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Colour Haul

Few weeks back, just before my meet-up with Rina & Ain, i went to Sephora to look for a Face Primer but came out with lots of other stuff as well!

I was deliberating between few primers. Wanted to try out the Sephora Face Primer since it received rave reviews but upon sampling it, i didn’t like the texture. Most of these primers are silicone-based and i don’t know about you but i don’t like that silicone feeling on my face. It has the same texture as Smashbox’s and then i decided to try Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer. I’ve actually wanted to try this for the longest time but never did. I chose Mauve, No 2 and i love it.


It has a creamy texture and blends into my skin effortlessly. It also has a brightening effect. Great for sallow Asian skins and made my foundation last so much longer!

So, just before i paid for the primer, i ‘accidentally’ chanced upon Tarte Cosmetics. You know i had no idea Sephora Singapore carries them! So i went a little crazy swatching the blushers and the lipsticks.
I fell in love with their Amazonian 12-hour Clay Blush. Specifically the one in Charisma shade but they were out of stock. It’s such a pretty shade of coral with subtle shimmer and not in-your-face glitters. So i got mine in Tipsy instead, a matte coral shade.


I know it looks scarily bright here. But it brings a natural flush to my face, it is now my go-to blush each time i go out.


I couldn’t resist getting their mascaras as well. Look at the packaging. Glamour kan! Hahaha
This mascara lengthens my lashes like no tomorrow although i’m pretty sure it will dry up really fast and i’ll have to get another one soon. Just like my YSL one. Works really good, but so hard to remove and dries up too fast.


Last item i got, this time from Luxola.
Sleek Face Contour Kit. I’m still figuring out the proper way to contour my face without looking very bapok.
So this powder kit would be a good start. It’s cheap and so far blends pretty well.
I don’t think i’ll ever use cream contour kit. That would be too much for me and can u imagine all that cream on my oily face? Boleh main slide2 agaknya.

On another note, i cleared my cosmetics area this morning, threw away some that might have expired and took some photos. Maybe next time!

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