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So i got something new last week!

Got my washi tapes in the mail and started on the 1st thing on my list.

photo 1Washi-ed my pink laptop to something more striking. Used some plain Mint + Gold Washi Tapes and enhanced it with a fuchsia Morrocan design.

You know, the more i stare at it, the more i think it looks like Kain Batik. Hahaha

But i’m loving the colours for now. Great thing about washi tapes, i can remove it anytime and it leaves no glue residues!

I was on a roll that night so i washi-ed my Hp Cover as well.

photo 2

Speaking of hps, i’ve been wanting to upgrade my iPhone 4 but i think i’m too attached to it to even consider replacing it. Currently, i’m unable to screenshot anything cos the top button is faulty. That makes it harder for me to switch off the hp too. But i don’t know why i’m hesitating to upgrade it.

I guess it’s true, when you get older, you grow attached to something and refuse to let go.

But eventually, you have to go. Because not being able to screenshot is so annoying.

8 thoughts on “Wishy-Washi”

  1. oh sayangku.

    pakai lah accessibility button, there’s an option for screenshot sayangggg. tak payah nak tekan both home button + power button simultaneously. HAHAHAHAHA.

    1. OH MY GOD!!!! i didn’t know there’s such a thing seh!!!
      Yay thank you! now i don’t need to change my phone. Hahahhaha

  2. My phone’s top button also cannot use! For months I couldn’t screenshot anything until a colleague enlightened me about the accessibility button! But I think I still need to change my phone la haha.

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