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Gold Coast Day 1

28 February 2014:

The afternoon before the flight went in a blur. We went to NUH to do our HIV/Hepatitis blood test at 1.00pm, met up with the psychologist and was only done by 4.00pm. We rushed back home to get all our stuff to the airport cos we wanted to avoid the bad after-office hours traffic jam.

Managed to reach Changi Airport by 6.30pm padahal flight is at 10.15pm. But it gave me enough time to go Singpost, send all the registered mails to my clients, have dinner at Penang Culture and tau tau je dah time to board.

So anyway, we touched down at Gold Coast at about 8.20am. It was drizzling when we got there, but the sun was already peeking out.


Called Apex Car Rentals for a pick-up to their office. I think Apex offered one of the best deal for our stay.
We paid AU$192.00 for 3 days rental of Hyundai Elantra, including GPS & $0 Excess. Pretty good offer if you ask me.
Our requirements for the car: Mid-sized sedan, auto with GPS and $0 Insurance excess.

At 12.00pm after getting our brunch earlier, we wanted to check in but the room wasn’t ready so we drove over to Pacific Fair Shopping Centre which is really just 5 minutes away.

We got our Optus Prepaid SIM Card there. If you’re travelling to Gold Coast / Australia, Optus offer a few Prepaid Plans for us. I got myself the $10.00 plan. It offers Unlimited calls and text messages to Australian Network and 500mb data usage per day. U can use this for 5 days. So everyday, you can use 500mb Data. Which is good enough for me.  If you’re staying longer, there’s other packages you can choose from.

Trivia: Optus is acquired by Singtel. Lol
Semua dia nak kaup.

We also managed to get some junk food and groceries from Coles before heading back to the apartment at 1.00pm to check in.

We chose Meriton Serviced Apartment, Broadbeach for this stay. No regrets. Such a lovely apartment with a beautiful view. We requested for high floor and preferably not next to a big family and we got just that.





Love the fact it has a kitchenette and a laundry area. We went home with fresh & clean laundry!

But the best part of the apartment has to be the view definitely.



Baaaaaaaahhhh…..i miss this!
It was too cold for me to keep staying at the balcony though. Lagi nak feeling morning breakfast kat balcony. Mau mati kejong.

Initially the idea was to leave for Sea World / Currumbin Wildlife.
But we underestimated ourselves. It was too tiring. I didn’t have a good sleep in the plane so we decided to rest and go out later evening instead.

Later that evening, we went off to Surfer’s Paradise. Such a vibrant area!




I know Surfer’s Paradise is very over-rated. But it still feel so nice to soak in the atmosphere.


and take multiple selfies like this. Hahahahaha

We walked all over Surfer’s Paradise before deciding on Nando’s for dinner.



We also managed to pop in the 7D Cinema, because we go free tickets!



We ended the day early cos it’ll be a longggggg day tomorrow at Movie World!

4 thoughts on “Gold Coast Day 1”

  1. Meriton Serviced Apartment, Broadbeach is indeed a gorgeous apartment. Intended to stay there but i’m so lazy to travel to surfer paradise from broadbeach cos I didn’t planned to rent a car. Really missed the place. I guess Nando’s was ggod to go for us. Hari Hari seh i makan Nando’s. Tk jelak jelak… Nando’s aje yg free flow sauces….hehehehe
    Your pictures are so good and you both look great!! 🙂

    1. Awww thank you! 🙂
      I would have eaten Nandos hari2 but i’m such a seafood person, i bedal seafood for the rest of the days. Hahaha

  2. Love your pictures babe! How was apex car rental? The price quoted is really what you have to pay ey? No hidden cost? Thinking of renting from them too!

    1. They were really good! I totally recommend them. The price they quoted $192 was all i had to pay. No other hidden charges, i don’t even have to put down any deposit etc. IT was really worth it considering they include $0 excess and GPS.

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