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Belaian Kasih

If you follow me on Social Media, i’ve mentioned about Belaian Kasih, an info-ed drama that’s aired every Wednesday and we’ll be on the upcoming episode, Episode 5!


We’ll be sharing about our IVF journey. Everything you need to know about IVF will be shared during that episode and Dr Jazlan will also give his input on that show.


Each time i get asked “what’s the common question you’ve received on IVF”
It’ll have to be how much does it cost. Many do not know IVF is heavily subsidized and i hope this show will cover on that because people need to know that!


I’ll see you next Wednesday at Suria, 9.00pm ok. It was really great having the production team around. From the pre-filming meeting to the filming day itself.

I’ve always been pretty open about IVF and willing to share more information about it so i hope you’ll watch it with me next wednesday! ❤

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Say Mummy!

I’ve been trying so hard to make Nadya call me Mummy. To no avail. It’s always Mama-mama-mama. I mean i’ll give her A for effort ah but i won’t settle for Mama. Gotta be Mummy, honey.

So i’ve been saying Mummy-Mummy-Mummy repeatedly to her few weeks back and then she’s started calling me Bi instead. Until last week.
She called me Bubi. Which really really sounds like oink-oink obviously and she won’t stop calling me that!

The other day we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza and she wanted something from the display at the store and called out loud “Bubi!!!”. I swear the makcik in front of her looks so horrified! Mesti dia ingat aku ajar anak aku mencarut. I don’t know mana to sembunyikan muka aku seh.

From then on, each time Nadya calls me Bubi, i go “No… No..No.. it’s ok… Mama! Say Mama!” Kesian anak aku confused. Tak tau nak panggil mak dia apa.

Yes baby, Mama will do. Say Mamaaaaaaa.
Let’s forget the Bubi, shall we? Nanti dah besar sikit, i teach u again say Mummy ok.


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Eid Mubarak 2016

Selamat Hari Raya!

Wanted to draft this much much earlier but i was caught up with work & also trying to chillax a bit and catch up drama serials.

This Raya is our 2nd Raya with Nadya! Her 1st Raya, she was only 6mths old and it was easy peasy cos she was still in that sleepy stage. This year Raya is a circus! Hahaha

Now that Nadya can walk & move around on her own, we’ve decided not to hias the house so much. We left the cookie jar on the dining table and kept away the coffee table away.


Even then, she’ll panjat the chairs and try and reach for the cookies. Her favourites are the choc chip ones and honey cornflakes. Sometimes we’ll both sit on the couch, watch TV and eat the cookies from the cookie jar. hee


We wore Black for the 1st day and i love the baju kurung that Nadya wore! We got it from a Malaysian designer cos i forgot to make one for her in Black. Wthhhh.

Raya this year was quite disorientated for me cos of the Sampul Raya & Dear Raessa Raya collection which went well despite some hiccups! But yes, everything also last minute. I bought kuih from some random makcik stall 2 days before Raya because i forgot to order from the usual kakak. I miss her Cornflakes cookies seh!

Even Nadya’s baju raya was mostly the samples i made for Dear Raessa.
Then i see whichever yang fit her and also check Rusly’s baju raya inventory and then buy something that i can match. Jadilah kan.

I love how comfortable this Maroon Kurung is! So easy to move and by the 2nd Shawal, pretty obvious i tak kuasa to wear heels and wore my Fit Flops. I swear that thing is used to death.

It is not funny ok to try and run after your toddler with heels.
But at least this year we made do without a Diaper Bag besar nak mampos macam nak balik kampung. Last year we had to bring her milk formulas and lotsa diapers. Extra clothes lah, rattles lah. Eh macam khazanah lah.

Now that she’s on Fresh Milk Feed and she don’t ask for milk that much, we just buy Meiji Fresh Milk outside and serve it to her with a straw. So the only thing we bring are her diapers, wetwipes & waterbottle. Usually can fit in my own bag ah. Else i’ll get Rusly to bring the Jujube Quick. Lol.


2016 Family Picture with a new addition!
We’ll have another new family member next year cos my youngest sister is getting married next week! Actually ahhh… I think i haven’t even blogged about my 2nd sister wedding pun.

So many things to blog & document but no time!
But Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Would also like to take this opportunity to seek forgiveness for any unhappiness i’ve caused unintentionally. ❤


The Work-At-Home Momma

I’m a work-at-home mom and i know many would go “You’re so lucky. It’s the ideal arrangement.”

No it’s not. I’m telling you it’s not.

Just like being a SAHM or FTWM, we WAHM have our own guilt too. It does seem like we have the best of both worlds cos we get to earn money and see our kids throughout the day but really if you ask me, it’s the worst of both worlds.

It was horrendous the last 2 months. I was buried deep in work, mainly because of the Sampul Raya. I went all out this year and Alhamdulillah, it was a success. My bank account is fat & happy. Can’t say the same for Nadya though.

She knows i’m busy (and ignoring her) and it makes me feel really bad! Being a work at home mom means seeing lots of your child but ignoring them most of the time cos u have a deadline. It’s nice to be able to cuddle with her in the morning and not have to rush my shower so i can feed her breakfast before going to work etc.

But if only u can see the many times i had to get her off my lap cos she’s banging her little fingers on my keyboard. Or that time i had to lock myself in the room for a while cos she was screaming while i was on a call and i can’t hear a word the other party is saying cos i’m trying to figure out what she’s screaming for. Does she want milk? Or is it her naptime? Whaaaat it’s 2.00pm?! It’s her naptime! No wonder she’s screaming!

Or when she pulls my hands cos she wants me to play with her in the playpen and i had to reject the offer cos i’ve to submit an artwork by 4pm in order to make it for that day’s printing.

When i made that decision to work from home, ideally it would be to only work during her naptimes. But toddlers, they just don’t nap as much anymore!! You’ll be lucky if they can nap once in the day for 2-3 hours. I keep telling her “I’m sorry i have to work. Can u please play on your own?”

That’s like me telling her “Please just leave me the hell alone. I need to work.” I feel bad about it all the time. I just hope Nadya don’t grow up thinking that i don’t want to be with her cos i keep shutting her out. It’s really sad if you think about it. Having your mom constantly there but refusing to play with you. Aaargh. My poor girl.

Sometimes i do let go of everything i do and i can feel her trying as much as she can to get as much attention as she can get from me because she knows it won’t be long till i return to my laptop and finish up work or cook lunch & dinner.

I’m not saying that the FTWM have it easier. Yes you don’t get to see your child for most of the day and that sucks especially if you get back home late and it’s already their bedtime. But at least you don’t have to reply emails, handle clients with a child screaming for your attention at the back or chop2 make lunch just in time before they nap else they’ll miss their lunch and then get very cranky when they wake up. At least they get 1 hour of uninterrupted lunch and if you have an annoying colleague, you can tell them to go away and not feel as bad as telling your child to go away.

Being a SAHM is not easy too and it’s also tiring to be looking after your child all the time. I can feel them counting the hours to their nap times just so they can escape and have some me-time like go to the toilet without an audience for once! I mean just how much child-talk can u handle a day? Don’t forget about the mess they make! Oh God! But at least they don’t have deadlines. They don’t have to worry about unhappy clients. They don’t have to choose between work & their child. It’s the child all the way.

WAHM gotta choose. It’s between chasing deadlines or playing with your child. So the next time you see a WAHM, don’t tell them they have the best of both worlds. I can hear them screaming at the thought of it. There is no such thing as an ideal arrangement once you’re a mom.

At the end of the day, i just hope when Nadya is older, she remembers the day we went swimming. Or the finger painting exercise we did. That busy board i painstakingly did for her. The gym classes i sent her and the many laughs that we share.

Not the part where i constantly tell her to go away. Please don’t.
But if she does remember, i hope she’ll understand that i did it because i had to. Not because i want to.




Enjoy your baby!

Having one of those tough day today. U either fight with your baby and try desperately to make her sleep. Or u fight with your husband because of your baby.

Either way it’s tiring.

And then i saw this article and all i wanna do now is wake Nadya up so i can play with her.
I am so so confused. I’m tired and i want to sleep but i can’t wait for morning to arrive so i can snuggle with her again.

12 ways to enjoy your baby right now. 

  1. Lay your baby on the bed and push your chin lightly on their chest. If they are of the giggling age, they love this.
  2. Let your spouse hold your baby and walk to the other side of the room. Your baby will take the proper perspective, so so tiny.
  3. Hold your baby to your chest with his cheek to your cheek. Close your eyes, and memorize his milky smell.
  4. When you hear the little pitter patter of feet (or knees and hands), close your eyes and listen closely. Soon it’ll be a thing of the past.
  5. Hold the baby on your hip and stand in front of the mirror. Marvel at the way you are made. Your hip won’t be a seat much longer.
  6. Put one of your baby’s shoes on the palm of your hand and hold it up. Chubby feet don’t last forever.
  7. Lie on your back and put your baby on your belly. Belly to belly time. It’s the perfect position for lots of kisses.
  8. With your baby in the seated position, put your hands around their rib cage and see if your thumbs touch. Feel those tiny ribs?
  9. Squeeze their cheeks. On both ends. Has skin ever felt so soft?
  10. Find a phrase just for you and your baby. When I feed my baby I always say, “Are you hungry? I made milky in my heart for you!” High Nausea, I know.
  11. Find where your baby is ticklish and have a tickle fest.
  12. Have a staring contest with your baby. Try looking into your baby’s eyes from a few inches away and not have a melted heart.

These days are hard. They are overwhelming. They are challenging. But most of all, they are short.

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Tokyo Day 5 (Harajuku)

Ok we are finally at Day 5! LOL.
this would be the last daily entry on Tokyo. The next one would probably be a cost breakdown and tips for those bringing kids as i had some email requests on this. So sorry i’m taking so long to draft it out.


It’s our last day in Tokyo and because our flight is at 8.50pm and we’ll have to be at the airport around 5.00pm, we took the chance to go to Harajuku! I deliberately chose to explore Harajuku on Monday because i’ve heard it can be quite ribut macam Bazaar Ramadhan on sundays and i honestly tak kuasa nak rempuh the crowd. Then again, i’m not into cosplay etc so if you are, then go on Sunday!

We took a cab down to Harajuku cos we didn’t wanna waste time and we requested for the cab driver to stop us nearby Pablo! It is actually really near to one of the subway exit, i just don’t know which exit. So sorry!


Look out for this sign cos it’s in  one of the small lane!


This is to die-for korang! You must try this if you’re in Tokyo! They have few outlets all over Tokyo but the one i went to is a Cafe so you can sit down and eat it there. We ate these mini cheesecake pies for breakfast! We chose the mini ones to eat cos the big one is bigger than my palm so we brought it back to Singapore instead!


It survived a 6 hr plane ride guys! I wanted to choose the raw texture where the cheese will ooze out and all but scared it will not survive the plane ride. Haha.

Pablo also have a few souvenir snacks for you to buy home. We bought lots of them! Not cheap to be honest but so worth it cos it’s really really nice!! I snapchat it last time but forgot to download the video and i don’t have pictures so i’m an awful blogger cos i’m making you google for the picture yourself . It’s called Sabrel Cheese and it’s actually butter biscuits with cheese. So lemak and sedap. They have a few others, i bought each of everything and semua sedap!

Right after Pablo, we head on to Takeshita Street which is just 3-5 minutes away by foot.
Can i also mention it was freezing that morning that Rusly almost wanted to buy a glove cos he left his at the apartment, thinking he can steady kacang rempuh the weather. Of course i told him not to buy the gloves cos we’re going home that very night and he should just sumbat his hands in his pocket. That’s why you should listen to your wife guys. Learn from this.


We bought most of our souvenir and small knick-knacks from here. Fridge magnets & keychains for most of our friends and then we head off to Calbee+ for snacks!


These are delish! I particularly love the potato sticks! They really goreng these panas2 before serving it to you! We took the Royce Chocolate & Cheese one and i personally like the cheese one. They also sell lotsa calbee snacks in small packs which makes really great souvenir. our family loves it and i keep eating them. -___-


Next stop is CREPES!!! We went to the Marion one as recommended by Farna! So sedap!
I took a safe option though. Choco-Banana. Safe nak mampos. I need to be more adventurous with my food choices!


Our next stop is Kiddy Land! Trust me, aku yang lagi excited seeing all the toys there. So many cute stuff!!! I bought lotsa toys for my nieces & nephews. and also Nadya of course and me. Hahahahha. I know i do not look like someone who’ll get excited over toys. But really, i do. The toys are quite pricey but they are of good quality and some are released in Japan only. I think i spent close to S$300 on toys alone. wtf.

2016-02-08 13.23.462016-02-08 18.56.41 - CopyWe finished up our shopping by 3.00pm, took a cab back to the apartment to pack stuff and then checked out by 4.00pm. Took the NEX back to Narita, checked in all our luggages before getting our last dinner in Tokyo,

I love this one a lot! It’s in the airport itself and certified halal so makan lah tanpa was-was! lol It’s pretty much self service so u get to dispense as much broth as u want. The broth is simple tapi flavorful and that telur goyang, stop it seh.

2016-02-08 17.37.11IMG_82382016-02-08 18.02.072016-02-08 18.28.32
Spamming pictures of Nadya cos her pipi so red from the weather and all and it’s so cute!!!
The redness subsides the next day so dah tak leh feeling anak jepun lagik. Oh wells, we’ll make do with blusher k baby!

IMG_8345IMG_8347IMG_8351Flight home went well. Nadya slept most of the time so i ate her infant meal as well. Hahaha. Our luggage didn’t beranak that much but if you’re travelling for about a week with a baby, expect that amount of luggage and backpack lah, carryon luggage lah, mak dia peh handbag lah. I no longer travel light seh.

So that wraps up our Japan adventure! I’ll try and finish up the cost breakdown and tips for the trip very soon ok!

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Travel plans!

Time to plan for our October getaway cos it’s already May and i’m having travel withdrawals already.

October is extra special cos it’s our 5th year Anniversary and also my 32nd 33rd birthday! Sumpah sometimes i cannot remember if i’m turning 32 or 33. I have to literally go minus 1983 from 2016 in my head when people ask me how old i’m now. #granny
But who caressss. Someone told me i don’t even look 30. So yeah, #fliphair.

I know i want a trip i’ll remember for a lifetime. Hahahaha. Perangai. Baru 5 year anniversary. Belum 50 year. Kalau 50 year anniversary, aku request gi bulan agaknya.
So we shortlisted a few destinations! Some, i really wanna go and some just tangkap muat. Lol

NEw York

Undoubtedly my 1st choice. I’ve been wanting to go to New York since foreverrrr. Dari zaman muda remaja but i’ve always thought it’s pretty impossible. Lol
Now with Nadya with us, the 24hr flight to New York seems pretty scary. 24 hours with a wriggly toddler. Hello? But my heart is at New York. It’s all i think about.



I love New Zealand landscapes and also cos we can self drive here. Flight is between 12 – 16 hours depending on airlines. It’s a long ride but still manageable lah kan.



I love the idea of going to chillax Australia and Melbourne would be a good place for Nadya. It’s very kid friendly and there’s plenty of places we can bring her to and then there’s seafood! Yums! 7 hours flight is also very manageable!

Other destinations i’ve considered are  Turkey + Santorini.
Santorini is one of the places i WANT to go to. But i wanna head there after i visit Turkey. But with the many Turkey bombings etc, i’m really thinking twice. Especially when one of my friend’s sister happen to be verryyy near the last bombing site. I just don’t feel comfortable with it. Maybe not now.

I’ve also considered Amsterdam + London but striked it off the list cos Rusly is not interested in London. Currently the only thing i’m interested about London is Primark. Lol. But i feel like 9 days in Amsterdam alone would be too long and we should split the trip to 2 countries? But 2  Euro countries in 9 day pulak like not enough. And i have no interest in the other neighbouring European countries except for Amsterdam. Actually i kind of lost  the interest in European countries. I know the desire will come again soon. Cos i know i wanted to go Europe last few years and then the fascination just died off macam tu je. Except for being able to buy bags lah. Lol

I have a few criteria for the next trip.

  • Short flight
  • Diversity. i want to be able to shop & also sightsee.
  • Eat good food.

Actually tu je ah and Rusly said KL fits all my criteria. Tenksss.

But after ding-dong-ing for a while and lotsa twitter rants, we finally chose our October destination!

ding ding ding…



Hello Akak.. I’ll meet you soon!

Yes we chose NEW YORK!!!!!  Woots woots!!
How we’ll survive a 24 hour flight with Nadya, i don’t know. We’ll just wing it and i hope to be able to tell you that i survived a 24hr flight with a toddler and you should just #gojer.

We booked the tickets via Emirates cos it’s cheaper than SIA!
We paid $3275.00 for us three compared to $5000+ for SIA.
$1000+ difference boleh cover half of our accommodation there! Lol. Emirates is good enough for us and the timings pun tak merepek. Except for the return journey ada 7hrs transit time. Ok yang tu merepek. We’ll probably go check ourselves in the transit hotel ke apa instead of tersadai kat airport cam pelarian.

But yaaaayyy i’m so excited!!!!!
Dreams do come true after all. I cannot wait for October to come!
Rusly was quite reluctant to say yes to NYC and i had a tough time convincing him it’ll be fine and i’ll bribe Nadya with toys segala so she’ll keep herself occupied in the flight.

Please Nadya, if you cooperate, i’ll buy you whatever you want there.

Now time to find our accommodation there! Will update that next.

padahal Tokyo nya entry belum habis tau. sibuk nak update pasal New York. Lol

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that Nadya has her own Instagram account now! Follow her here  if you don’t mind seeing her again & again on your IG feed. Lol

I post different set of pictures on both accounts so you won’t see double!
I created an account for her cos i wanna share her pictures & videos but i don’t want her to take over my own instagram. Hahaha.

And i gotta admit, i’m that annoying mum who keeps posting her child’s photo. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Ok tak, aku tak melampau gitu. But yeah you get what i mean and not everybody wanna see updates of Nadya all the time. So creating an account for her allows my friends & family to choose whether they wanna see updates on her ke tak.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by NADYA X RAEES (@nadyaxraees) on

We’re also reviving her own label for Hari Raya. I put a stop to it for a few months cos i had no time to sew hairbands and all. But i managed to get a supplier to produce her first Hari Raya Collection!

2I’m currently waiting for new samples to be done before i start taking in orders. There will be two designs for Hari Raya  and this is one of them! This slit-arm kurung is really chic and comfortable cos ada lubang besar kat tangan so they don’t feel too warm in it!

I have another peplum design in a really nice & cooling material. The supplier sent me a picture of the sample earlier and it is so cute i cannot take it!! Lol

It’ll be a preorder cos i’ll be offering sizes from 0- 6 months up to 5-6 years old.
and there will be about 30 colours available for you to choose from! Unfortunately i won’t have anything for the boys. Maybe next time when i have a boy! Insha Allah!

To keep yourself updated of the Raya Collection, you can follow Nadya’s online store Here.
Cheyyyy Nadya’s online store padahal mak dia yang buat segala kerja.

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Aaaah the weather these days! I don’t even wanna start complaining cos there’s really nothing i can do about it anyway.

It’s the long weekend and my sister is getting married this weekend. So exciting!
But i’ll do a separate post on the wedding later once it’s done & over with. Haha

Since Rusly’s not working today, i have an extra helping hand at home and Nadya is always excited when her papa is at home cos that means an extra person she can play with and she’s refusing naps! Nadya still take at least 2 naps per day and if she don’t take any naps, she’ll be really cranky nanti.

So we did waterplay today. Hoping she’ll get tired and sleep immediately. It’s also fun lah to let her soak in the water cos it’s so hot! So this would definitely cool her down a bit!


She got so excited seeing that pool of water she wanted to jump right in.
Step macam pool tu besar gila.


So was my plan successful?
Duh.. of course. Flat terus budak tu macam swim 10 lap.

Mummy – 1  Nadya – 0


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Oh so Mat!

Mat as in the floor mat, play mat, you know? Not the Mat & Minah kind of Mat. Heehee

So anyway, now that Nadya is full on eating, i’ve upgraded her to eating placemats!
Previously i either feed her myself from a bowl etc or if it’s something that she can feed herself, i just put it on her High Chair tray. We’re using the IKEA High Chair. It’s basic, cheap, light and easy to clean.

We initially bought another high chair but that damn thing was so heavy and such a hassle to move around. Cleaning up is also a hassle. The IKEA chair goes to the toilet after almost every messy meals and get hosed down and left to dry. I’ve got 1001 things to do so cleaning high chairs must be a chop chop affair.

Andddd back to the mat! We’ve used the mat since last October and that thing is good investment! We bought the EZPZ Mat from Mumspick during the last Baby Fair. It was about $70.00 for the regular Happy Mat and the Happy Bowl. That’s the promo price btw. The retail price is $48.00 for the Happy Bowl & $52.00 for the Happy Mat.  We’ve got a new addition to the family. The Mini Mat!

2016-02-22 11.00.37-1

This would be a good indication on the size. The Mini Mat is the only one that can fit the IKEA Chair properly. The others is slightly big and the suction might come out. But Nadya is usually too focused on eating that she didn’t even try to peel it off or something.

Here’s how they look like on the IKEA High Chair.

The Happy Mat


The Happy Bowl 

The Mini Mat

2016-02-22 10.56.04 HDR

What i think about them individually:

The Happy Mat 

  • It’s huge so i usually use this Nadya’s meal. I love the compartment as well so i can usually place her fruit together with her main meal.
  • It’s bigger than the IKEA Tray but the excess surface helped to catch some of Nadya’s food. So she made lesser mess now. Previously, all her food will drop drop drop like grapes seh.
  • The only thing i hate about it is it’s heavy & bulky so i can’t bring it out with me. Usually when we go out, i paste the disposable Winnie The Pooh Mat but nadya will peel them off all the time!

The Happy Bowl 

  • This is perfect for porridge or rice with soup. The bowl’s depth is just nice! It’s not too deep that it’s hard for her to self-feed using a spoon. But it is deep enough to house her food and not spill when she tries to scoop food out.
  • Only thing i don’t like about the Happy Bowl is that there’s no place to place her fruits. So i’ll have to remove the bowl and then place her fruits on the tray or use the regular mat. So it’s more clean-up for me.

The Mini Mat

  • The size is perfect for the IKEA Tray, as mentioned and it is light!!
    So bringing it out is easier. Just put in the bag it came with and throw it in the diaper bag. So now i don’t have to bring use the disposable placemat cos really nadya will just peel it off.
  • The small surface area means u can’t put much food in it. So i’ll use it for travel etc. Or for her tea time snacks at home.

2016-02-11 17.12.45

2016-02-17 16.06.10

This is how they look like with food on them! I have not taken any action shots with the Mini Mat. Maybe some other time.

Hope this can help you decide which one to get! I personally love all three.
Oh and another reason why i like them, there’s no sharp corners. All rounded corners.
So no chance for mould etc to settle in! Wooots!