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Gold Coast Day 2

Just realized i’ve not continued on my Gold Coast posts and because i’m fairly free, i shall start on the Gold Coast series now!

Right from the start, i knew Day 2 would turn out to be really awesome because it’s Movie World Day!
I don’t go to Theme Parks all the time but when i do, i forget that i’m 30. I think Theme Parks does that to you, eh?

Started the day quite early and was greeted with this view. I miss this still.

DSC_00121Drove to Movie World after having a light breakfast which is just some Ciabatta and Canned Ayam Brand Tuna! hahaha
One thing about Meriton, they don’t serve breakfast but that’s ok because we just bought some breads and eat it in the morning before heading out.
DSC_0013 - Copy

All i did was take picture of everything (including myself) while the husband drives (yay to not knowing how to drive! lol) It was approximately a 30 minutes journey to Movie World from Broadbeach. We took the Pacific Motorway all the way to Movie World and can i just mention how fast all these people drive! Rusly drove at 120km/hr and he’s still slower than the rest of them!

Here at Movie World! The obligatory tourist-jakun-nak-mampos picture.


It was surprisingly quiet at the the entrance. No long queue whatsoever.


Since we got our tickets online, there was no need for us to join in any of the queue. All we did was pass them the email confirmation and we’re in!
This is what greeted us upon entering the theme park.
Safe to say that this is the main highlight of the park!

I actually enjoyed the Hollywood Stunt Drivers show albeit it was really really scripted but oh wells.


We rode on a few of the rides, took lotsa pictures. Or rather Rusly took lotsa pictures of me! We also made time to watch the parade and my favourite is Batman. Obviously.


Although i kept whining to Rusly that the Batman looked really eksyen. To which he rolled his eyes because Batman memang eksyen and i can’t expect him to be all smiley and prancing around macam Tweety Bird.


Close-up of the Batman muka eksyen.
Badan dia confirm bedek but who cares. I’m in a Theme Park and i’m allowed to believe he really own those abs!

DSC_0098and then there’s Wonderwoman whom i really believe was waving at me specifically. Pretty sure about that!

My favourite spot to take pictures because of really pretty colourful flowers!


Movie World retires for the day at 5.00pm and while people were slowly making their way out, i took the chance of the almost empty park to take lotsa more pictures!

and then i realised i have not taken any pictures of Rusly yet because i’m such a selfish wife so i offered to take this for him.


Rusly and his abang-abang Superheroes.


and because i was so star-strucked that Wonderwoman looked at me in the eye and waved at me, i supported her by buying this Wonderwoman cape. Totally feel like Wonderwoman, although i’m many many pounds heavier than her. But that’s ok. I’m sure she don’t mind.

So, right after Movie World, we were famished because the only halal cafe at the Theme Park was closed for renovations so we didn’t eat much except tidbits!

For dinner, we drove to the Labrador at Broadwater. Such a nice place. The sun was just retiring for the day and it cast a very nice glow on the still waters. Except the whole place smells of seafood. Not that i mind.

We decided on The Lazy Lobsters. This really nice and quaint seafood restaurant.


Love the service staff! While paying, the cashier noticed i used my DBS card and asked “u’re from Singapore?” Turns out she lived in Singapore for 12 years when her husband was working here and she used DBS as well. Hahahaha What are the odds!

DSC_0230We chose a table overlooking the water. It was really breezy and the restaurant wasn’t crowded with people yet so it was really a nice meal.

DSC_0232Really yummy oysters. The best we had in Gold Coast or actually the best we’ve ever had so far!

Seasoned cuttlefish. U know, i sometimes hate ordering cuttlefish because when it’s cooked for too long, the cuttlefish gets really rubbery but not in this case. We both agreed the cuttlefish is really nice. soft & chewy but not rubbery.



Garlic Buttered Prawns.
The prawns were ok. Not as big as wanted but the garlic butter sauce is really delish! I’m still trying to find the perfect garlic butter sauce recipe so that i recreate this!
DSC_0236Fish & Chips!
Really nicely battered. It was light & crispy and not oily at all!

And on the way back, we chanced upon Charis Seafood which was really at the end of the street so we zoomed in just before they’re closed for the day and got these!

A dozen oysters! So we snacked on oysters while watching movies from the ipad in our room. Perfect way to end the day!

Edit : Found some selfies from the GoPro!
I’m not a selfish wife afterall!




3 thoughts on “Gold Coast Day 2”

  1. your blog entry panjang lebar pastu i comment pasal oysters je eh. hahahahahaha

    love love love the theme parks in gold coast! the “queues” are nothing like singapore punya kan?! just wait few minutes dah boleh naik the ride. some don’t even have queues. so much more enjoyable!

    1. Hahahahaha you oyster addict you!

      yes the queues are bearable. The longest queue was only for that Scooby Doo ride but the others were really quite a breeze to go thru!

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