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I always have other plus size friends asking me where i get my clothes from (not because i’m a Fashionista lah ok!) but because i can get clothes even if it is impossible to find in our local stores!

Our local stores are terrible in getting plus sizes in! I wish H&M brings in their plus size range seh cos plus size people need nice & affordable clothes too! I can fit into some of their L Sizes but if it’s Cotton or Chiffon, i can just dump it back to the racks.

Not to mention, we have limited Plus Size actual stores here in Singapore, something that solely sell Plus Size stuff and that Saint Rolane or any stores that advertise themselves as a store that sells from Size S – XXXXXXL does not count because their clothes are damn aunty, i wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any.

So i resort to buying online, often oversea sites as Local plus size sites sells their clothes at ridiculous pricing.
Like $50 for a basic black top.

So before i list down the shops i usually buy from, here’s some pointers to take note of!

  • Check if the site delivers Internationally, if it does, check on shipping costs and minimum order if any.
    If they do not deliver internationally, but accept Paypal, you can use Vpost  or other forwarding companies like Comgateway to ship it to SG for you.
  • Check if the sites accept International Credit Cards. Even better if they accept Paypal! Sometimes, if they do not deliver internationally, they might only accept Credit Cards registered in their own country. Most of the time, i wouldn’t even bother bother buying from them but if i really really like stuff from them, i use Vshop4U or Comgateway Concierge Service.

  • Check the Size Charts on every sites. They all have different size charts. You may wear Size 14 on this site but size 16 on the other and i know how difficult it is to buy stuff online w/o trying but trust me, experience will make you wiser! After a few trial & error, u will know where to get the best fitting jeans from!
  • Check on reviews of the items. Some of these websites offer Customer reviews on every item. Those helped me a lot. These people will let you know if the cutting is too small and if you need to size up.

Other than these tips, buy using your gut feeling, after many many years of shopping online, i’ve learnt to see what material would be the best for me, what kind of cutting would work for me and if it would fit me!

I’m done with the Plus Size Directory that you can check out and see if it might benefit you! It will be permanently linked at the black tab. So feel free to browse when you need some retail therapy. Let me know if you are unsure about Paypal, Vpost etc. Would love to help!

12 thoughts on “Curves”

  1. If all the online shopping site are like asos (free international shipping+paypal), I will be in soo much trouble lol. Although vpost is pretty hassle free, it still makes me think twice before buying (and that’s good for my wallet hahaha)

    1. hahaha i know kan! actually i would be fine with low international shipping. Preferably Flat rate. But Free would be awesome.

      If only Primark in Asos can deliver outside UK!

  2. Hrhehe. U should also check out Lane Bryant (Catherine), Swak Designs and Woman Within. Anyway thank U for the other alternatives in your link!! 🙂

  3. Ive been shopping online since 18 but i’ve had horrendous experiences with VPost! Lost my F21 parcel, no updates and misplaced my shipments, etc. so i finally stopped shipping with them in 2011 and changed to CGW. no regrets ever since!

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