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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that Nadya has her own Instagram account now! Follow her here  if you don’t mind seeing her again & again on your IG feed. Lol

I post different set of pictures on both accounts so you won’t see double!
I created an account for her cos i wanna share her pictures & videos but i don’t want her to take over my own instagram. Hahaha.

And i gotta admit, i’m that annoying mum who keeps posting her child’s photo. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Ok tak, aku tak melampau gitu. But yeah you get what i mean and not everybody wanna see updates of Nadya all the time. So creating an account for her allows my friends & family to choose whether they wanna see updates on her ke tak.

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We’re also reviving her own label for Hari Raya. I put a stop to it for a few months cos i had no time to sew hairbands and all. But i managed to get a supplier to produce her first Hari Raya Collection!

2I’m currently waiting for new samples to be done before i start taking in orders. There will be two designs for Hari Raya  and this is one of them! This slit-arm kurung is really chic and comfortable cos ada lubang besar kat tangan so they don’t feel too warm in it!

I have another peplum design in a really nice & cooling material. The supplier sent me a picture of the sample earlier and it is so cute i cannot take it!! Lol

It’ll be a preorder cos i’ll be offering sizes from 0- 6 months up to 5-6 years old.
and there will be about 30 colours available for you to choose from! Unfortunately i won’t have anything for the boys. Maybe next time when i have a boy! Insha Allah!

To keep yourself updated of the Raya Collection, you can follow Nadya’s online store Here.
Cheyyyy Nadya’s online store padahal mak dia yang buat segala kerja.

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