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red alert

So Aunt Flo showed up today, to my excitement!
Been waiting for a week for it to show but i guess she’s being considerate, wanting me to enjoy the Gold Coast trip before it’s grand appearance.

Why was i excited for this month’s cycle? Because this determine my IVF Start date.

On 27 February, the afternoon before we left for Gold Coast, we popped in  Clinic of Human Reproduction (CHR) for a session with the Psychologist.  A total waste of $90 if you ask me. Psychologist was telling us things that we obviously know. Common sense stuff, really. But oh well, it was one of the prerequisite for IVf so we went ahead anyway.
We also drew out blood for HIV & Hepatitis Test. I was initially scheduled to start IVF in March. However, the menses came late for Feb Cycle so the nurse told me they might have to push to May/June instead. I was initially upset about it cos i was so looking forward to poking myself with needles wanted to get the IVF done possibly before Ramadhan kicks in. But the kind nurse (bless her) kept telling me if i get my menses within 1st week of March, she will try and squeeze me for April session. I also picked up my prescription of Noresthisterone during this visit. 

I called the CHR early this morning as per the nurse instruction. They called me back late afternoon. I’m starting on Noresthisterone on the 18th day of my cycle for 14 days. Will stop on 6th April and i have an appointment on 11 April with the doctor for a scan and the start of the injection. So Insyaallah, we’ll be starting the IVF Session on 11 April.
My only worry is because we’re supposed to go Bandung on 18 April with my parents. Not sure if it would clash with the scan dates though. Hopefully not cos it’s the Good Friday weekend!

I’m already starting to eat more healthily now and drink more plain water as opposed to carbonated / sugared drinks.
Wish me luck!

If you ever need someone to talk to / share your infertility woes, u can PM me on Facebook or Email me at bride.blogette@gmail.com

It’s always nice to hear from some of you who are going thru the same thing, even better when we are going to the same clinic! Like i’m not alone.

Oh you know, during the last psychologist session, she mentioned that i’m very positive and she asked who i can turn to for support during the IVF session. Apart from the husband, family and friends, i know i have you guys to spur me on. I have always been open about IVF and i feel that helps to keep me sane. Talking about it openly kinda diffuse my fear a bit. Because when i tell people about my fertility treatments, i feel people open up to me as well on their infertility and it makes me think that fertility treatment is not that bad. You need help, you seek for one. To each her own really, but i feel happy each time a reader tell me she’s decided to go for fertility treatment after reading about my experience. Small steps, people! 🙂

7 thoughts on “red alert”

  1. All the best you! :))
    I jz finished taking Dydrogesterone for 1 week to induce my menses before I can take Megestrol Acetate for my treatment. If the cancer goes away I can start on IVF straight away after 6 months. Really thankful that I stumbled upon ur blog future neighbour! Hehe. At least I can read up abt ur IVF treatment. :))

  2. Weee… if April, you’d be the same as me! 🙂 I’m inducing mine for this month but due to work schedule I’d have to push for April. So one mre cycle to induce before IVF! 🙂 All the best babe.

    1. Oooh really! Ok best then we can update each other! lol

      I should have induced my feb menses so that i can do it in March. But i forgot.hahaha

  3. All the best to u.I will be goin for Ivf soon also..Hope this year will be a best year for us who’s trying to conceived!

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