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The Start Of The Wait

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The day of the Embryo Transfer. The procedure was scheduled for 8.30am but we had to report at the hospital at 7.00am. Was instructed to drink 500ml of water slowly from 7.00am to 8.00am and hold my bladder and only on that day i’ve realized how weak my bladder is. At 8.00am, i was brought into the day surgery centre. I was at the verge of peeing already. Had to wait for 15mins at the cold lobby area. Trust me, i was in all kinds of position just trying to hold my pee. At 8.15am, i couldn’t hold it any longer. Plead with the nurse to let me pee a little bit because it was really uncomfortable. The nurse making me laugh at their jokes, certainly not helping! One even came close to me and whispered “even if you accidentally peed at the doctor, do know you’re not the 1st one.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

At 8.20am, i was brought in to the small operating theatre where Dr Lim was already there, being as friendly as ever! He’s my next favourite doctor apart from Dr Shakina! The embryologist was also there, together with lotsa nurses! I was asked to lie down where they kind of ‘clamp my legs’ for the procedure. We were all waiting for Dr Anupriya to come. At 8.26am, she was still not there and i was sweating from trying to hold my bladder! At 8.28am. everybody was surrounding me already, just waiting for Dr Anupriya and at 8.30am sharp, she was in the OT. I find the procedure to be very similar to the HSG Test i did previously. Only difference is, they places a warm lubricant gel on my tummy area, pressed hard (certainly not helping because i was about to pee!) there to do scan my uterus. They then inserted a long catheter tube down under to transfer the embryo. The procedure was over in approximately 12 mins but it was the longest 12 mins i ever had. Right after they told me they are done, i practically screamed “I NEED TO PEE!!!!!!!” which made the entire team laugh (again not helping). The embryologist passed me a picture of the two embryos we transferred . A 6-cell and a 8-cell and according to Dr Lim and Dr Anupriya “the embryos look really good!”

I was initially a little bit upset the day before when the embryologist mention that i only have a 3 cell and a 4 cell embryo to be transferred. Cos the ideal one to be transferred would be an 8 cell embryo so imagine my surprise when i got to know they grew again overnight to a 6 cell and 8 cell!

Right after they brought me to the ward, i requested to pee. (i know, i’m very persistent! hahaha)
Was so so glad to be able to pee!! Lied down abit more before they gave me biscuits and milo and after 2 hours, i was discharged.

You know, i was initially scared to pee right after the ET but the nurses told me it’s ok and i’ve also read that you cannot dislodge the embryo by doing your small & big business after. In fact, even if you jump etc, you will not dislodge the embryo.

You can read moreΒ here.

While i’m not exactly on complete bedrest now, i walk really slowly and i don’t carry heavy stuff nor do i do any housework. I don’t even cook. So no food pictures on Instagram! I don’t think complete bedrest is necessary cos it causes backaches for me and walking around would actually help with blood circulation.

Now that all the self-injectables are over, and the embryos are now in, all i have to do now is insert progesterone pills down under. Very uncomfortable if you ask me.

In the morning and at night, i have to insert 3 of these Utrogestan pills up vaginally.
So that’s 6 pills in total.


Mid-day, after lunch, i have to insert 4 of the Estrofem tablets and the crinone gel.






While the Estrofem is the smallest, it is also the hardest to stay put inside because it is a hard tablet. Unlike the Utrogestan, which is more spongy.

Crinone insertion is just like tampon insert. Except that i have to squeeze the end-tube to release the gel inside my vajayjay.

So yes, in total, i have 10 pills + 1 gel to insert everyday. It is not painful. Just uncomfortable.

The things we IVF-ers do to conceive a baby!

My next appointment to meet the Gynae is tomorrow! Not sure for what, they just indicate Post-Embryo Transfer Appointment.

My blood test is on 9 May! I remain hopeful that we have a bun in the oven. Hopefully twins!

My husband has been extra sweet since the IVF starts and i know things would even be better when i get pregnant!
He sent me a long sms yesterday to thank me for all i’ve done and for being so brave and all and i couldn’t help it but cry. Even if this does not work (touch wood), at least i know this IVF process brought us even closer.

Say a little prayer for me, and Tini, who’s having the same two week wait as me!
It is so awesome to know i actually know 2 other person having the same two week wait with me. May Allah bless us all three with little ones. God knows how long we’ve waited for this!

5 thoughts on “The Start Of The Wait”

  1. Hahahha ur detailed timed need to pee very funny. The meds and the check ups that NUH has way different from KKH. For now, I hv to wait till 14 May to know whats the results. Instead of 2 weeks my HL is 3 weeks… dont understand why lambat… sigh… but just hafta wait…

    Good luck beb… hopefully twins hehhe πŸ™‚

    1. They had a huge clock in the Operating Theatre and i kept staring at that digital clock cos i can’t wait for it to start and be done with! So traumatising seh holding my pee. Told my husband, of all the things i had to do for IVF, holding my pee was the hardest! Even the blood test pun tak traumatising mcm ni! Lol

      Yes even in the forum i can see a lot of difference for NUH & KKH but i’m sure both hospitals have their own reasons for this! takpe, janji at the end of it, ada baby! lol

  2. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog almost everyday. In fact I’m re-reading your IVF posts πŸ™‚ I’ve just finished my IVF at NUH, now at finally TWW. Can you give me some suggestions what I should be doing and eating during this time? Also is going out for lunches and dinners is ok u think? Thanks, Swati

    1. Hello Swati,

      Yes!! Go out for lunch & dinners with people who will make u happy! I filled up my time with happy stuff. Other than that, i lie down and rest and watch online movies.eat heaty stuff like durian / longan red dates / chicken essence etc. wear socks when u sleep and generally try to keep yourself warm ok!

      Good luck for your 2ww! Very agonising i know! Lol.
      Hope u get good news πŸ™‚


      1. Thank u so much. Can u suggest some vegetarian stuff as I’m a vegetarian and is it ok to lie down sideways or on my stomach? Thanks πŸ™‚

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