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Take Me To: Bandung Day 1

Back from Bandung!
Man.. it was so tiring. I’m never doing a 3D2N shopping trip again. At least a 4D3N trip if i need to eat & shop. Or at least when i travel to Indonesia. The traffic is horrendous!! Macet here and there. We spent half a day in the car. Exciting habis.


Le husband. Who turned 31st today!
This is Part 3 of his birthday gift. An all-expenses-paid trip to Bandung. Hahahaha.


My parents went to Bandung the week before and you know what the old man told me “kakak, you check in, jangan give me seat yang nampak kepak boleh tak? Everytime choose seat mesti ada kepak.”

Oh wells, i know how he feels. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and seat selections.
I always always get that damn kepak just right out of my window!

We arrived Bandung at 11.00am, got Pak Eko to pick us up from the Airport, straight to our hotel but because we requested for connecting rooms and it won’t be ready till 2.00pm, we decided to get lunch at Ikan Bakar Pak Chi Met.

What was supposed to be a 15-minutes ride from Airport to the hotel became a 45-mins journey because of the traffic jam. To make a u-turn, it took him 15 minutes to get past through traffic. I know i really sound very whiny and it’s not even half of the post yet seh.

So anyway, on a happier note, our 1st meal in Bandung.


I chose Ikan Gurame Bakar. In Indonesia, i will never choose Ayam Bakar cos the chicken is really minuscule. I’m sorry but i’m spoilt by steroid chickens Ayam Bakar Ojalali in Singapore, i always get depressed looking at Indonesian chicken. I don’t eat bebek (duck) so i always choose Fish or any other seafood.

Like this Salted Egg Prawns. Yumms.



If there’s one thing you should totally have in Indonesia, it’s Teh Botol Sosro.
It’s the bomb. That fragrant jasmine smell. Sigh.
No prizes for guessing who drank the Coca-Cola My husband drinks almost nothing else but Coca-Cola and it’s quite worrying.
I’ve showed him many youtube videos about Coca-Cola and he’ll still drink it. #stubbornhusband


We finished our lunch by 2.00pm, head back to the hotel and checked in to our room by 2.30pm.
We chose De Java Hotel at Jalan Sukajadi for this trip. They recently open their doors last year so the hotel is quite new. There’s pros and cons lah but since i’m only staying for two days, i tak cerewet lah. Nak cerewet, duduk rumah takmo travel.

Sidetrack, i speak good Bahasa Indonesia cos i use to work in a Maid Agency for four years, i shuttle to Indonesia once every two months for about 2 years and it freaks the husband out whenever i switch immediately to Bahasa Indonesia when i speak to the locals in their slang. Although i’m getting really rusty now and i forget certain words they use like when it’s time to get the bill, i kept saying “tolong kira” when it was supposed to be “tolong hitung”.

So i became the unofficial translator for the others. I left them for a while to go for my Spa and they got caught in a situation at the IndoMaret (their local 7-11). tsk tsk.


Top by H&M. Cardigan by H&M. Denims by Forever 21. Wedges by Hush Pupppies.  Bag by Celine. Shades by Ray Ban.  Hahhahahahahaa i've been wanting to this for the longest time!
Top by H&M. Cardigan by H&M. Denims by Forever 21. Wedges by Hush Pupppies.
Bag by Celine. Shades by Ray Ban.
Hahhahahahahaa i’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time!

1st thing i noticed when i stepped in the room was this huge-ass mirror. I just had to take this because i’m deprived of huge mirrors. I need to find full length mirrors! And someone who can actually install them for me! I somehow don’t trust my husband to do this for me. Don’t get me wrong. I have a wonderful husband who does lots of awesome things for me. Things that don’t include installing a full length mirror.

i digress.

right after checking in, we went straight to Rumah Mode to do some shopping.
I came out with 2 jeans for the hubby, 3 tops for myself and 1 belt. Eh not bad leh.
The last time i went, i came out with 18 tops for myself. I only remember wearing 3 of those tops. I’m horrible i know.

This time round, i was more selective. In actual fact, i was thinking of my bursting wardrobe at home and how i wasn’t able to fit in my new online purchases in the wardrobe.  More on that soon on other entries!

After Rumah Mode, we went to Paskal Food Market.
It is similar to our East Coast Lagoon Food Village where there are tons of their local food but i didn’t enjoy the food there and it was too crowded, we had a hard time looking for seats. 


We retreated back to the Hotel after that, had my in-room massage but didn’t enjoy it.

Before i end this post, here’s what i did for the guys. For the husband especially. he can never get the rupiahs right!


All excel-fied, printed, laminated and distributed to everybody. Serious takde kerja aku ni.

15 thoughts on “Take Me To: Bandung Day 1”

    1. Hahhahaha yes freaks but we make good holiday mates!
      And ppl don’t bother us on the currency rates anymore. Each time they ask me i go “eh tu converter mana?”

      kalau tak, tgh sibuk shopping, ppl keep asking us to convert for them. Eh annoyingggg lol

      1. HAHAHAH yes you are right! Its damn annoying even for yourself to whip out your HP to calculate and i think its rude infront of the vendors.

        hahahaha yah we make gd holiday buddy! lolol

  1. super lurrrve your OOTD! ni dari the magical kotaks yang you borong hari tu eh??? 😛

    and i think i didn’t comment on your previous post, BUT ZOMG YOUR CELINE. DIESSSSSSSSSSSS

    1. Yes i had a great trip, albeit a tired one!
      I was talking to the driver about the cost of the huge houses in Bandung (they were so pretty!!) and he said it was a 12 digit Milliar,

      I gave up trying to figure out how much it costs in SG Dollars! Hahaha

  2. I super love the laminated rupiah to SG dollar exchange! I think I need that to pasal every time mesti I am the one asking my husband $1 equals to berapa rupiah.. heheh.

  3. Your mini is making me reconsider the micro haha. And I think I need that cardigan from H&M lol. Yes share the magical kotaks content!

  4. hahahahaha i forced fdr to do his own conversion charts on his phone when we went to bali for honeymoon! irritating seh orang nak duduk dlm kedai he kept calling me over to convert!

  5. mak cow! you kuase convert every dollar. and siap laminate lagi.
    I convert 10, 50, 100 je hahaha. part2 any amt in between, main + – je uh.

    myb next time I pon buat every dollar lah! tapi laminate part tu, kirims salams je.

    1. yeah cos most of the stuff we buy are less than $50 and every dollar it will jump by 9200 lagipun bukan nya susah pun kalau Excel! lol

      I have a laminating machine at home so pakai je lah. Knowing the boys, the paper kalau tak laminate mesti hancur by the end of day 1

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