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blind dates

So last friday, a few of us bloggers met up for dinner. I’ve met some of them previously. Either at Farhana’s wedding or because they were Card Maison’s clients but i love it that we all hit it off so so well!
You know i sometimes get a little scared of meeting a group of girls for the 1st time because you just don’t know what to expect lah. Especially if we all come from different backgrounds. Be it school or employment. It’s really hard to know if there’s gonna be awkward moments.

We talk mostly on weddings, vendors, shitty vendors, shitty brides, shitty makcik2 kepo. hahahahhaa
Marriage, home renovations & pregnancy. We also talked about pusat and makcik sembunyi bawah katil. ahahaha
That was a private joke and you just have to be there to fully understand the joke.
We also watched Farhana’s wedding video!


Not sure if you can recognize all of them but here’s who’s who.

From Left to Right: 
Fluffy Prata, The Pening Pengantin, Minute Blogette, Few Stolen Seconds, Elziii, That’s Me!, Hello Khronicles, Brideside, Eleventh October, Twenty Nine June, The Next Phase, Sugarnova, KahwinxJitters

*go ahead and click the picture! No spam, i swear! 

We took more pictures! Courtesy of Ili’s camera & Nunu’s phone.
Using my monopod… and Bliss’s admin awesome camera balancing skill. Lol


13 thoughts on “blind dates”

      1. bahahahah and the lighting is SO BAD! nxt time i kena pakai kapur when i go HAHAHA!!

  1. Nice to meet you! Even my husband has met you before, I think la cause he ordered his invitation cards from you and was so so proud of it kept condemning my ‘made in JB’ card. -.- I stayed in JB so easier to just do at JB mah! Oh and I think he ordered the rempeyek gajus also hahaha. Ruzaini if you can remember la haha.

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