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The Wedding Invites – Completed!

Less words and more pictures. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

33 days to the wedding, i am finally done with the invites.
I swear, i am behind time. I am never gonna DIY these envelopes again, not even for my first-born child’s wedding. hahaa

Yes, these envelopes are a killer, but i love it, and that’s all that matters really.

My mom and dad have started giving them away and my relatives love it! *beams*

I’m gonna start giving it out to my colleagues and friends starting tomorrow. Will also be mailing out some tomorrow too to some friends.

Have i told you guys, i just can’t wait to get all this done and over with? Really, the wedding  preps are taking a toll on me finally. But on the other hand, i will miss all these excitement. I am so twisted.

The bestie just told me the other day she can’t come back to SG on my wedding. She’s currently heavily pregnant with her 2nd one and is stuck at Qatar with her hubby, who is currently stationed there. I really, really miss her and as much as i really want her to be at my wedding, i shall not be a selfish friend.

Oh, the misery of having one of your best friend across the world. *sigh*

DIY Project, Musings of a Bride

The Signage Posters

I did my signage posters already! (feeling rajin).

Initially, I wanted to put our pictures. Jadi orang yang datang boleh tau, muka aku without makeup tebal macam mana. haha

Tapi macam over pulak kalau aku letak gambar kita kat luar LRT station. Step mcm aku buat concert pulak.

Simple and very clear. Kalau sesat gak, tak tau aku nak cakap apa.

I’m gonna print it on A3 Size Art Card and laminate it. Initially thought of printing it on the Kapaline Foam Board. But i wouldn’t be able to laminate it.

Macam2 hal.

DIY Project, Musings of a Bride

Final Sticker Design

I finally, finally got the laptop virus-free again. Banyak2 time, dia nak down, it has to be this period. Time aku nak siapkan kad kahwin sendiri, time banyak pending designs to do. Time tu jugak lah dia nak sakit.

I finally had time to design my stickers for the Invites envelopes. I wanted something simple, yet nice with minimal colours, which can match the black envelopes i’m gonna use.



There you go!

It may not be as nice and elaborate as the pre-designed stickers i featured here but at least it was something i could be proud of and tell my grandchildren about in future. eh melebih pulak.

I’ll be printing these stickers out soon-ish once i am done with all the other stuff i am supposed to do.

Will show you guys the design for my wedding card next!

Selamat berbuka y’all!



DIY Project, Musings of a Bride

DIY: Hydrangea Pomander Ball

My new DIY project – The Hydrangea Pomander Ball!

I ran out of pink pearlesque paper so i made do with ivory ones as well. Gonna get few more pink papers and complete the balls and make a few more.

I don’t exactly know what i’m gonna do with them but i’ll probably be hanging them in the Bridal room and i’m also considering to do few more of it and get my girlfriends to hold it during the outdoor shoot after our nikah.

Benda important aku malas nak bikin, benda ni aku bikin dulu. lol

Oh, i saw these beauties from blogwalking.

Gorgeous x 1000 Jewelled Silk Flowers Bouquet.

These gorgeous bouquets made my Pomander Balls pale in comparison. Damn!
Tapi cantik kan? Tapi confirm mahal ah.
And they are peonies! Cantik!!

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Tak lama lagi! Yahoooooo

Last week, i received a letter from HDB with regards to my AHG.
It’s approved! *happy dance*

We got a grant of $25,000. May not be as much as the $40,000 but still?
$25,000 is a big deal to us and probably can cover at least 1 year of HDB loan. i think lah.

This morning, tangan gatal, check CPF account and *ka-ching* the grant is already deposited into our CPF Account. 🙂

So now with our HLE and AHG approved, i excitedly called our HDB Officer to arrange for the deferment of our Marriage Certificate.

I’ve emailed her all the receipts this morning and hopefully everything is in order.
Will probably call and ‘hound’ them again later this week.

The customer service officer said i should be able to either:

  • receive the Appointment Letter and collect the keys by this month OR
  • receive the Appontment Letter late this month and collect my keys next month.

Either way, i’m fine with it. As long as i know everything is in order already.

I’m mad excited about this. I have been waiting for the house for so long and i can’t wait to build our love nest slowly. I know it’s not gonna be a smooth-sailing ride for sure. But Insyaallah, we’ll make it through.

I also managed to finish off 90% of my Bunga Rampai holder.
I’m gonna go over to Arab Street on Thursday and buy some small pearl beads to complete the look and i’ll show you guys k.

My next project will be the Bunga Pahar. I am thinking of DIY-ing it myself.
Details and pictures only if i manage to do a decent one.

If not, off to JB i go and buy the 50pcs for RM$30.00 one aje. lol

My bantal hantaran sampai sekarang macam gitu jugak, but my mom promised to help me with it, so i’m somehow safe.

As of today, i’m left with 164 days before the wedding and to be honest, i’m moving really really slow. lol

DIY Project, Musings of a Bride

Why print your own photobooks?

I think i own this entry to some of you who emailed me to ask how much cheaper it is to print our own photobook rather than get the normal photography packages.

In my line of work, i know that printing costs a bomb here in Singapore.Any kind of printing lah, photo printing, canvas printing, card printings.

Especially if you get a third party to do it for you. So if you are able to source out the best printing vendors yourself, do it yourself!

Generally, Photobooks will cost between $100.00 to $180.00 depending on the size and album type.

There are generally few types of Albums that are commonly used for Wedding Photobooks.

Debossed Photobooks:

Image from Flickr


Imagewrap Hardcover Books

Image from Google


Softcover Books

I personally prefer the Imagewrap Hardcover Books because i would have full control of what kind of design and colour i would want for my Book.

Generally, the photobooks would take between 7-10 working days to be ready.
If you are not familiar with Photoshop, fret not as most of them have their own Photobook software that you can download to your PC and create your own design by using the drag and drop function.

I found some online vendors whom i feel offers competitive prices for their photobooks.

Photobookmart Singapore

They are currently running a 50% off Promotion for all their Photobooks.
You can still utilise it afterward cos it will be under Prepaid Payment. So if your wedding is in October, just get the offer now and use it when u log in next time. Remember to key in the code “50Mar” when you checkout.

More info here.


Photobook Singapore

Photobook Singapore is also having a promotion currently.
Their 11″ x 8.5″ Medium Imagewrap Landscape album is going for only $42.00 if you get the prepaid voucher. It would be good as a gift as well!
Again, i suppose since it’s a prepaid voucher, you can probably utilise it later.

More info here.

You can see their Price List here and you will see a Buy One Get One Free button there. You just need to leave your email address and they will email you the Promo Code.

Buy One Get One Free is very cost-saving tau.
Their Large Landscape – 15″ x 11″ Album of 40 pages is $161.00 each.
So if you get two of those, it would be only $80.50 each.

I was thinking of getting this promo deal.
One album for the wedding and the other album for the outdoor shoots etc.

You can see their detailed price list here.

There are of course other vendors that you can also look at and compare the prices etc.


My Photo Ideas


My Image Story

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you want to save more $$, you can try DIY your own Photobooks. Afterall, you only need to do this after the wedding 🙂