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The Wedding Invites – Completed!

Less words and more pictures. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

33 days to the wedding, i am finally done with the invites.
I swear, i am behind time. I am never gonna DIY these envelopes again, not even for my first-born child’s wedding. hahaa

Yes, these envelopes are a killer, but i love it, and that’s all that matters really.

My mom and dad have started giving them away and my relatives love it! *beams*

I’m gonna start giving it out to my colleagues and friends starting tomorrow. Will also be mailing out some tomorrow too to some friends.

Have i told you guys, i just can’t wait to get all this done and over with? Really, the wedding  preps are taking a toll on me finally. But on the other hand, i will miss all these excitement. I am so twisted.

The bestie just told me the other day she can’t come back to SG on my wedding. She’s currently heavily pregnant with her 2nd one and is stuck at Qatar with her hubby, who is currently stationed there. I really, really miss her and as much as i really want her to be at my wedding, i shall not be a selfish friend.

Oh, the misery of having one of your best friend across the world. *sigh*

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