Pregnancy, Second Trimester

26 Weeks

Insha Allah next week, we’ll bid adieu to the 2nd trimester and forge ahead to the third trimester.
Had my Glucose Test yesterday to detect Gestational Diabetes. It is not a compulsory test but Dr Citra ordered that for me and for a peace of mind and since it’s non-invasive, i figured why not?

I was required to fast from midnight till the test the next day. The test was scheduled at 9.05am but Dr Citra was available and she wanted to see me for updates and a short scan. Yay! Managed to see baby, so much bigger this time round. She was sucking on her thumb and we caught her having the hiccups! Lol

Finally did the 1st blood test at 10.05 am. I thought it’ll just be a prick on my fingers but turns out they had to draw out a tube of blood. After drawing out the 1st tube, i was required to drink a bottle of Glucose drink.

Click on picture for original image & post
Click on picture for original image & post

SO SWEET! It’s like drinking Orange Cordial with 20% water. Really sweet and concentrated.
But at that time i was really thirsty so manis pun telan je lah.

While drinking, one of the Lactation Consultant was making her rounds and randomly asked if i’m free to have a brief consultation on breastfeeding. Of course i said yes! It was quite an enriching session. Managed to ask her of my concerns, especially because i’m already leaking colostrum since 23 weeks or so. She reassured me that it’s fine and a good indication of good milk supply. Insha Allah. I really hope so! But she warned me not to try to pump or hand express it before birth because it will induce contractions.

Back to the Glucose test, i was supposed to finish up the glucose drink within 10 minutes and then go 2 hours without food and drinks until the next blood test. So i went to One@Kent Ridge at the Medical Centre and went shopping for basics at Uniqlo. Hee. Didn’t do too much shopping cos i was really hungry and sleepy, badan cam melayang2 so i went back to the Women’s Clinic to rest. Went back in promptly at 12.15pm to do the next blood test and the total bill was only $19.80. I don’t know why, but i was surprised! Because blood tests are usually quite expensive? I had to ask twice if it’s $19.80 or $90.80? Lol

Nurse told me they’ll call me if the test comes back abnormal and i’m hoping they won’t call me! Like really really, DON’T CALL ME ah please. I don’t know know why i’m paranoid over GD. Maybe because my mom had it during one of her pregnancies and also because i’m overweight.

Before i forget, baby been doing this rhythmic bumping lately and i thought it was one of her kicks and i was just wondering how come it happened so often and so rhythmic and then Dr Citra told me yesterday it was her having hiccups! HAHAHA So cute don’t know for what! Sometimes when it happens, i’ll stare at my bump and see it going up and down.

Weight-wise, i lost another 3 kg from the last visit. But i wasn’t too bothered about it already ah. Dr Citra said nothing to worry and that means i have lesser weight to lose post-natal. As long as baby is growing, i’m ok lah.

Next scan will be at 28 weeks for my growth scan and also to check on my amniotic fluid since it was classified as subjectively low during my 21st week scan. I’ve been drinking a lot of water since then so hopefully the situation is better now.

I think i’ll miss the 2nd trimester a lot and hopefully the 3rd trimester won’t be so awful.

Pregnancy, Second Trimester

20 Weeks

and we’re halfway through the pregnancy. I think the 2nd trimester is moving really fast as compared to the 1st trimester.
I feel the 1st trimester crawled really slowly, partly because of the fatigue.
My next appointment is this Thursday and this time, i think it’ll just be hearing heartbeats since the detailed scan is due in 2 weeks time.

Many things happened since the last update. I finally felt baby moved at 19 weeks. Although the 1st move was probably triggered by my unhappiness with Starhub. Lol

My baby has a sense of humour. Now all i need you to do the next time i get all worked up, kick me ok. A gentle one will do. Tak mau over sangat.

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IVF Journey, Trying To Conceive

Race to the end!

My 2ww is coming to an end soon! My blood test is finally tomorrow! 
So far here’s what i had during the 2ww. 

1st – 3rd Day after Transfer: 
Cramps and twinges at my abdomen area. I still go out for dinner and to my mum place because of my sister’s merisik session. The next day i went for a jamming session and on monday i went to the recording studio to do the final mix. But i make sure i don’t walk too much. No shopping trips for the 1st week. 
Most of the time i rest at home but i don’t lie down all the time. I had really long vivid dreams. Must be all the medications. 

4th – 7th day after transfer: 
I start to have heavy discharge. Very creamy lotiony type of discharge. Very little cramps. I also had loose stools. Not exactly diarrhea cos it was a once-a-day-affair but definitely loose stools.
I was starting to wonder if it is even gonna be successful but i kept my hopes high. 

8th – 10th Day after Transfer: 
Cramps started again. Now even more intense. But other than that it’s quite uneventful. I’ve not had any implantation bleeding so far. There was also one night where i had a bad indigestion and could only sleep at 5.00am. 

9th – 11th Day after Transfer: 
Craving for oily & grubby food. Got quite bloated and gassy. Kept burping and passing wind. It was quite embarassing actually. But they said bloating & being gassy is normal cos of all the progesterone inserts. Got very tired easily. Sleepy by 9.00pm and in the morning, i’ll have this slight headache which will eventually go away. 

Today is my Day 12 of transfer and i hope we get a good beta for tomorrow’s blood test!
So exciting! 

IVF Journey, Trying To Conceive

The Start Of The Wait

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The day of the Embryo Transfer. The procedure was scheduled for 8.30am but we had to report at the hospital at 7.00am. Was instructed to drink 500ml of water slowly from 7.00am to 8.00am and hold my bladder and only on that day i’ve realized how weak my bladder is. At 8.00am, i was brought into the day surgery centre. I was at the verge of peeing already. Had to wait for 15mins at the cold lobby area. Trust me, i was in all kinds of position just trying to hold my pee. At 8.15am, i couldn’t hold it any longer. Plead with the nurse to let me pee a little bit because it was really uncomfortable. The nurse making me laugh at their jokes, certainly not helping! One even came close to me and whispered “even if you accidentally peed at the doctor, do know you’re not the 1st one.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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IVF Journey, Trying To Conceive

Halfway Through

The previous IVF post was getting too long with updates. I’m halfway through IVF now so i reckon it’s time to do a new one and update from here instead. 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

We are back from our hospital appointment! Had a bad blood test experience again. I blame it on my narrow veins though cos the nurses there are so nice, it’s hard to find fault with them. Hahaha
But really, the malay nurse is the one who always had to take my blood test and all this while she’s been doing it at my left arm. But taking blood test every two days at the left arms results in bruises and she was really reluctant to draw out any blood from my left arm again today. But she couldn’t find any veins on my right arm. She tried to draw blood my right hand instead. Which is really painful by the way. I’ll give you my juicy arms anytime but my hands are kinda off limits, now that i know how painful drawing blood from your hand is. So anyway, she attempted to draw blood from my right hand and halfway through the vein collapsed. It was so painful when she withdrew the nurse and for the first time, i cried while taking my blood test. So embarassing! Hahahaha

But the nurses were so nice. Told me to go ahead and see doctor, do vaginal scans 1st, go down have breakfast and drink water and come back for blood test and that’s just what i did.
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IVF Journey, Trying To Conceive

start of my protocol

This is where i’ll update my IVF Protocol, every other day. So if you are interested to read, you can always come back to this page. Cos i don’t think i’ll want to publish so many private entries on the blog. Pretty sure i’ll have lotsa thing to update because this will be such an interesting journey. Lol

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IVF Journey, Trying To Conceive

1st Phase

My 1st phase of my IVF protocol is going well so far. I’ve started my Nor E pills last Monday. It’s been 5 days now.
I’m really trying very very hard to keep to my meds timing. I’m so bad at this, no wonder i’m not a nurse.
I hate routines.

So anyway, 1 more week of eating Nor E and i’ll start my injectables next.

Nor E has been relatively kind to me except at certain part of the day, i’ll feel a slight cramp & twinges. Nothing too serious but noticeable. I’ve also been reading up on what to eat and what not to eat during this period.

I’m definitely stocking up on Brazil Nuts and Isotonic Drinks.
I’ve heard Avocados are good for uterus lining and i love Avocados!
While i’m really trying hard not to drink cold drinks, it’s really quite hard especially in this weather so i try and avoid carbonated drinks 1st. The only hot drink i love has to be tea but they say tea is not advisable to drink because it’s cooling.

How lah like that!

And oh, my blog stats are now not so crazy as before.
So i was initially fine with publishing publicly about IVF but i kinda like keeping it private for now as well. We’ll see how it goes after the IVF!