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Take Me To: Bandung Day 2

We started the day early at 7.30am. Niat di hati nak avoid all the traffic jam.
But kita hanya merancang, Tuhan menentu segalanya. Hahahaha

*breathes in & out*

We planned on going to Kawah Putih. Actually i was the one yang iya-iya nak pergi because i don’t want to end up shopping the entire time (omg this coming from me is totally unbelievable) but yes i love shopping. I just don’t want to be shopping the entire trip. There’s other things to see than malls & factory outlets. lol


We took 2 hours to reach Kawah Putih and close to 3 hours from Kawah Putih back to the Town area.


Weather was really brrrrrr cold at 12 degrees. I wasn’t properly dressed. I initially wore a chiffon tunic, leggings & sandals. When i got out of the car, i knew that chiffon tunic was a bad bad idea. Luckily i had the cardigan i wore the day before in the car. Although i was really paranoid and kept telling the boys not to take full-length picture of me. Cos i wore printed leggings and my cardigan had designs on it. Apparently, wearing clashing print is so suicidal, i was almost willing to take off the cardigan. But the prints turned out to be after all! 



That place is gorgeous. If only people don’t litter all over the place!
But it reeks of sulphur, it was suffocating. So we bought some face masks from the peddlers.



My hair is not that bright. I think. i swear it’s the lighting. 


We left Kawah Putih after an hour cos of the smell and because it was drizzling.

We head off to get lunch at Restoran Sederhana. No pictures cos we were too hungry!!
It was a Nasi padang affair. So so good. Especially when u’re hungry and cranky from being in the car for close to 3 hours.

We then moved off to Pasar Baru. Managed to get two set of cloth there. Very simple. Very cheap.
I just wanted to make a top since i already have a black long dress. I just need to up one level and use different outerwear and i’ll have a brand new outfit!


I chose a Black modern batik design. This is semi-silk and really soft and cooling. It was going at $3.00 per metre.
I only got 2 metres.

The leopard pween  is a chiffon material and i really don’t know what got over me when i bought this. Hahaha
But im pretty sure it will be a beautiful kaftan.

Right after Pasar Baru, we moved off to Cihampelas Walk for dinner.


Had Wagyu Steak but it was mediocre.

So we went off to Baskin Robbins for desserts before retreating back to the hotel to pack up and leave the next day.


So we said goodbye to Bandung and i’m looking forward to our next trip end of this month!

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