet Nadya cos i just can’t afford time to do individual lunch dates. We should have named the event Meet The Baby Session seh. Cos really, everybody is just there to see this girl.

2015-03-22 11.56.29-1

Unrelated but i managed to sew her headband the day before the Open House cos i couldn’t find any existing one that might match the tutu dress she’s wearing, It was a nice Peach Fabric with gold shimmers on it.

2015-03-22 13.47.39

Ordered brownies from Divinefavorz Mall. Was adamant on giving out food items for berkat because i personally like food items. Transactions were fuss-free and i think i ordered these less than 2 weeks before the event! We really did a last minute arrangement which is so unlike me.

2015-03-22 13.47.50

Did the kids goodie bags myself the day before the event. Bought some snacks fro Valu$ and the packaging from SKP and did it in between Nadya’s nap time!

2015-03-22 13.48.27

Managed to order food from this kakak i know off FB few days before the event because i was unhappy with 2 caterers whom i shall not name. But it turned out to be a blessing in diguise because this kakak charged cheaper and her food is so nice! My father cooked the Tulang Merah though. So sedap! Although i only ate after the event because tak senonoh tuan rumah makan tulang. Yums!

2015-03-22 13.48.53

Most of the kueh melayu were given to us by my aunties, ordered from the kakak caterer etc but the brownies & the puffs which are not shown here were bought from J&C Bakery at some Woodlands Industrial area and it’s really the bomb! If you have parties and you need desserts, consider them because it’s really nice! I love love love their brownies and cheesecake. Does not taste factory-made!

2015-03-22 15.58.32

The ONLY group picture i took. Can u believe it!
2015-03-22 13.50.09

One more picture of Nadya, just because it’s her party after all!
Would i do another Open House, for Raya perhaps?

Maaaaaybe. But damn it was so tiring, my legs gave way after the whole thing!

2 thoughts on “Open House 2015”

  1. She’s so cantik in that pink dress! After Maliq was born I straight away moved into the new home and was so semangat to have an open house for Maliq and also the new home. Ended up I got lazy and even until now Maliq is almost 6 months, some are asking me if I’m ever gonna have an open house. Haha tunggu raya je la. Tu pon my husband like reluctant haha,

    1. Thank you Min! I cannot wait to see Maliq! He’s so adorable!
      I also tak tau nak bikin Raya Open House ke tak cos really memenatkan, kaki mintak ampun

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