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Take Me To: Bandung Day 1

Back from Bandung!
Man.. it was so tiring. I’m never doing a 3D2N shopping trip again. At least a 4D3N trip if i need to eat & shop.¬†Or at least when i travel to Indonesia. The traffic is horrendous!! Macet here and there. We spent half a day in the car. Exciting habis.


Le husband. Who turned 31st today!
This is Part 3 of his birthday gift. An all-expenses-paid trip to Bandung. Hahahaha.


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two thousand thirteen

this is 2013 in retrospect. Awesome stuff happens in 2013 without me realising it.
I don’t really keep track of everything i’ve done in 2013 but these are the things that stood out to me.

The Card Maison made it’s first debut at the Wedding Expo in 2013.
It was an awesome experience. Tired but very rewarding.


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The Travel Bug

waking up to the sea breeze

Back with Krabi Day 3!


One of my travelling habits, if i’m staying in a country for more than 3 days, i like to switch hotels. Just because i get bored with a place (which is not home very easily). In fact, i get bored of everything quite easily actually. Including people. Excluding my loved ones. hahaha. ok i’m so mean.

Anywaaay, we moved on to the quieter part of Krabi. The Klong Muang area. Practical if i say, where all the atas2 resorts like Sheratons are because the place spells serenity! It is very very ulu, about 40mins away from Ao Nang and Krabi Town.

But that is just perfect!

I got to know about this resort through Elzii when she posted it on her Instagram during her recent Krabi trip and i Instantly fell in love with the place.

But what’s not to love?
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of blue skies & clear waters

Day 2 of Krabi was spent Island Hopping!
Read about Day 1 here.

Before i go on, just a tip if you are visiting Krabi.
Go get a Prepaid SIM card from the 7-11. It is so so worth it. I can’t remember how much i got it for but it was less than S$10.00 and it lasted me for 5 days and 3G is charged daily at a small fee and is unlimited.

I find having 3G is really useful cos the other time, i wanted to find out the Spa contact no, it was just easier to google for it and call them straight from your Thai no. This is what i usually do when i travel.

So anyway, on Day 1, we actually managed to book a Private longtail Boat for island hopping. Based on our past experience island hopping during our trip in Phuket, we hated the Speedboats that the Tour Agencies offer because they are always cramped with so many people and when they stop at a certain place, it will be at a crowded place and they will give you a strict timing to follow. eg only 1 hour at this island and honestly, 1hour is not enough and i hate going to places yang banyak sangat tourist. So i told my husband we will splurge a bit and just take a private long-tail boat for the 2 of us.

That was the best decision we made in Krabi.

We paid only 2,000 baht (S$80.00) for that private Longtail Boat and i felt it was so worth it! Cos in Krabi, i bump into my ex-schoolmate and she mentioned she’s joining a tour agency on a speedboat and they paid 1500 baht (S$60.00) per person. That was what i paid in Phuket as well.

yes, a speedboat is faster than the longtail boat but.. we are on a holiday and we can take our sweet time if we want! So a private long tail boat it is!

Our hotel inlcude this in every room which i thought was a very thoughtful gesture. A beach straw bag with beach towels.
Our hotel include this in every room which i thought was a very thoughtful gesture. A beach straw bag with beach towels.

We waited at the hotel lobby for someone to pick us up to the Ao Nang Pier to our Longtail Boat.

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where the sun is unforgiving

This is Day 1 of Krabi!

After our Bali trip in October last year, i knew i wanted another Beach Destination and Tiger Airways came up with a Promotion somewhere before Christmas so we grabbed the promo and paid less than $300.00 for 2 pax to Krabi.
Bearing in mind that April is not a low season, it was definitely a great deal.

We arrived Krabi at about 12.20pm and checked in to Mercure Krabi Deevana.
We love that it is at Ao Nang but not very near to the busy streets and tuk tuks are always available to bring us to the walking street which is about 5mins away and cost 40 baht (S$1.60) only.

the front desk had these really nice birdcage deco on the wall.
the front desk had these really nice birdcage deco on the wall.

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of the many what ifs?

I’m 2 weeks away from my last day of work here and i can’t wait to throw in the towel already.

I have decided to be a work-at-home-wife, diverting my time and energy to The Card Maison (and my husband of course) like finalllyyyyyyy…

Business was awesome for 2012 and 2013 is gonna be even much more awesome as i had few things lined up and i can’t wait to do it full force.

But of course i had some what ifs and it is especially not helpful when the people around you are contributing to the what ifs list, like it’s a conspiracy to stop me from leaving.

What if i get bored from working at home?
cos apart from my bestie, Liza, everyone else i know works office hours.

What if i get bored being alone at home?
but u know i’ll always have E! Entertainment! lol

What if i’m not bringing in much moolah?
there’s never gonna be enough seriously.

I know i have many other what-ifs in my head now but i’m not looking back.
i’m sure this is the best decision i have made for myself.

Things will work out. I’ll make sure it does.
even if i have to work extra hard for this.

On another note, i just got back from Krabi and i loved it so much!
It is so different from Phuket. Will update on Krabi soon but here’s a teaser!


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2013 Travel Bug: Bandung

Early this year, we hopped on a place to Bandung with my family.
12 pax (including 1 baby and 2 toddles, please imagine the mayhem now!)

I didn’t particularly love Bandung, as in the city itself did not attract me as much as Bali. But i went a little crazy with shopping there. particularly at Pasar Baru and Rumah Mode. Next time, if i ever go there again, i’ll spend the entire day at Pasar Baru to borong kain and another day at Rumah Mode to get dirt cheap clothes.

Food was awesome too although i really wish i had time to go Kampung Daun but that’s ok!

Tangkuban Perahu
Tangkuban Perahu



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and i keep saying hello.

yes, hello!
it has been a while, no?

I’ve been so busy these days i could barely gather enough thoughts for a proper blog post.
and to be really honest, i’ve got really short-term memory these days. Like really short-term.

Just the other day, while showering, i thought of a genius business plan (or so i thought), but i knew it had something to do with The Card Maison. Anyway, during the entire shower session, all i could think about was that plan and told myself i’m gonna google about some stuff relating to it once i’m out of the shower. Once i’m out of the bathroom, dried my hair and stuff, switched on my laptop, eh, i forgot about the entire thing lah. Macam budak selenger duduk depan laptop trying to remember what i was supposed to google about. Guess what? i still can’t it remember till today.

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The KL Trip

Such an overdue post, i know. But better late than never kan?

We went to KL with the Jentayu family over the CNY weekend.
Fun, fun, fun.

We stayed at the Swiss Gardens Residences which is a typical Serviced Apartment. Love the place. It’s new (masih bau kedai), clean and most importantly, has Free Wi-fi. The breakfast though, could be improved cos there were limited choices.

Nah, tengok gambar. Malas nak cerita panjang2. lol