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we can pick up bridezilla vibes

On a vendor point of view, trust me when i say we can instantly pick up bridezilla vibes from working with so many brides. Dia ada macam satu jenis nya aura tau, even though kalau berbual kat FB je. Betul, tak tipu.

So, dear btbs, i know you’re excited about your wedding. But vendors do not lurk on their FB page every hour to check on your PM enquiries. If they do, maknanya either dorang takde kerja lain, pasal takde business ataupun dorang kaya sangat, so dia upah orang untuk jaga FB page dia every hour. The latter is quite unlikely though.

So if they do not reply your FB enquiries within 12 hours, it’s ok. Give them at least 24 hours before you try another way of contacting them. eg; email or calling. If it was that urgent, you would have just called them on the spot kan? If you FB message a vendor at 2.00am, please do not expect them to reply by 8.00am pls. Not everybody have the same sleeping pattern as you.

and when u call, if we don’t pick up the first call, u try the second time. If we still don’t pick up, that means we  are busy and you just call us back later in the day or send out a sms but you do not give someone 23 missed calls in 8 minutes (that’s what happened to me, honestly) because that will seriously irritate your vendor or anyone as a matter of fact when they see the no of missed calls they see on their phone.

If you want to have a pleasant wedding, do not exhibit your perangai bridezilla yang membuak-buak. Because it is a turn-off. When you keep thinking that everything will go wrong on your Big Day, then it will go wrong. Because kau sendiri yang mintak. Apa kita cakap tu selalunya satu doa.

I personally do not mind brides asking lots of questions about my services. I would be glad to share, after all i am running a business and that is part of it kan. But, you do not snap at a vendor and say:

Bridezilla: “Eh asal mahal sangat sey? My sister dulu buat lagik murah”
Me: “dia buat kat mana and bila?”
Bridezilla: “Dia buat kat JB. Angsana i think. Dia kahwin 2008”.
Me: “eh? asal u tak kahwin time 2008 sekali? leh dapat murah.”

My point is, harga 2008 ngan 2012 jauh berbeza dik. Dulu aku beli nasi lemak $1.50 pun ley dapat. Kakak kau buat kat JB, sayang. Currency sana lagik rendah dari kita. Kau nak buat kat singapore, then kau bayar lah in SGD, takkan kita nak charge kau in MYR kan? Apa stim?

Lagi satu, when you finally choose your vendors, that means u love their past works and you want that for your wedding, even though u want something customised, you know your vendor is capable of doing it. That’s why you went ahead and book their services. True?
So trust your choice, trust your vendor. You personally booked the vendor anyway, takde orang yang paksa kau choose kita kan? So please takmo mintak yang bukan2 like, “can you do a draft of my wedding cards first? Kalau i suka, then i amik you”.

Do you tell your Deco people to do a mock set-up of your Wedding Deco under your block before you book them?

Do you tell your Mak Andam to doll you up, siap ngan sanggung lintang satu set, kasi u duduk atas pelamin and tutup muka u ngan kipas bulu-bulu before you book them?

Do you tell your caterer to try masak bawah block you, eksen macam it’s your real wedding ah, before you book them?

Do you tell your kompang guys to selamba je try iring korang so that korang ley dengar bunyi kompang dia tu sedap ke tak before you book them?

Tak kan?

All these you observe at other people weddings. U go for food tastings, you see the deco set-up at client’s place and you hear the kompangs during other’s wedding.

For cards, you are always welcome to see past works, feel the cards and such and see if you are comfortable with the material etc. It works the same way, baby.

With this, i know they always say the customer is always right.
But to me, if you wanna have a great wedding, foster a good relationship with all of your vendors.

It pays to be nice to people.

12 thoughts on “we can pick up bridezilla vibes”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! seriously, 23 missed calls?! GILA KAPE!!

    (im omw to becoming a bridezilla too, but thanks for the tips! insyaallah tak menjadi bridezilla HAHAHAHAH)

  2. hahaha im serious lah babe. Dah kasi orang 23 missed calls takpe, nombor dia private. abih i nak call macam mana? nak call Singtel suruh track ke pe? haha
    Abih tak reti nak sms. Setakat cuma nak tanya whether i masih amik for 2013 nya weddings, call sampai 23 kali. I pity the bridal house she’s taking sey.

  3. Okay now it’s your turn to relax.. “breatheeee in……breatheee out”
    hahahahah! Tapi 23 missed calls melampau jugak! Mak I pon tak call byk2 sampai mcm gitu. hehehe 😛

    BRIDEZILLA ALERT! *cover face*

    1. hahahahha i know kan, my husband never gives me more than 3 missed calls sey. tu pun kalau urgent gila ah. kalau tak, 1 call, kalau tak angkat sudah. hahahaha
      My mother pun sama. I betul2 ingat my family ada accident ke, ada orang mati ke. lol

      eh u not bridezilla ley. Tak cerewet langsung. hahahah

      1. I nak jadi bridezilla pon I takut sey! Ada je kalau vendors dah malas nak layan mampos! hahahahahahaha!

        p/s: ada jugak uh bridezilla moments but I vent them to girlfriends and fiance. LOL

      2. yeah lor… kalau vendors malas nak layan, the brides gak rugi sey. Tak pasal2 nanti dua2 mengamok sendiri. hahaha.

        my bridezilla moments were always taichi-ed to my husband. hahaha

  4. i was bridezilla to my own self! bcos i was my own vendor for most things. lol. tapi u sabar k.. lumrah business. hehe.

    i ever got requests for drafts before doing up dulangs. like, blueprint or sketches. tapi i bukan ni architect or designer so macam maner 😐

    1. hahahah okie i do not understand how is someone supposed to do a blueprint of a dulang hantaran. lol

      Tulah, dah cool down now. I laughed about it now.
      Luckily i don’t encounter lotsa bridezillas seriously

  5. Hey you 🙂 Was just blog hopping and found this entry got me nodding away in agreement! Lol. I’m not, by myself, a wedding vendor but I do assist my vendor friends in replying their queries..while we haven’t received 23 missed calls (TEBIAT KAPE?!), Time Hari Raya, ada bridezilla dropped us a message. Naturally, nobody was looking into the company inbox sebab the obvious reason yang kita semua beraya and lagi kushuk kasi abes satay goreng ngan ketupat kan! She mailed again demanding for a reply, babe!! It’s a public freaking holiday seh. Susah kadang kadang ni macam punya orang. Mintak kena campak ketupat keras ah kat kepala dia

    1. hahahaha i get those Hari Raya sms and calls as well!
      Dalam hati, budak2 ni tak reti nak raya ke? hahaha

      But the 23 missed calls takes the cake. When she came over to my place the other day to confirm her order, i just had to ask the fiance, “dia selalu ke kasi awak missed calls”

      I swear the fiance gave a HUGE sigh. lol

      ALl is well lah. In fact she apologised, but i can’t help feeling i have a mega bridezilla wedding invite under my to-do list.

      Ya Allah, lindungi lah hamba mu ini. hehehehe

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