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Nadya’s Pink House

So we spent our New Year’s Eve at home building a cardboard playhouse from scratch for Nadya! Initially i wanted to use several medium sized boxes from Fedex and stack them up etc but Rusly found a huge box from our last fridge purchase in our storeroom and it was perfect!

2016-12-31-14-56-002016-12-31-16-31-04My only regret, tak sempat nak document the entire process of making this.

But we created the roof successfuly, taped it up and tutup with mahjong paper before creating the door & windows.


I then did a quick run to BPP to buy spray paints. Got 2 cans in Pink and 1 can in Blue. It was just enough!

Also chose Spray paints over painting cos it’s much easier and we don’t have to wait too long for it to dry completely.


I then made a Mail box, decorated the door & windows by pasting white paper on it. Also made picket fences because too cute!!!


So this is how her new play area looks like. She really love the house. It’s where she keep all her soft toys and yesterday i caught her sleeping inside the house with all her toy friends. So adorable!

DIY Project, Motherhood, Nadya Raessa

Homemade Play Dough Recipe!


So i made some play dough for Nadya last week and got a lot of request for the recipe.
To be honest, this is the best recipe i’ve tried so far! It’s really easy & quick and most of the ingredients are things you can already find in your kitchen.


The texture of the Play dough is also the best. It’s soft & pliable but does not stick to your fingers. The first recipe i tried, i had to knead it like crazy, i was sweating like a mamak prata. But this one was done in less than 10mins!


Obviously i also had my hands on it too. That’s a bowl of Mee Soto, Epok2, Pizza and fishballs. HAHAHAHAHA.

Recipe & also how to do it is in the video below!

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Keeping busy

I’ve so many things to update but i’m too busy with everything else but i also don’t want to not update because i don’t want to forget things. Especially stuff concerning Nadya because at times, i cannot keep up with that little girl. They really grow really fast. So i’ll update most of my entries on the WordPress app now. I’ll try and steal time while i let her sleep on my lap and let her stare at me.

Call me crazy but i sometimes don’t want to make eye contact with her when she’s about to take her nap because she’ll just get excited again and then refuse to sleep. So sometimes i bedek and close my eyes also. Sigh the things we do.

I did few stuff for Nadya few weeks back and one of it is the busy board. Like finally seh korang aku habiskan benda alah ni! I’ve been keeping aside stuff for her to explore and play but never had the time to really put everything up. Then one day i had a free time and she was having her nap so i set everything up in less than an hour! Success!   

She loves it and i love it too cos it keeps her busy. She’ll try to cabut2 everything but i hot glue the stuff on the board so it’s harder for her.

 Most of the stuff are recycled stuff like balance ribbons & fabrics. Calculator yang dah lama tak pakai cos i keep using the phone calculator anyway.   

Even the board was recycled from an old poster foam board i have. She loves touching the different texture and also the different noise they all make!

The board is still alive and that’s an achievement. Knowing how rough Nadya is with stuff, i kinda estimated the board to be up for a week only.

I obviously underestimated the hot glue. đŸ˜‚

DIY Project

sew fun!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice my new hobby. Sewing!
I bought a cheap sewing machine few weeks after i gave birth cos i wanted to try sewing headbands for Nadya. Oh i sewed plenty and sold most of them off already!

And then i started sewing shoes for her and drool pads for my Tula Carrier!

Recently i got a little adventurous and made Nadya her 1st dress!

2015-08-12 18.21.49

and then because the 1st dress was a success, i got motivated to sew more. i began looking around for patterns and then printing it out and got a little busy with the sewing machine.

2015-08-22 14.55.03I sewed 4 dressed for her in a week! Crazy me. But it is so addictive! 

IMG_4790Like sewing, buying fabric is also addictive! I’ve also take to buying wrap scraps now! Oh what did i get myself into?! 

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Year End Clean

There’s something i do each year-end.

Spring cleaning. De-cluttering. To welcome the brand new year.
I started with the Bag section this week. Most of the bags i no longer use, i either throw or re-home them, depending on their value.
Then i realised i had some leftover scrapbook papers and decided to wallpaper the entire bookcase.
i’m still wallpapering them and i hope to finish it by next week!


Next would be my makeup section! I need to throw out lipsticks that has been around for more than 8 months and then rearrange everything else because i just realised the makeup section is overflowing.

After that would be the nails section and then the accessories section.
Very ambitious i know.

Happy Holidays people!
My holiday is spent watching Gossip Girl re-runs (i’m now back on Season 2!) while clearing all Card Maison artworks!
Off for a double movie date tonight to watch 47 Ronin and i’m hoping tomorrow we can go eat at East Coast. I miss the Honey Chicken Wings there.

Speaking about movies, ever since i discovered Cathay West Mall have these Elite Club Seats, i never go to any other movie theatre! The seats are uber-comfortable cos u can recline the back rest and the leg rest. Not to mention, the leg room is so spacious.
Tickets are from $11.50 – $15.00. Not that much difference from the normal ticket price for the additional comfort. Not sure if it’s available at any other Cathay Theatres though but worth checking it out!

DIY Project

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Selamat Hari Raya u’olls!
Maaf Zahir Batin kalau ada tersalah type in my blog / FB / Instagram (depending on where u follow me at) and i f i have offended you in any way.

It’s the 2nd Raya as husband & wife and it’s even better now!
We learnt from our mistakes last year on raya visiting (it was a lil chaotic) so kita plan swee-swee this year.

I also did a few DIY jobs this year even though it was last minute. But mad happy cos i didn’t spend much on them cos most of it were DIY-ed using some recycled materials. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll probably have seen this already!

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The Poster

This is where i placed the Wedding Guestbook Poster.
I hang it at the Pink Room!

I am so glad i decided to do a poster instead of a book. Cos i could hang it, see it and be reminded of the wonderful time i had on my wedding and the people who came, their best wishes etc.

I snapped this last night because i was feeling emo again. lol
i can’t believe it has been 5 months since our Big Day. cepatnya.
Just what have we been doing for the past 5months sey.

and just 5months into our marriage, i now face the makcik2 problem.
“Nari nak masak apa eh.”


DIY Project, Musings of a Bride

of wedding albums

oh, since i have some pictures on my laptop and some spare time, here’s how my DIY wedding album looks like.

Here are the pictures that i’ve sent to print. After much googling and bertapa kat Clubsnap, i finally printed my gambar2 at Miao Laan Colour Centre at Bukit Batok. So if you are staying nearby there, go get your prints done there. The quality is the same as what the other photographers will give you one.. Not those yang u cuci kat kedai film biasa. I can’t remember what kind of paper they used lah, but definitely not the usually ones the kedai2 film kasi, that will wash out the colours of the photos.

I think i paid $0.30 per piece and i printed about 400++ of pictures in total. but i know i spent less than $150.00 for the pictures ah. I also got my album and refills from them and the total bill came up to $200 gitu aje.

The service was super fast. All the pictures were printed in less than an hour actually and the white border, i requested for it was FOC.

Our image-wrap album that was sent to my office, hence the messy background. haha.

I think i’ve mentioned that i got a great deal for this, one of the offer that Photobook Singapore was having. I got it at $37.60 excluding shipping fees.

In total, i spent less than $50.00 on this including shipping fees and also some extra pages.

I love the quality of the book but i think the colour saturation on this one was a bt more reddish as compared to the pictures i printed with Miao Laan.
The boy can’t tell the difference, but because i deal with printings a lot, i can tell the colours are quite different.

I personally prefer Miao Laan’s colours myself but if you’re not too anal about it, then Photobook Singapore would work out fine for you.

Service wise: The software was quite handy, easy to use but because im used to working with Photoshop, i feel there were some limitations to the system and i would actually prefer to work with Photoshop still but too bad, they only accept artworks done by their system.

The printing and the who she-bangs was really quick though. I got it within a week or so after sending my book to print and this was right after the X’mas holidays, mind you.

So for that $50 odd dollars that i’m paying, i am actually pretty satisfied with the book.