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So she’s two!

Nadya turned two months last saturday! Time pass by really fast eh?
So what did we do to celebrate her 2 months?


We went ICA to do up her passport because we’re bringing her to our KL Roadtrip this coming Good Friday holidays!
Initially wanted to leave her with my parents but macam so kesian and also cos my parents pun ada plans so we figured memang rezeki dia ikut kita so we chop chop do her passport! We’re going with our friends so Hosni will be driving us in and so glad for that because i cannot imagine having to take the coach with a baby. Can u imagine if she cries in the coach and we’re stuck in the coach for 4 hours and everybody will give us the evil eye seh. Lagik kalau night coach. Hahaha. Kalau bus driver tak tinggalkan kita anak beranak kat highway, kira nasib baik ah. Glad we’re driving in as well cos we intend to venture out to Bangsar area if possible instead of staying put at the usual Bt Bintang area.. and while it might be easy to take a cab from our hotel, i fear it might be difficult to grab a cab when you’re at some obscure place.

I also didn’t wanna take the plane yet cos i feel she’s too young? But fret not because her 1st plane out will be in September cos we’ll be going Jogjakarta with my family for our annual family trip! Or maybe her plane ride might come earlier since they’ve just declared August 7 Public Holiday and it’s so tempting to go somewhere. But we shall see! We’re thinking of Krabi (because i miss that place so much!) but August is not exactly the optimal time to go so it could also be Perth (because it’s cooling in August) but not sure if she can handle a 5-hour flight for her 1st flight out. Or maybe she’ll do just fine and i’m just a worrywart, as usual.

or maybe we’ll stay put in SG and celebrate National Day, as per Halimah Yaacob’s instructions. LOL

So anyway, back to the trip,. we know we can do the passport online, but i chose to do it at ICA because then, i’ll have a reason to detour to..



Fluff Bakery! Because “it’s on the way lah B!” Hahaha
I really balas dendam lor. I wanted to eat Fluff since pregnancy but i kept holding back pasal ada Diabetes and takut it will spike up. So dah lepas pantang and because i’m officially cleared of Diabetes,  2 saturdays in a row pergi Fluff!

We also went to collect my new sewing machine! Finally decided to get a new one cos the old one is a bit wonky already and i’ve been busy sewing cute stuff for Nadya like these headbands!



Might be selling these because i can make extras each time i do a new one for Nadya. Details will be up soon! Starting really small though cos i didn’t really a huge piece of fabrics to start out with.

Next time will try and sew some leggings & harem pants for her pulak! So fun to dress her up!

8 thoughts on “So she’s two!”

  1. WAHLAU when I saw your title, my first thought was “ANAK DYAN DAH DUA TAHUN KE CEPATNYA?!”

    Hahahahahaha. Anyway, that last picture of her, I CANNOT. That headband and that bib!!! And muka dia….. mintak kena bakar tau

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