we got prawn-ed!

Prawning with the usual suspects.

No 2

My 1st time prawning and i can’t really say i totally enjoy it. It is a patience game and patience is something i do not possess.

We first went to Bottle Tree Park but got so shocked at how small the prawning area is. Everybody sits too close to each other and i like my own space, thank you very much. I can tahan people sitting close with me, if it’s friends or i’m having dinner but i prefer not to sit too close with a stranger for 3 hours. That’s too close for comfort.

So we head off to Jurong instead and settled for Hai Bin at Jurong. Bahhhh so much better.
They had a few prawning pools and i think we’re all well spaced out and that place has got good ventilation.
It’s pretty inaccessible though so you have to drive there. Not sure if there are buses running at that area. They have another outlet in Punggol, if that’s nearer to you. Hai Bin operates 24 hours. So if you can’t sleep and you fancy some fishing, you can go there!

We paid $33.00 for 3 hours and there were BBQ areas for you to cook your catch. Charcoal etc provided. Tengah nak ngap je. But if you ask me if it was worth the $33 and the 3 hours spent, i personally say i rather wake up early in the morning, go Jurong Fishery Port and get even bigger prawns there. Have you people been there yet? I went there previously to buy seafood for a BBQ party and that place is the best place to get seafood! anyway, back to prawning, it’s not worth it, at least to me, because i know there are avid prawners out there. They like it, but i don’t so it’s a matter of preference. But at least i’ve done it once. Whether i’ll do it again, that’s another story for another time! But you should just try it, you’ll never know you’ll end up liking it.

It was quite an experience, because for the 1st time, i cut up earthworm and used it as bait.
There were some other funny incidents but you have to be there to witness it.

No 1



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