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Travel plans!

Time to plan for our October getaway cos it’s already May and i’m having travel withdrawals already.

October is extra special cos it’s our 5th year Anniversary and also my 32nd 33rd birthday! Sumpah sometimes i cannot remember if i’m turning 32 or 33. I have to literally go minus 1983 from 2016 in my head when people ask me how old i’m now. #granny
But who caressss. Someone told me i don’t even look 30. So yeah, #fliphair.

I know i want a trip i’ll remember for a lifetime. Hahahaha. Perangai. Baru 5 year anniversary. Belum 50 year. Kalau 50 year anniversary, aku request gi bulan agaknya.
So we shortlisted a few destinations! Some, i really wanna go and some just tangkap muat. Lol

NEw York

Undoubtedly my 1st choice. I’ve been wanting to go to New York since foreverrrr. Dari zaman muda remaja but i’ve always thought it’s pretty impossible. Lol
Now with Nadya with us, the 24hr flight to New York seems pretty scary. 24 hours with a wriggly toddler. Hello? But my heart is at New York. It’s all i think about.



I love New Zealand landscapes and also cos we can self drive here. Flight is between 12 – 16 hours depending on airlines. It’s a long ride but still manageable lah kan.



I love the idea of going to chillax Australia and Melbourne would be a good place for Nadya. It’s very kid friendly and there’s plenty of places we can bring her to and then there’s seafood! Yums! 7 hours flight is also very manageable!

Other destinations i’ve considered are  Turkey + Santorini.
Santorini is one of the places i WANT to go to. But i wanna head there after i visit Turkey. But with the many Turkey bombings etc, i’m really thinking twice. Especially when one of my friend’s sister happen to be verryyy near the last bombing site. I just don’t feel comfortable with it. Maybe not now.

I’ve also considered Amsterdam + London but striked it off the list cos Rusly is not interested in London. Currently the only thing i’m interested about London is Primark. Lol. But i feel like 9 days in Amsterdam alone would be too long and we should split the trip to 2 countries? But 2  Euro countries in 9 day pulak like not enough. And i have no interest in the other neighbouring European countries except for Amsterdam. Actually i kind of lost  the interest in European countries. I know the desire will come again soon. Cos i know i wanted to go Europe last few years and then the fascination just died off macam tu je. Except for being able to buy bags lah. Lol

I have a few criteria for the next trip.

  • Short flight
  • Diversity. i want to be able to shop & also sightsee.
  • Eat good food.

Actually tu je ah and Rusly said KL fits all my criteria. Tenksss.

But after ding-dong-ing for a while and lotsa twitter rants, we finally chose our October destination!

ding ding ding…



Hello Akak.. I’ll meet you soon!

Yes we chose NEW YORK!!!!!  Woots woots!!
How we’ll survive a 24 hour flight with Nadya, i don’t know. We’ll just wing it and i hope to be able to tell you that i survived a 24hr flight with a toddler and you should just #gojer.

We booked the tickets via Emirates cos it’s cheaper than SIA!
We paid $3275.00 for us three compared to $5000+ for SIA.
$1000+ difference boleh cover half of our accommodation there! Lol. Emirates is good enough for us and the timings pun tak merepek. Except for the return journey ada 7hrs transit time. Ok yang tu merepek. We’ll probably go check ourselves in the transit hotel ke apa instead of tersadai kat airport cam pelarian.

But yaaaayyy i’m so excited!!!!!
Dreams do come true after all. I cannot wait for October to come!
Rusly was quite reluctant to say yes to NYC and i had a tough time convincing him it’ll be fine and i’ll bribe Nadya with toys segala so she’ll keep herself occupied in the flight.

Please Nadya, if you cooperate, i’ll buy you whatever you want there.

Now time to find our accommodation there! Will update that next.

padahal Tokyo nya entry belum habis tau. sibuk nak update pasal New York. Lol

10 thoughts on “Travel plans!”

  1. Hi i love reading ur blog! Just wanted to say tt my husband & I will be gg to NYC with our 2yrold in Sept/Oct too! I’m dreading such a loooong flight with a kid too but it’s gotta end at some point right? Haha. (Altho I’m alr imagining my daughter acting up on the plane n my husband gving me a padan muka face. 😛 )
    Anw yes happy planning!! 🙂
    #gojer indeed. 🙂

    1. Hello Nur!! omg i gotta follow u on your instagram or something! DM me on Instagram if you follow me there can?! So i can stalk u when u go NYC and then get more excited. and yes i agree, it’s either now or never lah. kalau asyik pikir2 nanti tak pergi2 seh.

      I can totally imagine muka my husband as well. “I TOLD YOU SO.” Hahahaha

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