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Selamat Hari Raya!

Oh belum eh?

So anyway, i’ve opened up preorders for Sampul Raya this year. Didn’t get to do it last year cos Nadya came along and it’ll be too much work. Now that she’s bigger and can occupy herself, i think it’ll be manageable for me!

No 5.jpg

These are the designs i’ve done so far. Might be adding few more designs soon.

The Earlybird Promotion is from today till 16 March 2016. You’ll get 4 packs at $10.00.

Usual price would be 3 packs for $10.00 and that preorder will commence on 17 March 2016.

You hear it here 1st but i’ll also be opening up slots for resellers this year. So if you’re keen to make extra $ during the Raya period, wait up for the news ok!

So anyway, if you’re keen, head over to The Sampul Raya to place your orders!

The Card Maison

busy bee

I was kept very busy last week at the MegaXpress Expo. There was such great turn-out for all four days that i had to rope in my sister to help me on Saturday and Sunday and luckily i did cos while attending to some clients, there were actually 2 – 3 clients waiting for their turn to put down their deposits. Syukur Alhamdulillah. The response was overwhelming and i wish i had more manpower and space but that’s ok, maybe next time!

I also learned from the previous mistake on the merchandise display during the previous expo and glad i could come up with something easier to carry this time round and also effectively show my products to prospective clients.

Here’s my humble booth!


I DIY-ed this display board 1 day before the Expo and i’m so glad it turned out just as i’ve imagined and this board is her to stay permanently in my office.

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See you maybe?

Participating in the Wedding expo by MegaXpress for the 2nd time.

This time, with more partners on board!

TCM Posters

If you happen to be at the Expo, please say Hello to me ok!

There will be discounts for wedding invites of course and if you let me know u’re a reader, i might just throw in a little bit more discount & freebies!


The Card Maison

The First!

Ok quick update cos i need to run and get envelopes, collect cards and do some print-jobs.

Honestly, i thought that now that i am working from home, i thought i would have more time to myself. Tapi macam sama aja..

I have been running around for appointments and errands and making sure i come back by 5.00pm to cook dinner for the hubby because i’m one of the nicest wife on earth.

Honestly, i have a lot to update on the blog. The last day at work, the TTC journey thus far some other random stuff but because this is supposed to be a quick post, i shall leave you with this 1st!

FB Poster

Because this is our 1st showcase at the Expo, expect lots of discounts and awesome freebies!! Not kidding you.

I will be collaborating with Pesona Belle Henna as well so u can come over to the booth if you are looking for Henna, Gubahan Hantaran, Sireh Dara & Bunga Rampai as well okie!

Be a gem, help me to spread the word can?
xie xie ni.

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Charisma D’venue

Just a quick post because i’m up to the neck with work cos something really interesting is happening next week at work. It’s all hush-hush now and i honestly can’t wait for February to be over because i miss browsing blogs and shopping sites. Stealing a few minutes to cramp in a short review, an intro and some news.
If you have not heard, Charisma Bridal have recently launched their restaurant, Charisma D’Venue, this is also where they house their Bridal (at Second Floor).

D'Venue Logo

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