8 thoughts on “in ten words”

  1. Thank you for this! Might report for self-reminder haha. Btw the last post I liked and unliked because my internet connection got problem ah so I kept clicking 😦 Sorry if you get a million notifications.

  2. My sis also going thru what your going thru…1 time she opened up to me about everybody around her being “unfair” treating her like as if she was doing everything wrongly was very hurtful…

    This is making me think twice if I should wait until she get pregnant or should I just go ahead…considering her feelings really make me confused. ..any advice for me… 😦

    1. My dear, rezeki tu kalau Allah nak bagi, bila2 masa je and pada siapa2. I’m sure your sister will be happy for you. I would be happy if my sister gets pregnant b4 me.

      i’m not spiteful atau jealous bila people get pregnant. But i’m just sad bila i keep thinking that i’m not. Itu je.
      But we do not expect people around us not to get pregnant of course. That would be really selfish.

      But i would suggest the next time your sister talk to you about this again, tell her about this. Let her know how you feel ok! Rest assured, she’ll answer the same way as i do.

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