Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree!

I have one more shopping tip if you guys are looking to participate in reliable shopping sprees on US Sites and share shipping costs with others.

I’ve been doing this since i was in my 20s! That was how i acquired Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria Secrets etc even before it stepped foot in sunny Singapore. I don’t know about other spree sites but i only trust this spree site and some of the spree organisers have been doing this for ages and i’ve never got cheated of my money in this community.

The spree site i’m talking about is Spreesgalore
 will join the sprees if i have only one item to buy from that site and shipping that one item to me would cost more than the item itself.

Some of the popular sprees got to be Forever 21. They open sprees for Forever 21 almost every 2 or 3 days!


Go Jane – they sell really nice shoes!
Old Navy & Gap – Good if you’re looking for basic office wear. It’s cheaper than the local stores!
Drugstore & – If you need stuff that u can never get in our local pharmacy. Shampoos, GNC products etc are sold for much cheaper here.
Victoria Secrets /  La Senza / Maidenform – Honestly just buy your bras & panties here if you are a fan. It is so much cheaper.
Sephora – Yes! Sometimes they have Sephora stuff and our local Sephora don’t stock as much brands.
Amazon – That place is amazing for so many reasons. Endless choices.
Bath & Body Works – Oh my goodness. I can go on and on about how cheap these are! Especially when they have their Buy 3 for $18 etc kind of deals!

Here’s what you have to take note of!

– The feedback of these spree organiser. It works just like Ebay.
More feedbacks means they are more trustworthy and i refrain from joining sprees by new spree organisers.
The ones i always participate in are from Yanting_Spree, Mich_44, Jasminetoh, popiah & cxtina.

Here’s how you can view who’s organising the sprees

1aAll the spree organisers are required to publish the no of feedbacks they have as seen below;

Most of the time, u can buy almost everything except Perfumes & Nail Polish. Or anything that has alcohol in it. So if you’re unsure, u can check with your spree organiser.

Also do bear in mind that shipping is usually shared according to the weight of your items. So please, if you order jeans, and the rest ordered tshirts, don’t get pissed off if your shipping charges are higher. Unless it’s a flat rate shipping, eg USD40 flat for all international shipping, then they’ll usually divide the cost by no of items.

Order them fast! If you’re very indecisive and the kind to ponder on your every purchases, please know they will not wait for you. They usually open the spree for about 3 days or when they reach a maximum US$200 because if they exceed that amount, you guys will be taxed for GST. So if you see something you like and it’s on sale, quickly place your orders, pay and pray that by the time the spree close and they order it for you, the item will still be there.

You’ll need to sign up for a Livejournal account first and join this community.
Else you will not be able to post any comments in that site.
LJ account is free by the way. If you have used LJ before, it should be really easy. Else, there’s always the help section. Or u can ask me. No i do not work for the help section. But i’m helpful. Hahahahah

Please expect to wait approximately 2 – 3 weeks for the items to reach Singapore and reach you.
Usually the spree organisers will not do any updates unless there any unfortunate incidents (eg; coupon code does not work, their credit card cant be used in that site and they have to refund everybody back). But other than that, do expect emails only when items have reached Singapore. Please don’t be an annoying shopper and email them every 3 days to ask if it has arrived. These people don’t earn anything actually. They are not supposed to earn anything from that community so u are also not paying any service charge to them. They are doing it for free because they want their items too. The only thing u need to pay is the shipping charges from US to SGD, Postages within Singapore and additional $0.50 – $0.80 for envelopes and bubblewraps if any. a

Lastly, please remember to bookmark the spree page so that you can keep track of your own purchases!

Now, go and shop to your heart’s content! Next time i’ll teach how to buy from Taobao! It’s tricky but super addictive!

19 thoughts on “Shopping Spree!”

      1. If i see one, i let you and ain know okie! That time it was dirt cheap. Like between $5 – $8 that kind!

      2. alamak rinaaa i just bought like 100+ worth of carters stuff! should’ve asked you! sorryyyy. 😦 btw you can also try and

      3. ek ehhh why u shopping for carters stuff ek! ni advance preparations eh hahahahahaha!

      4. HAHAHAHA jangan merepek eh pls! mintak kene debik! My mum does post natal massage la, so she always gets gifts for her clients’ babies. 😀 so if you nak tukang urut lepas beranak call my momma. haha

      5. OH SO ITS UR MUMMM YANG TUKANG URUT! i rem a BTB’s mum is a makcik urut but i cldnt rem who!

  1. eh i used to be a spree organizer on those LJ websites seh! hahaha. those were the days when I needed people to join and offset the shipping cost. it was so fun to do it. Now my mum and everyone else just selit menyelit whenever I get things online. Did sprees back in my poly days! lol

      1. hahahahahhahah betul!!! drugstore punya selalu kelakar!
        And then yg baju nya, everytime i see someone ordering XXS, i’ll be like “ni budak primary nya size seh” Who the hell is allowed to buy XXS seh! Mintak kena sebat tau. lol

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