The Husband & Wife, The Travel Bug

and i keep saying hello.

yes, hello!
it has been a while, no?

I’ve been so busy these days i could barely gather enough thoughts for a proper blog post.
and to be really honest, i’ve got really short-term memory these days. Like really short-term.

Just the other day, while showering, i thought of a genius business plan (or so i thought), but i knew it had something to do with The Card Maison. Anyway, during the entire shower session, all i could think about was that plan and told myself i’m gonna google about some stuff relating to it once i’m out of the shower. Once i’m out of the bathroom, dried my hair and stuff, switched on my laptop, eh, i forgot about the entire thing lah. Macam budak selenger duduk depan laptop trying to remember what i was supposed to google about. Guess what? i still can’t it remember till today.

My friends said i think too much sometimes and i can’t help to agree.
Sometimes i wish i can switch off and relax my mind but apparently i can only do that during holidays. lol

Speaking of holidays, we went for a short trip to Bali on our Anniversary weekend. I know right, cepat gila dah setahun! How did it fly past so fast?!

Enjoyed Bali tremendously but i had bad food poisoning on my 2nd day there. I’ve always had a weak stomach. I can never eat leftover foods etc but this was the worst case i had. 😦

some pictures from our Bali trip:








We are off to Bandung with my family in January and i’m pretty excited cos it has been quite a while since i’ve been on a holiday with the entire family.

We’re still thinking of where to go next, although i think we’ll keep our distance near cos to be really honest, i hate plane rides. The longest i can sit on one is 3 hours max. bleargh. I always, always get migraine when i’m on the plane. Telinga berdesing jgn cakap lah.

Probably Vietnam next!

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