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start of my protocol

This is where i’ll update my IVF Protocol, every other day. So if you are interested to read, you can always come back to this page. Cos i don’t think i’ll want to publish so many private entries on the blog. Pretty sure i’ll have lotsa thing to update because this will be such an interesting journey. Lol

Friday, 11 April 2014: 

IVF officially starts today! Our appointment at NUH was scheduled for 8.30 am. Requested Rusly to take leave for this because they’ll be teaching me how to take the self-jabs and all, and just in case i panic and refuse to do the jab myself, at least he’s there to do it for me and at least he knows how to do it lah.

Upon reaching, we did our blood test 1st. Apparently i have to do a blood test each time i’m there so they can monitor my hormone levels. They also did the baseline scan to check if i have cysts etc. Alhamdulillah, they did not find any.
My AF arrived full flow yesterday after taking Nor-E  for 2 weeks.

It was a short consultation with the gynae and then the nurse took over and briefed me on how to administer the jabs myself. It all went so fast that i didn’t even have time to feel scared. Except when the needle is out and i’m about to poke myself, i find it so hard to do that. The act of poking myself with that needle was scary. But once it’s in there, i couldn’t feel anything! It was painless!

Trust me on this because i get really scared by injections. I always look away when they do blood test for me. To me, the blood test is much more painful cos the needle is thicker. The needle for Gonal-F is really fine and short.

My Gonal-F dosage is 150iu. At least for 4 days. Next tuesday, i’ll be going for my next blood test and scan. They will then review how i’m responding to the drugs. They will increase or decrease the dosage depending on the next scan.

DSC_0045The nurse passed me this cooler box with an ice pack for me to store all the drugs in there.

I’m supposed to keep all the drugs in the fridge.
So yes, move away food! I’m having drugs for dinner.

DSC_0046 (2)


DSC_0047 (2)Gonal-F is a pre-filled injection pen. I just have to twist the dial to 150iu and i can jab myself.
Pretty sure there will be other jabs later on.
But for now, i’ll just appreciate the Gonal-F for being painless.

Till the next update!

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014: 

It’s Day 5 of my stimulation jabs!
Went for my appointment at NUH today at 8.45am. Managed to reach on time despite the heavy traffic.

The past 4 days went by really fast.

Side effects from Gonal-F;

  • Cold sweats. I break out into sweats all the time. Even when getting ready and applying makeup or from doing simple housework stuff.
  • Hot Flashes. I feel so heaty all over. I usually sleep with a blanket every night even if it’s not raining but these few days, i couldn’t sleep with the blanket. My body emits heat. Lol
    But i’m still wearing socks most of the time especially during sleep.
  • i’m so cranky. I don’t want elaborate more but you know how a hormonal cranky woman is.
  • I get tired & sleepy. I feel like i wanna sleep all the time. I use to sleep at 3.00am and wake up by 11.00am. Now, by 12.00 midnight, i’m half asleep.
  • I get slight cramps. Not very bad cramps like my AF cramps. But slight twinges. Like something’s poking you from inside

I’m guessing all these side effects are normal and not very bad lah. Still boleh tahan.
I’m also doing all the injections by myself. Just because i think i’ll have more control over it so i can psych myself that it’s not painful.

So anyway, i had another scan and blood test today.
Blood test today was extra painful. I wanted to cry from that. But i think that’s just me being ngada-ngada and hormonal and because rusly wasn’t around and i felt so alone. hahahaha
Ok i’m blaming the hormones for every stupid thing i do.

The vaginal scan was painful today. I always have cramps from Vaginal scans. Sigh.

From the scan, they could detect;
– 8 follicles on the right ovary (Size range from 6 – 8mm)
– 6 follicles on the left ovary (Size range from 7 – 8mm but i had one at 14mm)

I don’t know why there’s one (the 14mm) that’s maturing too fast. At this phase, most of the follicles should be around 7-8mm because the follicles grow approximately 2mm each day.

That is also the reason why the gynae is putting me on Cetrotide at Day 5 instead of Day 6.
Cetrotide is supposed to stop my body from ovulating naturally. So i’m now doing 2 jabs per day instead of 1.
Cetrotide in the morning and Gonal-F in the evening. I’m still waiting for CHR to call me to confirm my new Gonal-F dosage and the next appointment date.

cetrotide-injectionI jabbed myself with Cetrotide earlier today because the nurse wanted to guide me on how to jab this cos unlike Gonal-F, i have to mix the solution myself, make sure there are no air bubbles and all before i poke myself.

Honestly, Cetrotide is much painful than Gonal-F cos the needle is thicker and i had cramps from jabbing this earlier. I have to do this daily till my Egg Retrieval day which hopefully will be next week!

i’m almost halfway through. I know i can do this.

Ok ending abruptly here because i’m sleepy.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

I’m on Day 7 Stimulation and went for my third scan today.
Right ovary: 8 follicles range from 8 – 10mm
Left Ovary: 4 follicles. 3 of them range from 9 – 11mm. one is 15.5mm
They reduced the dosage of my Gonal-F to 150iu. It was previously 225iu.
but they included a new injection for me, Pergoveris. The nurse said it will help the eggs grow faster.
But man, the injection stings! Like really stings, it hurts. But it’s ok as long as it helps the follicles to grow.
Doc said i have a good amount of follicles but they are growing very slowly. I’ve just started on immunocal 3 x a day and i’m still taking egg whites. My next appointment is this saturday. I really hope the follicles grow bigger.It’s kinda hard to put up a positive front when all you feel is pain. This morning in the cab, i was pretty hormonal. I cried for no reason.At 2.00pm, the nurse called me to get back to NUH to collect new injections. On the way back home, i cried again.
No idea why but honestly IVF is mentally taxing. I refuse to get stressed over it but u can’t help it. Sigh.

13 thoughts on “start of my protocol”

  1. Dyan! I am so excited for you sey!! May Allah make it a smooth and a good one for you.. Amin, InsyaÁllah. 🙂

  2. Just read this. 🙂 Good luck beb. My turn soon to come! But like you yeah I dread the needles. That will be job of le husb. I shall close my eyes and count till he’s done. 🙂

    1. Thanks babe! Hopefully yours goes well too!
      I have a feeling the next course of drugs & injection will be more painful than Gonal-F. Then maybe thats where the husband can make himself useful. Lol

  3. Hey Dyan! was at NUH earlier too. Had an appointment for my HSG at 2pm. Mines started out well at 1st then the doctor cut it short cause he need to check on something. Came back saying that what he was about to tell me is the 1st time he had ever said it to the patients he had seen while doing HSG. Turns out I have a cyst right near my cervix and it made it presence known when the dye hit it. Other than that my tubes, egg reserves and all are normal. (sorry! TMI) So I’m hoping for the best when I next see Dr, Shakina. Again thank you. If I had not stumbled on your blog, it wouldn’t have given me the nudge I needed.

    1. Hello babe! How was the HSG? Was it painful for you?
      Pretty sure Dr Shakina would arrange for the cyst to be removed and good to hear your tubes and egg reserves are fine! Maybe u can rule out IVF and try IUI, insha allah!

  4. Amin.. my tolerance for pain is quite high so it wasn’t so bad. Just a slight discomfort at first but it was so cold that I kept yawning and felt lime wanted to doze off. Even tho the cyst seems small I’m all for it being removed if that is the course of action Dr Shakina wants to take. Insya allah everything goes well.

  5. I was googling for NUH IVF review until i stumbled your real life experience. Im gg for 1st appt soon. I read all your ivf entries with interest and u somehow give me hope to brave this. Questions if u dont mind. How many sessions in total require the hubby presence? N with all these discomfort pain etc, should we refrain sex just incase salah placing ke ubat2 kat dlm or telor2 etc. Ahhahahaha.

    1. Hello!
      Hope everything is going well. So far the ones that really need your husband’s presence:
      1. When u sign the IVF consent
      2. When u do the egg retrieval cos that’s when they’ll need your husband’s sperm sample as well.

      They wont allow u to have sex after the injections start just in case the eggs accidentally fertilized!! If u happen to have 6 matured eggs then all fertilized, wahhhh that would be a scene! Lol

  6. Hi. I am on my second IVF now and following all your advises 🙂 When should I actually start wearing socks and sleeping? I have started my Gonal F yesterday. Thank u

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