IVF Journey, Trying To Conceive

1st Phase

My 1st phase of my IVF protocol is going well so far. I’ve started my Nor E pills last Monday. It’s been 5 days now.
I’m really trying very very hard to keep to my meds timing. I’m so bad at this, no wonder i’m not a nurse.
I hate routines.

So anyway, 1 more week of eating Nor E and i’ll start my injectables next.

Nor E has been relatively kind to me except at certain part of the day, i’ll feel a slight cramp & twinges. Nothing too serious but noticeable. I’ve also been reading up on what to eat and what not to eat during this period.

I’m definitely stocking up on Brazil Nuts and Isotonic Drinks.
I’ve heard Avocados are good for uterus lining and i love Avocados!
While i’m really trying hard not to drink cold drinks, it’s really quite hard especially in this weather so i try and avoid carbonated drinks 1st. The only hot drink i love has to be tea but they say tea is not advisable to drink because it’s cooling.

How lah like that!

And oh, my blog stats are now not so crazy as before.
So i was initially fine with publishing publicly about IVF but i kinda like keeping it private for now as well. We’ll see how it goes after the IVF!

4 thoughts on “1st Phase”

  1. finally it has begun! mine coming soon! 🙂 good luck babe. i hope and pray it’s good news for both of us. but i’m dreading the self injections! :/

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