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Often, people tell me “Ohhh it’s so nice to be a Work-At-Home-Mom! You have the best of both world. You get to earn your keep and see each and every one of your child milestones.” 

Now see this video.

Always been my worry. LOL
Trust me, Nadya is barely 2mths old and i’m already having difficulties getting my artworks done on time. Can u imagine her in few months time?

I’ve always think a mother is a mother. No such thing as a part-time mom lah, weekend mom lah. If you’re a Stay-at-Home-Mom or a Full-Time-Working-Mom, you’re still a mother. Your child don’t care about all those titles. They only know that you’re the mother. At the end of the day, they still want you.

So yes, don’t tell me how privileged i am because the grass always does seem greener on the other side.

I would kill to have a 1 hour uninterrupted lunch hour and possibly go window shop & have colleagues to talk to, because yes there’s just so much baby talk we all can attempt.

Likewise, i would love to be able to spend time with my child, do housework and then sleep while she sleeps and not rush through emails, artworks and what-nots because me telling you i’m deprived of sleep is an understatement.

But we all get through this somehow. It’s just a mother’s thing.

2 thoughts on “WAHM WHAM!”

  1. I can totally relate. Everyone is saying how good women have 4 months of maternity leave, but they don’t know how tiring it is to juggle housework, wifehood and to be a good parent. I can hardly go to the toilet without him crying when he is awake. I am looking forward to going back to the office where I can have time to sit down and eat a meal, talk to other adults and have a glimpse of my ‘old’ life.

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