Oh hello!

It’s March and it’s my 1st entry for 2019. I’ve not blogged for more than 6mths now. tsk tsk.

I wonder if people still read blogs. I still do. I just find it easier to update on Instagram and the Instagram Stories function is making it even easier to “tell my everyday story”.

But I want to blog more. So much has happened and IG Stories, they aren’t forever. I’m losing my archives bit by bit and sometimes I hate that I write lengthy captions on my IG / FB posts. But I’m so long-winded, I can’t help it.

More posts soon, i hope.



Random Thoughts

It’s 11.30pm on a Wednesday night and everyone is asleep. Both Nadya & Rusly sprawled on the floor. Raees is sleeping so soundly next to me on the sofa while I complete some artwork.

The house is almost quiet. I have Ghostbusters playing in the background. Rusly was supposed to watch it but he fell asleep halfway. What’s new right?

I stare at all of them. All of these Allah’s being that He has planned for me to be with till the end of time Insha Allah.

Allah has it all planned that Rusly is my jodoh and Nadya & Raees are my amanah. I still find it surreal, to be honest. To have a pair of kids (really cute, I must add) sleeping in my living room.

We’ve certainly come a long way since the diagnosis 5yrs ago. Alhamdulillah.


Next trip out!

Believe it or not, I spent weeks thinking about where to go for our 1st 2018 trip because we didn’t manage to travel anywhere in 2017 cos of the IVF & the pregnancy. For someone who’s usually very go-jer when it comes to almost anything, I just don’t travel when I’m pregnant. So the moment Raees turned 1mth old, I quickly applied for his passport. Lol

With that out of the way, where to go to is another problem. I wanted Japan. Cherry blossoms would be nice but the weather might pose a problem for Raees cos he’s still quite young & the last time we went Tokyo, Nadya got the sniffles even with a flu jab. So I don’t think cold weather would be ideal for young babies.

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New Kid in the House

And so this happened right after Nadya’s 3rd Birthday Party. I celebrated my first born’s birthday in advance just in case the 2nd born decides to show up early & that mum’s gut feeling is so on point!

Say hello to Raees Nadym.

Birth story will come later because it is so full of action.


Baby Boys Clothes

Ever since i announced we’re having a baby boy, the most common question i get is “So will u be selling baby boys clothes next year?!”

Hahahaha i’m not kidding seh. Friends just automatically assume i’ll bring in boys clothes since i brought in lotsa girls clothes with Dear Raessa.

But honestly, it is not in the pipeline yet. I have not even bought clothes for Baby Adik yet seh! Mata asyik tengok baju baby girls je. Then cam mana….

I guess when i do realize that it is very hard to find nice boys clothes, then i’ll make an effort maybe? Till then, i’m pretty happy with where Dear Raessa is going.. bringing mentel clothes for girls. Hahahahaha

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7 Weeks Pregnant

Today, i went for my 1st scan.
8.30am at Fetal Care Centre for the scan and then 10.00am at Clinic G for my review appt with the IVF Clinic.

2nd pregnancy and i’m still so nervous. Heck, even if it’s my 4th pregnancy pun, i think i’ll still be nervous seh. I went with an open mind but i’m secretly hoping for a singleton still cos i honestly don’t think i am capable of looking after twins, during & after pregnancy. But really, i’m just hoping for a viable pregnancy. Jangan lah tetiba scan & they find a blighted ovum ke chemical pregnancy ke. But Alhamdulillah, i saw the cute little fetus on screen with the blinking heartbeat. So emotional i cried.

Everything is going well so far and we’re having another singleton. Yayyyy!
I thought i was only 6 weeks but turns out to be 7 weeks and my EDD is set to be Jan 20 2018 which is a week after Nadya’s 3rd birthday. Another January baby! And so close to each other so boleh je save duit & celebrate birthday sama2. HAHAHAHA

It is also funny how things work out. When me & Rusly embarked on our TTC journey, we kinda agree on having our 2nd one at least 3yrs apart and really Allah plan cun-cun for us to have the 2nd one after Nadya turns 3. Sekali adik comes out before Nadya’s birthday ehh. Lol

My next appointment will be on my 12 weeks pregnancy for the down syndrome scan. Oh yeah luckily i called the Women’s Clinic way before the IVF started. Cos i heard the waitlist for Dr Citra is even longer now. I called them in April and only managed to get an appointment in September! Hahaha. But just nice ah. September would be my 20th weeks and i can just sign up for the maternity package from there & see Dr Citra for the rest of my pregnancy. Sticking with Dr Citra cos i’m comfortable with her & really think she’s great! Till the next update!

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Cool De Sac Playdate

So overdue but i still want to finish up all my overdue entries!

It’s Nadya’s 2nd time at Cool De Sac. Didn’t mind it at all cos she had fun the last time she was there and also i don’t know of any other Indoor Playgrounds at Town / Central area which is more convenient for all us.

Had lunch at Pappa Rich, ordered this Nasi Lemak Combo which is so huge! Obviously tak dapat habiskan ah. Habis lepas tu nak gi main indoor playground lagi. Dah macam ular seh.


As always, Nadya’s favourite. Mesti nak masuk ball pit 1st. But i had to pull her out of it after that cos there was a boy, about 5yrs old who kept diving in the ball pit repeatedly. The mom pun mcm no brain. You know there were few toddlers in the ball pit, tell your toddler not to dive in ah. You don’t just sit in the ball pit and laugh with him. Some parents, really one kind.

We played at the main area for a while but it was a little rowdy, partly cos it’s the school holidays so there were many older kids.The main area is not padded so when the older kids knock her down, she’ll fall on the concrete floor and after that incident where she fell flat on her face because an older boy knocked her down during waterplay, i get really paranoid! But i also don’t want to be a helicopter mummy and hover around her all the time. Then i remembered there was a hidden toddler area right at the back.


Just perfect cos everything is toddler-sized and the area was padded so i let Nadya run free without worrying a bigger kid will knock her down and even if she jatuh ke apa, it’ll hurt lesser? lol

img_0634Ni ibarat rumah studio flat tapi ada 10 orang pindah masuk. hahahhaa.
This small playhouse is such a hit!

Hahahaha i cannot tahan this picture. Nadya posing tak leh angkat!
Oh and it’s so difficult to get the the 3 of them to take a group picture.


Probably the best out of the 1754 pictures i took. -____-

img_0795One with the mummies! The babies knocked out after the whole thing. Thank goodness!





Tekan brake

Happy New Year!!!

So many things to blog about but i’ve been quite busy the past few days!
Wanna blog about the playdates, Nadya’s new house, what we did over the New Year and all. And also my New York entries yg belum habis but mati2 nak habiskan jugak else i’ll forget about everything cos mummy brain game strong here.

I’ve yet to edit some videos into vlogs. Nadya is turning 2 next week and honestly i’ve not planned anything except to order a cake & maybe celebrate it with my family. We have no concrete plans yet. But i might just get Rusly to take 1 day leave so we can have a long weekend with her since her birthday falls on Saturday.

Oh and also our IVF plans! That deserves an entry on it’s own! Soon!



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New York Planning II

Two more weeks before we head over to my dream city!
Had a stroke of luck yesterday in the wee hours! A friend initially recommended the Airbnb apartment she stayed in when she was there previously. She loved the apartment cos it was further up from city area but 10mins away by Express train to Times Square. Just 3 stops away je. And the subway station is right across the apartment. Best thing is the affordable price of course.

I love the apartment but unfortunately it was snapped up just as i was communicating with the host. Not our rezeki i feel so i looked around for other apartments. So many swanky apartments tapi seriously mengarut cos most of the them are walk-up apartments. As in takde elevator seh. I don’t mean to sound spoilt but there’s no way i’m gonna climb up to 4th or 5th floor with luggage, stroller & a toddler. It was so hard to find an apartment with an elevator. Those with elevator are usually ones with the doormen kind and go for at least $350 per night which is more or less the same as hotels so macam tak masuk akal. Ada satu apartment i like, tapi takde TV. Apa maksud tu. Nak suruh aku buat anak ke? Lol.

The ones that fit my requirements & budget pulak do not allow kids below 12 due to noise etc. Sighhh. So i booked Row NYC but still halfhearted so i booked and chose the option to pay to the Hotel directly just in case i change my mind. It came up to S$2600 for our 7 nights stay which was slightly above my budget cos i only wanted to pay max $2500 for accommodation. But i was halfhearted cos it’s very near Times Square and noise could be a problem for Nadya. I think it’s already hard enough to get her to adjust to the new timing etc abih kalau too noisy for her, i think she also frustrated.

Then on Monday, i emailed them to ask for late check-out and pro-rated hours cos our flight back is at 23:00hrs and i don’t want us to be stranded with our luggage, i also teringat to confirm if they have a fridge in their rooms. Turns out they don’t! Selamat i asked lah cos if not, where am i gonna store fresh milk for Nadya’s consumption kan.

It was then i browsed Airbnb again to see if i can find something this time round and guess what?? The apartment my friend recommended is available. I contacted the host to confirm it’s available and booked it right away! I asked him how come it’s available and he said he just had a cancellation for that date 1 hr before i msg-ed him. That’s really our rezeki lah cos guess what, the total cost of the apartment is only $1160!! I saved $1440 gaissse. That’s shopping money! Weeeee.


It is a simple apartment. No frills but it fits all my requirement.

  • In a quiet but safe building.
  • Near to Subway stations.
  • With elevator.
  • Refrigerator
  • Washer & Dryer available so we don’t have to bring too many clothes.

Most importantly, it has to be clean and based on the 100+ reviews, the place is neat & clean and everybody loved the close proximity to the subway station cos it’s just 10mins away to Times Square. Yayyy.

So glad our accommodation issues worked out in the end.
We’ve applied for the ESTA, settled our travel insurance as well.

I’ve also booked Dubai International Hotel for our 7hrs transit at Dubai Airport because after 14hrs of flight, baring kat lantai dengan toddler for 7hrs tak kelakar seh. We only book for 4hrs though after reading Farhana’s entry on it, i emailed them and ask for a pro-rated rate and they’re charging $220 for it but to be honest, i don’t care lah janji that 4hrs tu kita dapat tido atas katil. The remaining 3hrs, kita can makan Shake Shack and jalan2 around the airport before we take the next flight out!

I have to go book our Mobile WIFI next and then do up the itinerary. Can u believe i have not done up the itinerary yet! lol. We’ve also decided not to get the New York Pass since Farhana said macam tak worth it sangat. Kita pun not really keen in going in and out every museum etc cos i’m not exactly a museum person and i don’t want to feel like i have to go to certain places just because i’ve paid for it anyway. Maybe next entry i’ll list down the places that i really want to go for this trip cos this entry is getting too lengthy! ❤

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Very random but Nadya was playing with her toys earlier today and i hear myself saying “Ya Allah.. Sayangnya dengan dia.” 

I honestly cannot explain this strange feeling i have so i guess it’s true when they tell you motherhood will teach/show you things you never thought exist. I never understood how it feels like to worry for someone else’s well being until i had Nadya.

I mean before you think i don’t worry for Rusly, i worry for him all the time. But with Nadya, it’s different. Really really different.

I love this feeling i have and i pray Allah will never take this away from me. ❤