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Aaaah the weather these days! I don’t even wanna start complaining cos there’s really nothing i can do about it anyway.

It’s the long weekend and my sister is getting married this weekend. So exciting!
But i’ll do a separate post on the wedding later once it’s done & over with. Haha

Since Rusly’s not working today, i have an extra helping hand at home and Nadya is always excited when her papa is at home cos that means an extra person she can play with and she’s refusing naps! Nadya still take at least 2 naps per day and if she don’t take any naps, she’ll be really cranky nanti.

So we did waterplay today. Hoping she’ll get tired and sleep immediately. It’s also fun lah to let her soak in the water cos it’s so hot! So this would definitely cool her down a bit!


She got so excited seeing that pool of water she wanted to jump right in.
Step macam pool tu besar gila.


So was my plan successful?
Duh.. of course. Flat terus budak tu macam swim 10 lap.

Mummy – 1 ย Nadya – 0


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