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Selamat Hari Raya!

Oh belum eh?

So anyway, i’ve opened up preorders for Sampul Raya this year. Didn’t get to do it last year cos Nadya came along and it’ll be too much work. Now that she’s bigger and can occupy herself, i think it’ll be manageable for me!

No 5.jpg

These are the designs i’ve done so far. Might be adding few more designs soon.

The Earlybird Promotion is from today till 16 March 2016. You’ll get 4 packs at $10.00.

Usual price would be 3 packs for $10.00 and that preorder will commence on 17 March 2016.

You hear it here 1st but i’ll also be opening up slots for resellers this year. So if you’re keen to make extra $ during the Raya period, wait up for the news ok!

So anyway, if you’re keen, head over to The Sampul Raya to place your orders!

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