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Sephora Haul!

So if you read me on twitter, u know i was really excited about the Sephora Black Card Sale. Then if you follow me on snapchat (@deardyan), you probably have seen me going to Sephora, buying stuff and all. I didn’t go crazy although i didn’t really follow the list i had. I really wanted to just get 3 items only but end up with so much more. Lol

Here’s what i got and the prices i’ve listed is before the 20% off. If you have the Sephora Black Card, go over to Sephora and spend all your money there! lol. 20% storewide for all brands. You can also buy it online but there are limited brands available.

So here’s what i got! Anyway, this is just a haul post. Not an in-depth review post cos i lazy to do reviews. I just want to poison you guys to go spend at Sephora. Tu je. hahahah

2016-05-05 16.19.09Benefit Pore-fessional Primer – S$54.00
My favourite Primer! i love how this feels on my skin upon applying and it does not make me feel suffocated. I’ve purchased this repeatedly and the SA recommended me this set cos it’s the same price as the Pore-Fessional tube itself.

2016-05-05 16.19.42
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, 30ml – S$114.00
I’ve recently changed my skincare to Estee Lauder and love it, even though i broke out a bit cos my skin was purging out the bad stuff and all but the breaking out has stopped so i’m pretty sure it’s not because it’s not suitable for my skin. I love how my skin feels in the morning just by using the Idealist Pore Refinisher serum and i’ve read so many good things about this iconic serum so i just had to try it. It is definitely pricey so grabbing it at 20% is definitely worth it! I wish they had the 50ml one instock cos that would be much more worth it but the SA told me they ran out of it this morning. Urghh.

2016-05-05 16.23.58
2016-05-05 16.24.31BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop – S$58.00
I love watching Jaclyn Vlogs and when this 1st came out, i was contemplating if i should but it cos i’m scared it’ll make me look like a disco ball cos of all the shimmers and all. But i love this at the 1st swatch. It’s so so smooth and it’s not white/silver so it’s not too bright and the glitters are super fine so it reflects light nicely without making me look like a disco ball.

So those top three were actually in my list to buy. But of course when you go Sephora, your list all ke laut and you end up swatching or trying other stuff so i got these as well.

2016-05-05 16.20.49-1NARS Blusher in Amour – S$50.00
Always in my to-buy list. I love NARS blushers. Only the Matte ones cos the glittery ones are too glittery tak ingat dunia. Amour is such a nice colour, a medium pink that i’ve not had in my collection so far.

2016-05-05 16.21.49
This is the closest i can get to the actual colour! LOVE!

2016-05-05 16.22.33
MAC Select Moisturecover – S$32.00
I need to replace my undereye concelaer cos the Giorgio Armani one that i’ve been using is finishing soon. Yaaaaayyy! Finally! So anyway, the MAC Beauty Advisor told me that MAC is pulling out of Sephora so this would be the last 20% off you’ll ever get from MAC so if you need to stock up MAC stuff, do it now!

2016-05-05 16.22.50
Percy & Reed Blow Dry Makeover Spray – S$26.00
I’ve not tried this before but i’ve been using the Hairspray and i like it. I hope i like this as well! I always style my hair with the Babyliss Big Hair thing and while i love how fluffy my hair is after the blow session, i wish it’ll stay as fabulous even longer and the current humid weather is not helping. I really really hope this would help! And i’ve not not blogged on my new hair! Soon soon. But if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen it already it’s practically old news. Haha

2016-05-05 16.23.22
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – S$35.00
Amboi nama kau. controversial abis girl. I’m hard to please when it comes to Mascaras and my holy grail mascara has always been L’oreal Voluminous Mascara.
But it’s hard to find it in SG cos it seems like they no longer bring it in locally and i use to buy it from Drugstore / Amazon. I’m on my last tube ( i always buy a few so i don’t have to keep buying it) so i thought it’s the best time to try and see if this lives up to the hype. So far i like the tube packaging! So nice & sturdy! But packaging lawa pun tak guna kalau the actual product hampeh. So we’ll see!

2016-05-05 16.22.13
Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, 30ml – S$22.00
I picked up this Travel Size Setting Spray cos it’ll be convenient to bring for my travels or even on days i know i’ll be out the whole day. To be honest i picked this up while waiting at the cashier counter. Padahal i’m expecting the full size of the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray in the mail very soon tapi tetap mentel nak beli cos i wanna see if there’s any difference. So Sephora is really jahat to put all these travel size stuff at the cashier payment line. .Dangerous. Lol

So that’s my total haul for today! Total damage: S$312.00
The total bill was originally S$391.00 but i save S$78.20 (yaaaaay!!)

If you’re considering to go to the Sephora Sale, please go! It’ll run till this Sunday, 8 May 2016. I went in the morning, at 10.30am and there were not much crowd. Payment counter was pretty fast. I waited less than 10 mins. But expect a huge line on weekends afternoon especially.

Go lah buy something. I’m sure you can find something. Lol

I have another Haul post coming up. Morphe brushes!
I’ve been on a spending spree lately, it’s worrying. Hahaha.

Shopping Spree

Baby Taobao

So.. i’ve collected my Taobao loots over the weekends and as promised, will share what i bought, the price and then maybe you’ll understand why i’m always Taobao-ing!

Some of the stuff i managed to take picture of, just because some people are afraid of buying from Taobao cos sometimes really indah khabar dari rupa and i do agree at certain extent, some things are just not worth buying from Taobao. Especially clothes. Please don’t even bother.

Waterproof Mattress Mat / Diaper Changing Mat 

Bought about 4 pieces of these in different sizes so that i can easily rotate it if it gets dirty.

IMG_5527Super cute designs and you won’t believe how much i got it for. They all come in different sizes, costing between $3.00 – $5.00 each. Saw the same type of Mats selling at Qoo10 between $8.00 – $12.00 each before shipping. These are Bamboo Fibre material. The absorbency should be good and it’s soft! I obviously have this obsession for bamboo fibres. Lol
So anyway, you can get these here, here & here.

Laundry Basket 

IMG_5532I was looking around for a cute laundry basket that is not too bulky and preferably foldable so we can save space and i saw this. A unicorn laundry basket! How cute!! While it is not foldable, u can flatten it up and then keep it aside. You can get it here at $7.83!

Bottle Rack & Bottle Brush 

IMG_5529 The bottle rack is at $3.87 while the brush is at $4.50. I know u can get the bottle brush cheaper elsewhere but i specifically wanted a self standing one with a hidden teat brush so when i found this, just buy je lah. The rack can be found here while the brush is now OOS and the link is no longer working.

Cute Little Bow Headbands


How cute are these and they are all below $2.00!! Between $1.30 – $1.70 each je. I didn’t wanna splurge on expensive headbands yet cos you know, babies are so temperamental. Sekali dah beli mahal2, she don’t wanna wear! Initially i wanted to DIY my own but malas, after i saw how cheap these normal bow headbands are. LOL
Like really tak justify effort aku langsung. If the baby is happy with wearing headbands, then we can buy the fancier ones next time! I bought all these headbands from this seller.

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Braving the Baby Fair II

Wanted to draft this post earlier but was too busy to! For the past two weeks, i went to two baby fairs and have striked off almost 80% off the items on the Baby List. Alhamdulillah.. Kind of relieved because i think the exhaustion is setting in. I’m getting lazier to do stuff / go out especially with the weather.

Baby’s Market – 4th October 2014

The day we collected all our pre-orders. I insisted Rusly bring the delivery trolley and i wished i brought my luggage as well because we bought some other random small stuff as well. The 1st trip in, we went in with the trolley to carry all the bulky items and i really mean bulky!

photo (1)

We didn’t bring that supermarket trolley though. Only used it to transport the items from our void deck & back up to our place.
We didn’t bring back the Baby Cot as well cos it was quite bulky and wouldn’t fit the car and true enough, after filling up the back seat with all these, we wouldn’t have space for the baby cot! We added baby beddings etc to qualify for free shipping & installation instead and they mentioned they’ll deliver it in November although i’m trying to push it to December since we have not done up the nursery yet and also cos i don’t want them to install the baby cot too early and let it collect dust. Lol

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Braving the Baby Fair

Ahhhh the Baby Fair. I got so many warning from friends it’s gonna be chaotic and some of my friends  told me i’m crazy to even want go alone. With all the pushing and jostling. But it was surprisingly an ok experience for me.

Just a little background, in my previous job, my team organised huge job fairs at Suntec for three years. Each opening day, we get the same reaction. “Ributnya!!!” Really, the crowd is even worst than the baby fairs. The queue will snake from the Registration counter at level 1 to the taxi stand and then snake again at Level 5. That queue, is just to get in to the fair. The crowd in the fair itself, is another story. It was horrendous. I dread the job fairs and cannot wait to get over it. So when i went over to the Baby Fair and found out there’s no queue to get inside, i figured it’ll be quite a breeze lah actually. Not that bad.

But unlike the Job fairs, in baby fairs, u see people bringing in strollers. Some really monster strollers and i really don’t know for what! Those strollers take up a lot of space and some really brainless people have this habit of leaving their strollers at the entrance of the booth lah, kat tepi display booth lah. They leave the strollers everywhere!

However, a tip when you’re going to baby fairs, especially alone, bring a Luggage or those trolleys you go to market, that kind. God sent i tell u.
Unlike strollers, they are not bulky and you’re less likely to leave it anywhere because it contain your purchases. All i do is drag my luggage everywhere, buy everything i want and dump it inside and then keep on moving through the fair.

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)What i did before the fair, print out the map and colour code the booths that i wanna check out. Print out the list of vendors available and i was ready to go! Believe it or not, i spent close to 5 hours at the fair because there were just so many stuff to look at and buy!
Queue for the payment counters were not bad. Most of the time, i only queue up for 5-10 mins max except for one counter at the NotTooBig booth, i queued for close to an hour because of the long queue!

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The Shopping List

I’ve somehow compiled a list of stuff that i’ll be getting at the Baby Fair next week. I’m pretty much happy with the promotions going on at the Baby Fair and by sharing it here, maybe it’ll give you an idea of how much you can get some of the baby stuff at Baby Fairs? Because honestly, everything is so expensive and you need so many things and everything just adds up so being able to save a $50 here and there is already good enough!

Will be going on the Thursday Morning by myself to buy the smaller stuff and then again on Saturday to collect all the stuff we’ve pre-ordered and get the bulkier items since Rusly would be tagging along as well.

The Strategy: 
On Thursday, i’ll bring a luggage with me. Tak nampak auntie sangat because my luggage very cute, ok.
Because if i don’t bring a luggage, Rusly will get my in-laws to follow me so my father-in-law can help carry the stuff and that is so mean lah! Hahahaha. Bully orang tu seh. Partly also cos i love to shop alone. Yes i’m those weird ones who actually don’t mind going shopping or dining alone. I don’t wanna feel bad for making my in-laws going all over the expo hall with me, especially if it’s gonna get crowded.

On Saturday, i’ll make Rusly bring the trolley because we’ll need to transport back the baby cot, a carton of wet wipes and some other bulkier stuff like baby mattress & stroller etc. Not sure if we can fit the entire loot in our car but i tell you, sekecik2 nya kereta tu, banyak benda kita dah sumbat masok. So yakin boleh. Lol

So here’s what i’ve shortlisted so far and things i’ll be looking out for at the Baby Fair!
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Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree!

I have one more shopping tip if you guys are looking to participate in reliable shopping sprees on US Sites and share shipping costs with others.

I’ve been doing this since i was in my 20s! That was how i acquired Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria Secrets etc even before it stepped foot in sunny Singapore. I don’t know about other spree sites but i only trust this spree site and some of the spree organisers have been doing this for ages and i’ve never got cheated of my money in this community.

The spree site i’m talking about is Spreesgalore
 will join the sprees if i have only one item to buy from that site and shipping that one item to me would cost more than the item itself.

Some of the popular sprees got to be Forever 21. They open sprees for Forever 21 almost every 2 or 3 days!
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Shopping Spree


I always have other plus size friends asking me where i get my clothes from (not because i’m a Fashionista lah ok!) but because i can get clothes even if it is impossible to find in our local stores!

Our local stores are terrible in getting plus sizes in! I wish H&M brings in their plus size range seh cos plus size people need nice & affordable clothes too! I can fit into some of their L Sizes but if it’s Cotton or Chiffon, i can just dump it back to the racks.

Not to mention, we have limited Plus Size actual stores here in Singapore, something that solely sell Plus Size stuff and that Saint Rolane or any stores that advertise themselves as a store that sells from Size S – XXXXXXL does not count because their clothes are damn aunty, i wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any.

So i resort to buying online, often oversea sites as Local plus size sites sells their clothes at ridiculous pricing.
Like $50 for a basic black top.

So before i list down the shops i usually buy from, here’s some pointers to take note of!

  • Check if the site delivers Internationally, if it does, check on shipping costs and minimum order if any.
    If they do not deliver internationally, but accept Paypal, you can use Vpost  or other forwarding companies like Comgateway to ship it to SG for you.
  • Check if the sites accept International Credit Cards. Even better if they accept Paypal! Sometimes, if they do not deliver internationally, they might only accept Credit Cards registered in their own country. Most of the time, i wouldn’t even bother bother buying from them but if i really really like stuff from them, i use Vshop4U or Comgateway Concierge Service.

  • Check the Size Charts on every sites. They all have different size charts. You may wear Size 14 on this site but size 16 on the other and i know how difficult it is to buy stuff online w/o trying but trust me, experience will make you wiser! After a few trial & error, u will know where to get the best fitting jeans from!
  • Check on reviews of the items. Some of these websites offer Customer reviews on every item. Those helped me a lot. These people will let you know if the cutting is too small and if you need to size up.

Other than these tips, buy using your gut feeling, after many many years of shopping online, i’ve learnt to see what material would be the best for me, what kind of cutting would work for me and if it would fit me!

I’m done with the Plus Size Directory that you can check out and see if it might benefit you! It will be permanently linked at the black tab. So feel free to browse when you need some retail therapy. Let me know if you are unsure about Paypal, Vpost etc. Would love to help!

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yummy weekend

Most of my saturday was spent idling away and then late night, we kidnapped the mom-in-law for supper at Evans Rd and then Durians at Geylang!


I’ve realized i can no longer gorge myself with durians like i used to.
I usually can finish up 2-3 whole durians by myself. I have immense love for that fruit.
Now, i’m done with half a durian before it gets too heaty.

We started off our Sunday with Zafran’s Baby Shower at Choa Chu Kang.


Pretty obvious what’s my favourite jemputan food. Haha
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Shopping Spree


I’ve been on a buying spree lately. Mostly clothes & cosmetics. So bad that i have this “I WANNA BUY EVERYTHING, NOW!!!” feeling. Perangai pembazir.

The H&M package arrived yesterday. Smiled so broadly at the Vpost guy, because i wasn’t expecting the package to arrive that day. If you must know, each time i get a tracking no, i stalk them like a hawk. But Vpost is so cunning. Their tracking system, seriously tak boleh pakai. Tau2 ada postman dekat pintu.

Not sure if it’s age catching up with me or because i’m ballooning like nobody’s business but i’m buying more black clothes now.
Side track sikit, but i just realised my double chin is visibly smaller. Must be that facial massage technique i been doing eevryday! It works! 

So anyway, this whole obsession of wearing everything black happened when i was in my early 20’s. When i sidai my baju outside, all i see is black, black and more black berderet kat buluh. It was a phase i went through and then late 20’s i began experimenting with colours. I’ve never thought i would be comfortable wearing bright coloured pants but i did! Fuschia pants, Green pants and all. I gave the husband sore eyes with all my bright tops. All the tie-dyes, the ikat prints, leopard prints. I rarely do a neutral ensemble.

Then early this year, i’ve decided i wanna wear more black. More sleek pieces with nicer cuttings.
I don’t wanna be boring with Blacks though so i’m throwing in black white prints like these Cardigans from H&M.


Perfect to throw over black Basics & denims and not look too boring or overdressed.
Now that i’m no longer going out to work, i really miss dressing up for work, mix & match accessories and wear heels.
So when i do go out on weekends, i put in an effort to look good. At least make myself feel better, you know.

On another note, i realised yesterday i don’t have a black going-out bag.
The jumbo is too fancy to bring out on normal going-out days and the WOC is too small to throw in my cosmetic pouch.
I need a sizeable bag that i can throw in my cosmetic pouch, ipad & a book and i need it now!


Shopping Spree

little kids


The X’Mas sales Season is finally over! I’m hoping there is no more crowd at the mall.
I’m bringing the god-children for ice-cream at Swensens today! Miss them loads! Caden been bugging me for ice-cream!
And since we’ll be at Ion, i shall look see for a casual bag! Hee.