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Keeping busy

I’ve so many things to update but i’m too busy with everything else but i also don’t want to not update because i don’t want to forget things. Especially stuff concerning Nadya because at times, i cannot keep up with that little girl. They really grow really fast. So i’ll update most of my entries on the WordPress app now. I’ll try and steal time while i let her sleep on my lap and let her stare at me.

Call me crazy but i sometimes don’t want to make eye contact with her when she’s about to take her nap because she’ll just get excited again and then refuse to sleep. So sometimes i bedek and close my eyes also. Sigh the things we do.

I did few stuff for Nadya few weeks back and one of it is the busy board. Like finally seh korang aku habiskan benda alah ni! I’ve been keeping aside stuff for her to explore and play but never had the time to really put everything up. Then one day i had a free time and she was having her nap so i set everything up in less than an hour! Success!   

She loves it and i love it too cos it keeps her busy. She’ll try to cabut2 everything but i hot glue the stuff on the board so it’s harder for her.

 Most of the stuff are recycled stuff like balance ribbons & fabrics. Calculator yang dah lama tak pakai cos i keep using the phone calculator anyway.   

Even the board was recycled from an old poster foam board i have. She loves touching the different texture and also the different noise they all make!

The board is still alive and that’s an achievement. Knowing how rough Nadya is with stuff, i kinda estimated the board to be up for a week only.

I obviously underestimated the hot glue. 😂

1 thought on “Keeping busy”

  1. Kak i also will bedek close eyes! Hahaha. If not she will end up smiling show her gusi. Thanks to you ive started to collect stuff for nayli to explore!

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